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4 Ways To Personalize Your Rental And Keep Your Deposit

After you’ve found the right apartment or rental house, you may think you’re stuck living with the bland outdated style of the landlord. But that’s not the case. There are ways to make your new home your own without jeopardizing your deposit.

Let me show you 4 ways you can personalize your rental home without making any permanent alterations.

Paint The Walls

While there are some rentals where you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, there are more agreeable landlords and property managers that will let you. If the landlord allows you to paint the walls there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Repainting

When your lease runs out you could find yourself having to spend potentially a lot of money and time repainting. Think about whether or not you’ll be able to prime and paint the walls when moving out.

  • Colors

A landlord may say that you can paint the walls, but will restrict which colors you can use. They may just have to verify the color to ensure it’s not hot pink or neon green for example. Get their approval before painting using a shade they don’t allow you to use.

  • Rooms

The landlord might also restrict which rooms you can paint. They could say that you can paint your bedroom but not your kitchen. Make sure you can paint a room before splashing out the cash necessary to do so.

  • Lease

Finally you need to consider how long your lease will last. Will you be in the property long enough to make it worth painting now and having to paint it again in the future? If you just have a month to month lease and you just moved in, you might wait a while to see if you’re going to like the neighborhood.

Hang Pictures

If you can’t paint the walls, then hanging paintings and pictures are a great alternative to decorate the walls. Many rental agreements will allow you to do this but you should still check with the landlord. After all, the landlord might not want all the holes in the wall. There are several benefits to having just a few pictures up on your walls:

  • Minimized Damage

Only the small nail hole will be left behind by hanging a painting. But there might be lots of holes if you plan to cover your entire wall. You could instead hang the photo or artwork with adhesive and leave behind no traces behind at all.

  • Easy To Fix Any Damage

Don’t forget that one provision to being able to hang up paintings is having to fill in any nail holes left behind when you leave the property. It’s less work than repainting a wall again at least.

  • Self-Expression

Make a bold statement. The photos and art you choose allow you to express yourself.

  • Can Be Changed Easily

One great thing about pictures is that they are super easy to change so you can replace and remove them on a whim.

Change The Non-Permanent Fixtures

There are certain fixtures in a rental property that are easy to update. Don’t forget to keep hold of the original items when replacing them though. That way it’s easy to put them back before moving out. The following are prime examples of permanent fixtures you should be able to change to personalize your rental property.

  • Light Fixtures

Always check with the landlord before changing fixtures as some of them could be permanent. But there shouldn’t be a problem with changing a bulb or shade though, and it can really change how a room feels.

  • Showerheads

Showerheads tend to be inexpensive to buy and super easy to change. The right showerhead can breathe new life into your shower.

  • Blinds and Curtains

Changing these is often easy and can add plenty of colors and pop to a room that would otherwise be bland.

There are some landlords who will give you the freedom to change light switches, indoor doorknobs, and cabinets. These small changes can add up to a massive overall change for the home.

Accent Pieces

An easy way to personalize the home is to use accent pieces. These can be installed and removed easily and will often not breach the rental agreement, keeping the return of your deposit safe.

  • Lighting

Create diversity in your home by adding table and floor lamps.

  • Wall Decals

Wall decals can be taken down easily and cause less hassle than painting a room.

  • Rugs

An area rug can give some pep to any room in the house, giving a splash of color and softening up a hardwood or tile floor.

  • Tables

Buying the right end table and coffee table personalizes your home while also serving a useful function.

No matter how small or how big your new rental home is, there are plenty of ways you can make it feel as if it were your own. Check with your landlord before making any major changes to your house to ensure you’re not breaking your lease contract.

Have fun sprucing up your new house!

4 ways to personalize your rental home without losing your deposit. #rentalhome #cashthechecks
  • Edwin
  • December 27, 2019

Edwin is the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. He lives a minimalist lifestyle and is always eager to learn and share his methods to save and make money.

  • Command hooks work wonders for hanging things without damaging the walls. Also, from personal experience, painting the walls is rarely worth it. It’s a major pain to have to paint back to an original color when you’re getting ready to move out.

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