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May 02 2011 Spending by Edwin C 3 comments

We typically like to save money on buying a house, a car or some electronics purchase. But you can make a real difference in your monthly budget by saving money on your food expenses. Here are several tips to keep your grocery store costs down.

Keep A List

Don’t go to the grocery store without a shopping list. If you’re at the store and want to add some more items to your cart, don’t. It wasn’t important enough to be added to your list, so you don’t need it. So keep a list and stick to it.

Use Cash

Take a certain amount of money in cash to the grocery store. This is your budget. Keep this in mind as you shop. It’s also been proven that credit cards make it easier to overspend. Make it a habit to not put your grocery store tab on credit cards.

Eat First

Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. If you do, everything will seem delicious to you. Instead, go after eating, it’s good for you and your wallet.


When you cook, make enough to last for several days. It is cheaper to cook once and make enough to last you for a few days rather than to cook a new meal every day.

Don’t Eat So Much

This tip seems obvious, but your body doesn’t require as much food as you normally eat. You may find that eating smaller portion sizes will result in making your waist smaller and your wallet fatter.


Hunter on 05/08/11

Using a small cart is also a great way to buy less. Funny, look at the giant cart in the image. She looks so happy. Seriously, eating before grocery shopping works. Especially if you need to take children to the store…they put less in the cart.

Auto Loan After Bankruptcy on 05/09/11

It is important to plan meals, You may be able to use left overs from last nights meal as am ingredient in today’s lunch or dinner.

Tyler Dee on 05/12/11

Great list. Might want to also consider shopping for fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets. These places often offer lower pricing because of no middle-man price increases. Just a thought!

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