6 Steps To Starting A Blog In Under 30 Minutes

6 Steps To Starting A Blog In Under 30 MinutesIf you want to make money online one of the best methods is by creating your very own blog. There’s plenty of different topics to write about. Be sure to choose something you’re passionate about and something that can make you money.

Some niches are easier to monetize than others. For example, it’s much harder to sell ad space on a political blog compared to a tech blog. Likewise, it’s harder to sell ad space on a sports blog compared to a finance blog.

I’ve created, bought and sold over 50 blogs the last 15+ years and have made over a million dollars total from my blogs. I’ve created tech blogs, finance blogs and fitness blogs and get this – I have no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Going from “zero to blog” is as easy as following the 6 steps I’ll outline in this article.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started then.

Step 1: Hosting at iPage (5 minutes)

The first step is to click here and sign up for a hosting plan. Hosting is like paying the rent to host your new blog.

I recommend using iPage since it’s only $1.99 per month and very friendly to newbies and the technologically challenged. Not only that, but you also get a free domain name just for signing up. You can read an in-depth review of iPage here.

Step 2: Choose A Domain Name (5 Minutes)

choosing a domain name

When you’re signing up for the hosting plan, you’ll be asked what free domain name you want for your new blog.

Now is your time to let your creative juices flow and choose a good domain name. The tricky part is finding one that’s not already taken. You can choose something easy like your first and last name or a name that describes what your blog is going to be about.

I only use dot com domains and don’t bother with the other extensions. Length is not that big of a  deal. I’ll take “mycooldomainname.com” over “cooldomain.biz” any day.

Step 3: Install WordPress (5 Minutes)

installing wordpress

WordPress will be the blogging platform you will be using. You do not need to be a tech wiz to install or use WordPress.

Here’s how you install WordPress on iPage.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Mojo Marketplace
  • Click on One-Click Installs
  • Click on WordPress
  • Click Install
  • From the drop down box, choose your domain.
  • Click on Advanced Settings to choose your username and password.
  • Thats it! You’ve just installed WordPress!

Step 4: Log Into WordPress (5 Minutes)

log into wordpress

To log into WordPress go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ and log in with the user/pass you just created.

After you log in you might be overwhelmed by everything you see – don’t be. Before you know it you’ll be a WordPress expert. For now though, click around and familiarize yourself with the platform.

Let me go through them real quick.

  • Posts. This is where you’ll add new content.
  • Pages. These are for pages such as your about section or contact me page.
  • Themes. Here you can choose the design of your blog. There’s plenty of free themes to choose from.
  • Plugins. When you want your blog to do special things, you can install plugins. For example, if you want a slider with rotating images you’d need to install that particular plugin.
  • Widgets. All the “static” content on the right hand side or in the footer of the blog are called widgets. This could be an ad, a newsletter sign up box or an about the blog section.

Step 5: Choose A Theme (5 Minutes)

choosing a wordpress theme

There are countless themes to choose from. Choose a design that goes with the topic of your blog. If you want to change the style it’s easy to switch to another one.

While there are hundreds of free themes to choose from, the very best themes are the paid themes from Theme Forest.

Step 6: Draft Your First Post (5 Minutes)

add a new post

If you’re stuck on the Add New Post page wondering what to write about, get rid of the fear and/or writers block. Remember that the best blog post is the one you have already published.

Add a catchy title, add an image and share your story with the world.

Thats it! Your new blog is up and running. Once you get the hang of it and add some more content, you can begin to think about placing ads on your blog, but I’ll leave that topic for a future blog post.

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