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Jul 27 2011 Ethics by Edwin C No comments

Regifting is a bit of a social taboo. Someone has taken the time to buy you a present. You then take their present and give it to someone else. Is this ethical? Is it tacky? Does regifting show a lack of social etiquette? Does it show just how cheap you are?

But regifting is practical, it makes sense. You give away the things you received as a gift that you didn’t want. So in theory, everyone is happy. Unfortunately society has norms we all must follow. So is re-gifting ever okay? In my opinion, it is okay to re-gift, but only if you follow these simple rules of re-gifting.

  • It’s new. If you receive a present, open it, use it, then decide you don’t want it – you should not give this to someone else as a present. Only re-gift an item if it is still in its original wrapper.
  • Nobody knows. You should only re-gift when the parties involved do not know each other. Don’t regift a present from/to good friends or close relatives. You risk them running into each other at some point.
  • Homemade. If the present you received was made by someone, rather than purchased at a store, you should not regift that present.
  • It’s a good present. You should only regift an item when you are sure it’s something the receiver is going to enjoy.
  • Strangers. Sometimes you’re invited to a birthday party for someone you don’t really like or know too well. However you’re obliged to bring a present. This is a perfect time to go in your closet and find an item to regift.

By regifting the right way, you get rid of something you don’t want, give it to someone who wants it and end up saving a little money along the way.


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