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The easiest way to avoid those pesky ~$35 overdraft fees is to NOT opt-in to let the banks charge you. That way you’ll get declined rather than have the charge go through plus the extra fees. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting too close to zero.

1. The old fashioned balance your checkbook thing never fails.

2. Link your checking account to your savings account, so if you get too much from your checking, your savings takes over.

3. Think of $100 as $0. Have an emergency dollar figure that you never let it go down to.

4. Get an instant text message from your bank when your balance drops too low.

5. If you have a bill that’s due and your cash flow is low at the moment, ask for them to change your due date to correspond to your pay day.


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thanks for the tips it really make sense, how one can avoid overdraft fee and extra charges. Keep Continue cheers mate.


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