5 Ways To Save On Airfare

5 Ways To Save On Airfare

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but the high costs of travel can deter many people from enjoying the simple pleasure of heading to the airport and jetting off to a new and exciting location. Many people say they would travel more if airfare were more affordable. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on airfare to satisfy your wanderlust without breaking the bank.

Read on to discover 5 ways to save on airfare.

Wear Your Luggage

This doesn’t mean laying on a weeks worth of clothes. This simply means investing in some wearable suitcases. The idea sounds ridiculous, but not checking a bag can save you money on airfare. Sure, you’ll probably look ridiculous and be uncomfortable during your entire flight, but that’s a small price to pay for the considerable savings you’ll enjoy.

Beware Airline Fees

Choose an airline that doesn’t charge for checked bags. If wearing your luggage isn’t appealing to you, choose an airline that doesn’t charge for checked bags. Many airlines charge $25 for the first bag and more after that, but there are still a few companies that realize you can’t very well go jetting off into the sunset with just the clothes on your back. Shop with them to save checked baggage fees.

Mix and match airlines

There’s no rule saying that you have to use the same airline to complete your entire journey. By using one airline for part of your trip an then switching to another you can not only save money, but also time. Because of long layovers and other delays, it’s often more efficient to simply hop on a different carrier and continue your journey without the 3-hour delay in the airports food court.

Watch Out For Taxes

Watch the taxes, especially for international travel. When flying internationally, you need to consider the taxes before take-off. The taxes vary between carriers and in other countries there are often even more options than in America. For example, a British airline company operating in France may charge $400 in taxes while an Icelandic company may only charge $100. By looking at the taxes, you could save hundreds of dollars by choosing the carrier with lower tax rates.

Keep in mind that airports also charge taxes. Avoid flying into or out of airports that impose hefty fees for the pleasure of being crammed into a throng of angry passengers waiting in line to get a questionable pat-down from a TSA agent.

Use Tried And True Techniques

There are always the old standbys to lower travel cost which include traveling mid-week, flying during the red-eye, bringing your own snacks instead of buying them and getting low-cost parking or having a friend or family member drop you off. Booking early, using a travel agent and bundling your trip can also save money.

Cutting travel costs can help ensure that you travel more often. Traveling is great for the soul and by traveling cheaper, you can enjoy the luxury recreation more than you ever thought possible.

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