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12 Hacks To Get More Done During The Workday

Have you ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in a day? Unfortunately, time cannot be controlled by us but what we can control is our productivity. It is vital to know how we can maximize our time so that we can get more work done during the day.

There are various ways to ensure you’re maximizing your time such as meditating, waking up earlier and creating daily to-do lists.

If you want to get more work done during the workday, here are 12 ways guaranteed to help you.

Wake Up An Hour Earlier

It pays to be a morning person. There are countless studies that correlate waking up early to productivity and success. Set your alarm one hour earlier than using and stop hitting the snooze button again and again.

Waking up earlier will allow to get an extra hour of work done. Staying up an extra hour to work isn’t the same thing. You can cash in on the extra hour at the start of your workday, not at the end of it.


Before heading to the office, take a couple of minutes to breathe and meditate. Meditation clears and recharges your mind, preparing you for the challenges of the day.

Make A Daily To-Do List

Make a daily list of tasks to complete every day. Keep it simple and realistic. It must not be massive jobs that will take hours to finish. You need something to help you prioritize your to-do’s for the day and keep you on track.

I use the reminders app on my iPhone as well as the Trello app. You could also choose to use Wunderlist as your daily tasks app.

Complete Your Hardest Tasks First

It’s best to get done with your hardest tasks first, which will free up your day to complete the rest of your tasks. Not only are you going to feel better getting the worst task done, you’ll be more productive the rest of the day too.

Organize Your Inbox

Getting to work and seeing a mountain of 50 unread emails cluttering your inbox is unnerving. Keep your inbox as tidy as possible by deleting, archiving and replying to email. Don’t look at an email twice, take care of it the first time and move on to the next one

Consider using an app to declutter your like Inbox by Gmail.

Learn To Say No

People are going to pull you every which way, asking you to pick up their dry cleaning or take on an additional task at work. But even though that two letter word can be hard to say sometimes, you need to learn that it’s okay to say no.

Clear The Clutter Off Your Desk

Create a clean workspace in order to help you avoid distractions. Clear off your desk, it’ll allow you to better focus on your work.

Get Off Social Media

Social media is one big distraction after another. You probably stare at a screen all day at work so it’s probably not a good idea to use your eyesight even more to look at social media.

Do One Thing At A Time

Don’t be the master of multitasking. You’ll end up doing a lot of things – badly. Even though you think you can do two things at once, you can’t. Your brain can only do one thing at a time, and switching back and forth between tasks affects your productivity.

Get An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

The average adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Are you getting enough sleep? If not, your productivity will suffer.

Wear Headphones

You might think headphones are a distraction, but au contraire, when people see you with headphones on, they are less likely to bother you. Whether you choose to listen to music while you work is up to you.

Make Quick Decisions

One of the most time consuming tasks you’ll find during your day is making decisions. Certain decisions require you to think for a while, but think about this for a second: Is a decision you reach in the first minute the same that you’d reach in 15 minutes? Probably. So don’t overthink it and accelerate your decision making.

Need to work smarter not harder? Here are 12 hacks to get more done during the workday. #workhard #entrepreneur #lifehacks #productivity #sidehustles #cashthechecks
  • Edwin
  • February 29, 2020

Edwin is the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. He lives a minimalist lifestyle and is always eager to learn and share his methods to save and make money.

  • Thank you for the tips Edwin…!!!

    You can also increase your productivity by getting enough sleep every night. Start every morning with a quick jog or yoga to keep yourself in a better mood.

  • Making a to-do list is so important. I make a list every day and it motivates me to get work done.

  • Doing one thing at a time is so simple yet often overlooked. I used to try to multitask all the time, and still sometimes do, and it always ends up taking more time to get work done.

  • Ben says:

    I come into work each day with my goal of when I want to leave (normally sometime between 5 and 6). Setting a deadline for myself for when I want to leave helps me stay focused and finish my to-do list.

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