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Here’s how it usually goes: You brainstorm or suddenly get an idea for a new site. You go ahead and try to implement your idea and you get all excited as you embark on a new project that is surely to be a big hit. You think or write a plan for your idea and get work. You pay the programmer and the web designer and the site finally goes live. Then you do some marketing and you’re still extremely excited about seeing your “baby” take off.

Now it’s time for reality to set in.. This site you created requires time to maintain it, it also requires money for maintenance. You end up spending your time doing the same tasks every day and pretty soon it’s not exciting anymore – its boring.

When you start a new site it’s important to realize what amount of work (both time and money) are involved to make it work. Always take upkeep and time into account or else your projects will always be incomplete.


debt consolidation unsecured on 06/05/08

Very true, I friend of mine is alway talking about web projects that sound pretty good, but she is really bad putting together her ideas and the amount of money or time she needs to fully develop them so the result as of now is half-done sites.

Srinidhi on 06/10/08

You are right, reality bites when we realise that, we are the only ones fascinated by the project…

favi on 07/19/08

definitely stuff to keep in mind before embarking on such projects..It’s never as easy as we would like it to be.

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