5 Practical Ways to Save Money When Buying Blank Checks for Businesses

Setting up an in-house check payment system is a minor expense for businesses that rely on check transactions. Buying a printer, check papers and access to check printing software are the basic requirements of printing checks from your office. However, setting up a check payment system is not the end of your expenses. As you keep paying in checks, you need to replenish the stock of checks.
Running out of checks can have a severe impact on your business. Checks may not seem to be a major expense, but when you need to keep replenishing your stock, it is essential to find ways to cut down on costs.

Order the Right Kind of Check

You can order either printed or blank checks for businesses. The price gap between the two is immense. You need to pay around $25 to buy 500 blank checks for businesses. However, for around 300 printed checks you need to shell out $80. Which means the cost of each blank check is around $0.05 and each printed check is approximately $0.27. The cost of printing increases the price of the check. If you do buy black checks, then you need to do the printing yourself, but the price of printing will still be lower than buying printed checks.

Order from the Right Source

Going to a bank to buy blank checks for businesses is the worst mistake you can make. Many banks do not offer blank checks so you will be forced to buy the more expensive printed checks. The banks order checks from vendors who print the checks and supply them to the banks. You have to pay the bank extra to avail the service of check printing vendors who you can approach directly. There are many vendors online who you can buy cheap blank checks for businesses from.

Order in Bulk

Vendors offer best prices to businesses when they buy any product in bulk. If you are planning to use checks as a regular means of payment, then you should buy blank checks for businesses in bulk. By not ordering bulk you have to keep paying shipment for the small number of checks you order. You are also at the risk of running out of checks.

Order Ahead of Time

Once you have set up your check payment system, you need to keep track of the number of check papers you have left. You should order the next batch of checks before the existing stock is alarmingly low. While vendors can provide speedy check delivery, they will charge you for the service. To avoid paying extra, order checks in advance and skip paying express delivery charges.

Look for Discounts and Coupons

If you look for check suppliers online, you will find many businesses offering blank checks for businesses at highly competitive prices. To draw in more customers, many vendors even offer discounts on their products. Searching for coupons can also help reduce the cost of the checks. Visit the websites of multiple vendors to find the most affordable option.

By saving money in small ways, you are bound to impact your business’ finances in a significant way.


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