5 Ways To Earn Some Extra Income

5 Ways To Earn Some Extra Income

When it comes to saving money or dealing with financial challenges, most people often approach the problem from the perspective that they need to make do with whatever income they have. In short, they focus on what exists. The good news is that you don’t have to look at the size of your financial pie chart as fixed. You can opt to grow the size of your income instead.

Looking at your current financial assets, income, liabilities, and expenses as fixed items can actually limit you. It can give you a sense of paralysis. It can close your mind to all sorts of financial possibilities. Instead of feeling boxed in, think about growing your income instead. Look past your current income sources and embrace the possibility of earning from home, doing odd jobs, taking a second job, building an online business or even entering contests. You will soon discover that the only limit to possible solutions to your tight finances is your imagination.

The good news is that you don’t have to take your tight finances lying down. You are in charge of your personal finances and there are many options available to you. You only need to research these opportunities properly and put in the right action. Don’t expect to succeed at first but you definitely need to learn quickly from whatever missteps you make.

Work overtime

This is a no brainer way to earn extra. The sad truth is that it isn’t always available. For many businesses, the extra hours you work actually sets the businesses back for more money than the overtime pay they are going to pay you. Also, many businesses don’t see the productivity returns of overtime work.

Ask to do odd jobs for neighbors

This is a surefire winner. Sadly, not too many people do this because of pride. They might think their neighbors would think less of them since they are doing odd jobs or menial work. The truth is your neighbors probably need ‘white collar’ or ‘tech’ work. The important thing is to ask.

Take a second job

Taking a second job has helped many American families out of poverty since the founding of the Republic. It worked then, it will work now. The only challenge is to make sure you have the time and energy needed to devote to a second job. Make sure the benefits outweigh the hassles.

Build an online business

Thanks to a flood of free tutorials and professional filing companies available online, building your own online business isn’t as hard as you think. The great thing about it is, if you set it up right, it will take less time than actual offline business.

Enter lots of contests

Believe it or not game shows and contests actually face shortages of contestants. They are eager to give away money. Be there for them. Make yourself available and do the necessary research.

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  1. Lynda C. Rojas

    I like your ideas, could you come up with some for disabled people on a fixed income who would be willing to work at maybe getting our of their financial hole.

  2. Melissa lemmon

    I would love to have a home based business that i can really make money with. The problem is the income to start a buisness. Can you help with that?


    I am in the same position as Lynda C. Rojas, I apply many jobs and they not even considerate you, I know to sew, to neet, embroidery and I need ideas because I run out of ideas, thank you very much

  4. Keely

    I have found the best way to make extra money is by buying used books at thrift stores, garage sales, library used books sales and clearance racks at local books stores. You can pay anywhere from 25 cents to a few bucks and turn around and sell them to a book buyback site for a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars.The site I use to sell used books is http://www.bookjingle.com because they have great prices and excellent customer service.

  5. Rat Race Quitter

    Or try combining #2 and #3 and become your neighborhood’s “fix it” guy.

    My neighborhood has a Nazi-run HOA and if they see even a spot of oil on your driveway then you’ll start getting letters to have it cleaned. The driveway cleaning guys around here make a mint on my community!

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