5 Ways to Find Unclaimed Money

Sometimes it’s easy to misplace money. Whether you’ve changed jobs and left part of your 401K behind or you have an unknown inheritance floating around in space, searching for unclaimed money can help you recover what’s rightfully yours.

There are several sites and services that can help you find unclaimed money. Take advantage of these services to check and see if you have any hidden money waiting to be taken back. Read on to discover 5 ways to find your unclaimed money.

1. Visit MissingMoney.com to find unclaimed money from utility companies or life insurance benefits. Many people change providers without getting back all of their deposit, leaving plenty of leftover cash floating around, waiting to be claimed. This online resource will help you search for anything you might have forgotten about.

2. If you did business with a failed financial institution, you can check the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s website to see if there’s cash waiting to be claimed by you. The FDIC is responsible for unclaimed balances and dividend checks from banks or institutions that have fallen.

3. Search the Treasury Direct website for forgotten bonds. Many years ago bonds were a popular gift to give to newborns, so you may just have some money floating around. You’ll never know if you don’t check, so head on over and perform a search right now.

4. If you may have a lost pension, you can check the Pension Benefit Guarantee’s website for money owed to you. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation is a government agency that’s responsible for holding pensions and benefits when an employer ends a plan. Check the site for benefits left behind by older parents as well. The longer you have been working, the more likely that you will find your name in this database.

5. The National Registry of Unclaimed Benefits can help you find lost retirement money. The tool will find old 401K’s from previous employers. You must enter your social security number for this search to work.

Finding lost money can help you secure your financial future. It’s also fun to find money you weren’t counting on having. Looking for lost money only takes a few moments and the payoff could be well worth your time! If any of the above scenarios could apply to you, it’s worth taking a look. At the worst you’ll have wasted time. At the best you’ll have found some extra cash you never knew existed.

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