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5 Ways To Make Life Insurance More Affordable


It seems like every year the price of well, just about everything goes up, but wages remain the same. It’s not just groceries, gas and home prices that increase, but also the cost of insurance and other things that responsible adults have to buy.

Should Homeowners Prepay Their Mortgages?

House on pile of money

Paying off a home mortgage is a wonderful milestone of adulthood. It allows homeowners to rid themselves of one of life’s biggest debts. It’s natural to think about doing this ahead of schedule to save on interest payments and reduce debt. Why wait 10, 20 or 30 years for the financial and emotional freedom that mortgage-free living could bring?

4 Home Improvements That Will Save You Money


TV shows and commercials make home improvement projects look fun, but that’s anything far from the truth. Because of the work required in DIY projects, many home owners put off basic repairs and other projects that can save them a lot of money in the long run. If that sounds like you, it’s time to stop procrastinating and finally take care of some home improvement projects that can actually save you money in the long run.

How To Save On The Cost Of A New Phone

Mar 16 2014 Spending No comments

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII are slogging it out for the title of smartphone champion of the world and it’s no surprise that millions of us want to get involved. But both can be expensive, especially if you haven’t reached your upgrade yet. Here are some tips for lessening the financial blow of your new phone.

9 Painless Ways To Cut Costs On Fitness


If you’re hoping to lose some weight this year, you probably don’t want to only feel lighter in your wallet. Instead of spending all of your money on expensive fitness memberships and products, look for ways to cut costs while sweating away the inches. Follow these 9 tips to save money on your fitness costs.

5 Ways To Save On Airfare

Jan 30 2014 Spending No comments


Traveling is supposed to be fun, but the high costs of travel can deter many people from enjoying the simple pleasure of heading to the airport and jetting off to a new and exciting location. Many people say they would travel more if airfare were more affordable. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on airfare to satisfy your wanderlust without breaking the bank.

Do These 5 Things Before You Quit Your Job


Many have dreamed of storming off and quitting your job altogether. For some, they want to quit to spend more time at home with their family. For others, it’s because their situation at their workplace has become unbearable. But before you tell your boss what you really think, heed these 5 tips on what you need to do before quitting.

5 Dirty Tricks Retailers Use

Dec 13 2013 Ethics No comments


Retailers are always trying to seduce us into overspending at the grocery or department store. They have employed shopping experts to study the behavior of shoppers. They then use this knowledge to trick us into spending more than what we intended to spend. But if we can learn what their dirty tacts are, we won’t fall prey to them any longer.

Here are five crafty tactics retailers use to make us overspend.