Reinvesting Your Savings Into Yourself

Reinvesting Your Savings Into Yourself

You are your greatest asset. It is easy to define assets as things like apartments that generate rental income but the truth is that your greatest asset is yourself. Sure, you might get a decent return from an apartment complex but the greatest returns you will ever get, from a purely personal level, is your investment in yourself.

You have to invest in yourself for you to live the life you have always wanted. You have to invest in the right attitude and the right knowledge. By putting your money in your greatest asset, you generate more capabilities, increase your capacity and efficiency, and increase your overall value.

Decide today

Self-improvement is the best decision you can make. There are many challenges in life, and they will test your character. Heroes become heroes not when times are good and life is easy but real heroism comes to the fore when things are going badly. When times are lean. When stress is at a pitch level. When it is really dark out. These are times that test your character. You can either run or you can rise above.

The good news is that being a hero is not like the stuff you see in the movies. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a particularly dramatic way. Regardless, it is still very much real. By standing up and facing our problems instead of running away or hiding behind excuses, we show our heroism. This is why it is important for you to decide today that you will take full personal responsibility for everything that is happening with your finances.

The first step to full financial freedom is reinvesting in yourself. The biggest reinvestment you can make is to decide that you have had enough and will take matters into your own hands instead of constantly depending on other people.

Act today

Once you have decided to take full personal responsibility over your finances, your next step is to act. Action is the key to success. You can decide all you want and mentally resolve things all you want, but if you don’t act, you are just wasting your time. Action is where the rubber meets the road. Act today and start reinvesting in yourself.

The right reinvestment

The first stage in self-reinvestment is to invest in books or material that boost your self-confidence. These items open your mind further for further self-improvement and goal-setting. You have to invest in your attitude first. There are many great books and resources out there that help you fill your mind with self-empowering messages that help you take action. These also boost your morale when you face challenges.

Remember, heroes don’t become heroes just because they rose up. They became heroes when they rose up, got knocked down, and kept on fighting until victory. You can do it, too. Feed your mind with the right messages, have a solid plan, take action daily, and don’t stop.

This is the key to boosting your income generating ability. Whether it is going back to school, taking an accreditation course, finding another job, or starting a new business, it all starts with the right attitude, a clear goal and plan, and persistence.

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  1. Simon | Modest Money

    You make very keen observations. We are our greatest assets if we decide to invest in ourselves. It reminds me of this fable I read somewhere, not really sure who to attribute it to:
    “One day, after a hard day’s work, a bird asked a bee, “don’t you ever feel bad that man comes and robs you of honey just like that?”
    The bee smiled back at the bird saying, “I never feel bad ’cause he can’t rob me of the art of making honey”.”
    No one can rob us of the art of succeeding if we invest in ourselves. Great post!

  2. thepotatohead

    Good thoughts. The point of life isn’t money, that’s an artificial thing created by man. The point of life is to enjoy yourself and who you are. Focusing on yourself first is a great way to think of things.

  3. Laura Slawny

    I love the idea of reinvesting in yourself – so many people waste money on new cars and clothes and things that won’t make them happier or get them further in their career. It’s just so hard to stay focused on what is really important – it’s almost easier to go along with the masses

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