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When you see a business in trouble, do you see a mess you want to run away from or do you see endless possibilities? When I go to a business (fast food place, auto body shop, spa) I see all sorts of ways to improve their bottom line.

It can be anything, for example office-like formalities such as getting a signature here and authorization there and proper stamps on forms. I’m sure getting rid of office politics and ancient methods could improve the efficiency of the business.

I notice so many fast food joints who waste money needlessly. They let you get as many ketchup packets as you want, as many napkins as you want and unlimited refills. There’s plenty of abuse at these places. It’s best to keep those things behind the counter and give paying customers exactly what they want – but they have to ask for it first.

I see businesses all the time where the owner is slaving himself doing work that employees can do. If only he would devise a system/method, hire & train somebody, he could concentrate on another aspect of the business that’s being neglected.


Jerry Dill on 06/23/08

I think your comparison of Businesses such as the fast food industry is a little off. These businesses watch costs extremely well. A soda in reality is only a couple cents including the cost of the cup and the soda. This is where a lot of profit comes from. Ketchup is also a very minimal cost. If you are going to use Ketchup you’ll usually purchase fries or a hamburger. They have also cut the cost of ketchup by converting to those pump dispensers. By letting customers get it themselves it also cuts back on the most expensive costs labor. The labor can be working on other things while customers get what they want without complaint.

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