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5 Ways To Make Money From A Coffee Shop Sofa

The new self-employed life is not found in startups and small businesses, it’s in remote working on the internet with a laptop or even just a smartphone. While none of the ideas below will make you rich overnight, a few hours a week on any one of them can supplement your income nicely and at least pay for all those grande lattes.

Market Your Skills By Freelancing Online

Are you a reasonably good writer? Can you do video testimonials? Are you good with photoshop? Are you creative with a digital camera? Your skills are in high demand and immediately marketable.

Popular online agencies like Fiverr.com and Peopleperhour.com allow you to market and sell your skills to people and businesses from all around the world. Starting off as low as $5, you can easily make $200 a month while parked on your favorite Starbucks sofa.

Sell Advertising Space

If you have a blog, you can use this platform to offer ad placements to companies. You can not only make money by selling a banner ad, but you can offer text link ads as well.

But even if you don’t own a blog yet, you can still sell sell ad space. If you’re influential on social media, you can sell a tweet or an Instagram post. Another method is reviewing products on your Youtube channel for a fee.

Spend Time Writing Reviews

We currently live in an age of crowdsourced consumer information and advice. As there are so many products readily available from such an enormous variety of businesses, we want to know what people’s experiences personal experiences are in order to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Those companies with the most and best reviews rank higher on Google and receive more customers. They can be willing to pay handsomely for those reviews too.

Another more geeky version of this is testing websites. A skinny cappuccino and a twenty minute session should put $10 in your account at usertesting.com.

Get Physical With Your Online Shopfront

Granted, this needs more than just a brief stay in a coffee shop, but if you’re a creative person and have a flare for making things then you can sell them on sites like Etsy.com. Hand knitted teddy bears, cutting boards, personalized jewelry, fun photo frames, wedding gifts or even wacky pencil toppers all have a market online.

If you have a quirky sense of humor you can design and print your own custom t-shirt slogans. In fact you can do this from your coffeeshop haunt: Simply design your logos, outsource the printing, and market them online on cafepress.com. You will run a profitable, fun business while saving money on materials and equipment.

Review Music And Clothes For Cash

To top off this list, here’s another easy way to make money online. By spending just 10-15 minutes of your time, you can make $50 a month. You can listen to fresh new music and review it and also review the latest fashion trends. Check out slicethepie.com to find out how.

So there you have it, five simple ways to supplement your income online. All you need is a laptop, the internet and your favorite caffeinated treat.

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Edwin is the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. He lives a minimalist lifestyle and is always eager to learn and share his methods to save and make money.