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It seems like every time I get anything from my 21st Century car insurance company, they send me a flyer advertising their $50 per referral offer. It’s not $50 off from your 6 month premium, or a $50 rebate check. Instead it’s a $50 cash card to a few stores. So 21st Century isn’t actually losing 50 bucks since they probably have deals with those companies.

Usually when you have a gift card for $50 you’ll spend more than $50 and will probably return to the store if you’re satisfied with the products and the prices you received. It seems like a win-win deal for everyone involved.

I still think that $50 is far too little though. I’ve only been a member of 21st Century for a bit over a year, but I plan on staying with them for many more years, maybe even forever. I’m sure people have stuck with the same car insurance company for decades. When you take that into consideration, $50 for a new customer at an auto insurance agency is practically nothing. I spend about $1,200 a year in car insurance and I’m sure others spend a whole lot more.

While it may seem unfair, $50 is better than nothing.. and if you want to invite someone to your car insurance company, you might as well get some of that referral money. A little extra cash never hurt anyone.


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