3 Content Marketing Tactics For New Bloggers

3 Content Marketing Tactics For New BloggersIf you’ve been marketing your products or services for a while, I’m sure you’re already aware of how important content marketing is. Content is the lifeblood of the internet and without good content and a solid content marketing plan you’ll have little chance to truly succeed in this day and age.

Content marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of getting attention for your brand – and also one of the most easy to implement.

Here are 3 tips to propel your content marketing to new heights.

Provide Real Value

A lot of people end up being sheep when it comes to their content and try to jump on trends to gain attention. While cool hashtags and food pictures can be fun for your group of friends, they are of no substance for your actual audience.

Tai Lopez, world renowned entrepreneur and advisor, recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post where he stressed the importance of creating a value proposition for user engagement. According to him, your goal should be to provide real value and substance to your users.

And the only way to do this is by identifying the core principles that are unique to your set of expertise and having a clear plan for conveying them to your audience.

Engage With Influencers

Associate yourself with other authorities in your field, as it can do wonders for your image as an authority yourself.

If you want to form relationships with influencers, you’ll have no choice but to reach out. Start following them and engage them on their blog. Sign up to their newsletter and Twitter feeds and interact on their blog by offering insight of your own. Share their content whenever you can. Try to genuinely help them and don’t be afraid to stroke their ego a little bit. If you’re consistent with your efforts and they see you as an asset, they might be open to a collaboration.

Use The Power Of Visual Content

Users have very short attention spans and keeping your visitors on your blog is a more difficult task than ever before. This is why we’re seeing a rise in visual content such as infographics and videos.

The reasons why infographics are everywhere these days is simply because they work. They are colorful, entertaining and are a great way to present information in a more digestible way.

Use the power of explainer videos to educate your audience and establish yourself as a valuable resource.


Content marketing demands constant effort and dedication. Both with the right set of tools and techniques, it can pay serious dividends in the end. Always remember to focus on your unique value proposition and provide meaningful content instead of littering your users’ timelines.

Also, work on fostering a vibrant community and don’t be afraid to reach out and form strategic relationships with influencers to reach a larger audience.

And last, but not least, work on integrating images and videos into your content to keep visitors hooked and generate a greater impact with your audience.


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