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4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Side Hustle Business

It is not uncommon, in this new and sometimes difficult economy, for people who already hold full-time jobs to take on a small part-time job to supplement their income. These side jobs are often called “side hustles”, because that is what the job holder is doing: hustling. They are making the most of their time to increase their income, develop their skills, and work towards a stable future.

There is an art to finding the perfect side hustle, because not just anything will do. Below are some helpful tips to finding a fulfilling and profitable side hustle in which to supplement your income.

It Cannot Interfere With Your Full-Time Work

If your chosen side hustle encroaches into your full-time work—either by sucking away too much of your attention or time—then it’s clearly not the right fit.

The only time this would not be the case is if you’ve hit the jackpot and your side hustle is now more profitable than your full time work. But, in most circumstances, this is not the case. The side hustle is there only to supplement your full-time work, and that is important to remember. A side hustle that steals away time from your full-time work is not profitable; it’s a leech and it’s time to let it go.

It Needs To Improve Your Skills

Try not to take a side hustle that doesn’t improve your skills at least a little bit. Remember, the most valuable thing in the world is not money, it’s your time. Your time is limited, so you want to make sure that you spend it wisely.

If your side hustle improves on your marketing skills, then it is not only improving your income, it’s improving your future prospects. If your side hustle makes you network with like-minded individuals, even better. That means your side hustle is working for you on two levels. This is the most valuable use of your time.

It Needs To Be Flexible

Whenever possible, try to find a side hustle that is flexible on when and how much time you spend on it. Try not to sign up for locked-in “shifts”. The reason this is important is that you are likely to become worn out working both a full-time job and a side hustle. If you are locked in, you will be burnt out in no time.

It’s nice to have the option to take a break from the side hustle and enjoy some much deserved free time. Flexibility will also allow you to maximize your free time. Perhaps you have a lot of free time on weekday evenings instead of weekends. You can decide to dedicate that time to your side hustle, as is workable for you. That flexibility is important to keeping you motivated.

It Needs To Be Something You’re Interested In

To expand on the previous point: staying motivated in your side hustle is important to keeping up the habit. If you choose a side hustle that you are not personally interested in, you will have a hard time getting yourself to stick to it. Try to find a side hustle that compliments your life and your interests. As they say, choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Remember, your full-time job is your drudgery. Your side hustle, however, is the little thing you do for fun, for your future, and for that little bit of extra spending money.

Do you have a side-hustle and do you enjoy it?

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  • Edwin
  • November 16, 2015

Edwin is the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. He lives a minimalist lifestyle and is always eager to learn and share his methods to save and make money.