Group Discount Sites You Should Know About

By now, we all have at least heard of Groupon and LivingSocial and are probably subscribers to both. These sites are two of the largest in the business of offering group discounts of usually more than 50% to local events, attractions, services, and products. These sites use your location and offer you savings, using group buying power, on everything from cupcakes and spa treatments to dinner cruises and everything in between.

The daily deals don’t stop there, though slightly lesser known, there are sites out there that can offer you the same great savings, if not more. Don’t discount these discount underdogs. All of them offer the same basic service of giving you discounted prices at considerably reduced rates thanks to group buying. Still, each of these smaller companies has something unique to offer.

Here are 5 group discounts sites you should know about.


Homerun is an incentive driven site that offers up its own currency and rewards members for sharing deals with friends and offers points for purchasing. They also offer “specials” for their newest members. The “beginners luck” deals are available to you only in the first 30 days of membership; their “private reserve” deals are exclusive offers for its members with the highest points and most referrals.


Pricebunch offers printable coupons and deals on groceries, restaurants and other experiences. They also include testimonials from previous customers with each deal so that customers can make more informed decisions before buying.


Flycoupon This site features the smaller “mom and pop” businesses. The idea with this one is to focus on the small independent business owners, drawing in new customers. By incorporating Yelp reviews, from other customers that previously experience the offered deal, the site provides potential customers with extra information so they can educated decisions before purchasing. The great thing is there are no minimum requirements with this one. If you want the deal, you get it. You also get $5 for referring a friend.


Twongo is another site offering great discounted group prices. The more people buy, the more you save. My favorite feature of this particular site is that they donate a portion of the money they make to non-profit organizations. They make your purchases count towards charity.


GiltCity’s motto is; “Exclusive Experiences. Insider Prices.” They have deals for all major cities. Their discounts feature more upscale events, products and locations at a fraction of the cost. Their goal is to “help you love your city more.” At this site, there is no time limit on deals, they last until they are sold out.

If you are looking to save money, the internet is the place to do it. Obviously there are countless options for participating in this new trend of group buying. Look into all the different sites offering discounts in your city, grab a bunch of friends and start joining and saving. With all the offers out there, there really is no reason to purchase anything at full price anymore. Paying full price just isn’t cool.

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