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10 Reasons To Keep Working After Retirement

When you picture your retirement, you probably have rosy visions of sitting on a beach or golfing at your favorite course. You probably don’t picture yourself sitting behind a desk, continuing to work.

However, sometimes mixing work and pleasure makes the most sense for those who have retired. Going back to work can be a great way to lead a fulfilling life, make new friendships and bring in additional funds to supplement your retirement income.

Read on for the top 10 reasons you should keep working after retirement.

Working Keeps You Healthy

Whether you’re talking about physical or mental health, working keeps you sharp and healthy. Those that work after retirement are less likely to suffer from age-related diseases like dementia and alzheimers. They also enjoy better mental health as they feel less isolated and maintain a sense of purpose.

You Enjoy Your Work

If you love what you do, there’s no reason to quit doing it just because you’ve reached a certain age. Whether you choose to keep the same job you had before or adapt to a new position in a related field, cutting back your hours will let you retire without giving up what you love.

You Just Want To Work Part Time

Switching from part-time from full-time is a great way to make the transition into retired life. Having a flexible job with less hours will let you do what you want without completely changing your life.

You Want To Try Something New

If you’ve always wanted to make a career change, doing so after retirement can make sense. Once you have the security of retirement money, taking on a lower paying job in a new field to do something you love is suddenly an option.

You Can’t Imagine Not Working

Sometimes being retired is just plain boring. Instead of stopping working, keep going into your golden years to avoid boredom and maintain your structured days.

You Want To Make More Money

If you didn’t save well for retirement, you may find that you need to work. Continuing into your retirement years may be a necessity rather than a choice.

You Don’t Want To Receive Social Security Yet

If you don’t want to receive social security payments yet, you can postpone the payments and continue working. Waiting on payments will result in a bigger monthly check which makes your actual retirement a lot more comfortable.

You Need Health Insurance

Working is the easiest way to keep your quality health insurance. While there are plans for retired seniors, most aren’t as good as employer-sponsored plans. Instead of relying on Medicare, keep working to keep your healthcare benefits.

You Need To Wait For The Market To Recover

If you have a lot of your retirement savings tied up in the stock market, you may have lost value when the market crashed. Continue working while the markets improve and your investments regain their values.

You Can Still Get A Pension While Working

For some lucky seniors, their employers offer a pension plan. If that’s the case, find out if you can get it while still working. If that’s the case, you can always venture into a new position or reduce your hours while drawing a pension and living quite comfortably.

Retirement usually means you\'re done working. Why would you want to keep working after you retire? Here are 10 reasons to keep working after retirement. #retirement #retire #cashthechecks

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