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4 Awesome Side Hustle Ideas That Really Work

As you may have experienced, the big problem with some side hustles is that you end up doing a lot of hustling, and at the road your return on investment is feeble — or maybe even non-existent.

To ensure that you avoid heading down that depressing dead-end street, here are 4 awesome side hustle ideas that really work:

1. Become a dog walker.

As you may know, dog owners don’t just like their dogs: they absolutely love them. But they have a problem: when they’re at work or on vacation, Fido is stuck inside which makes him miserable (and also might lead to ruined carpets and the like). That’s where you come in!

As a dog walker, your noble mission is to provide dog owners and their beloved dogs with a service that they both desperately need. And if you do a good job (which of course you will!), then you’ll build a steady roster of clients — because dog people hang around with other dog people.

To get started, create a simple website, and then go door-to-door in your neighborhood and leave flyers. You can also contact pet stores, pet boarding, and pet grooming stores in your area and ask if you can advertise your services.

2. Share your opinions in focus groups.

Have you ever wondered why certain food item packages are a certain color or shape, or commercials are aired on TV? It’s not random. Rather, it’s based on extensive market research that involves a really big piece of the puzzle: focus groups.

Simply put, focus groups are discussions in which participants get together (usually in a hotel conference room or some other suitable location), and share their feedback on all kinds of stuff: how things look, how things taste, how things smell, and so on.

Heck, you probably enjoy sharing your views anyway, right? If you sign up to be part of focus groups, then you’ll be paid nicely for your time, and you’ll likely have your transportation expenses covered as well.

3. Become a house sitter.

Some folks are wary of going on vacation, because they’re afraid that burglars will break-in while they’re away — which is a legitimate concern, since criminals often “case” neighborhoods for signs of empty homes (e.g. flyers piling up on the porch, garbage containers not brought out to the curb, etc.). Or in a less terrifying level, some homeowners want the peace of mind in knowing that if something untoward happens while they’re away — such as a water pipe bursts or the furnace breaks down — that they’ll learn about this right away vs. when they come home, which could be weeks later.

As a house sitter, you won’t have to clean, move furniture, or even shovel snow or rake leaves (unless it’s part of the gig). You simply need to live in the house, stay alert, and update the homeowner — usually through email or text messages.

4. Wrap your vehicle.

Research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America has found that fleet vehicle graphics boost brand recognition 15x more than any other form of advertising. As such, if you’re a business that wants to surge ahead of your competition, your best bet is to wrap all of your vehicles, right? Well, sort of.

The problem is that many businesses don’t have a fleet to speak of. At most, they have one or two cars. Or perhaps they do have a fleet of 10+ vehicles, but they want to expand their branding reach. That’s where you come in!

By agreeing to wrap your car (either partial or whole depending on the deal), you’ll get paid simply for driving around. You don’t have to sell anything, or even get out of your car. All you need is to commit to driving a certain amount per day, week and month, and that you keep your car clean. And speaking of clean: you also need a clean driving history.

The Bottom Line

Will any of these side hustle ideas make you a millionaire? Nope. But they can and give you some nice checks to cash, which could be exactly what you need to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams — or maybe just save up for a trip to Vegas. Either way, have fun and keep hustling!


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