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Garage sales are a great way to clear out clutter and make a little extra money during the process. For shoppers, finding great bargains and haggling can make for an exciting weekend morning.

Garage sales held in the spring and summer months tend to do very well and with all of the free advertising options available, it’s easier than ever to have a successful garage sale. However, getting customers to your sale is only half the battle, you’ll also need to know how to price your items.

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One of the lesser-known options a bank might employ to get you to repay more of the debt you own on a mortgage is a promissory note.

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For most parents, back to school time is a wonderful time of year. The kids are out of the house learning and you’ve got some more time to get things done.

However, along with the freedom that comes from sending the kids back into the classrooms comes the burden of purchasing school supplies and back to school clothes. Kids tend to grow a lot over the summer and everyone likes to start the school year with new clothes which makes back to school expensive.


You know it’s important to have a big emergency fund, but with all of the different insurance policies available, you may not know why you need it. While it’s always nice to have cash on hand if you’re faced with a crisis, having an emergency fund can actually give you the freedom to cancel some insurance policies and add the monthly premium to your emergency fund.


With changes to the healthcare laws and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many people are finding their prescription drug coverage being slashed in half.

Like every other household cost such as food and clothing, most people don’t have an unlimited budget for prescription drugs. Elderly people and those on a fixed income including families with young children often find themselves choosing between their prescriptions and putting food on the table.


You already know that couponing can save you a lot of money. But you just don’t have the time or energy to hunt out the best coupon, clip them and fumble through the checkout lines at the grocery store.

If that sounds like you, a mobile coupon app can help you get the savings you want with far less effort than traditional methods of hunting, clipping and saving coupons.

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In order to keep me motivated I’ve decided to start keeping track of the progress of my blog. I’ve been blogging for about 10 years and this site has seen its ups and downs. It’s gone through periods of neglect and a had a resurgence or two. Hopefully jotting down my stats can motivate me to keep working on this blog.

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