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6 Tips to Ensure a Productive Business Trip Every Time

Business trips are special. After all, most professionals typically need a very good reason to travel to a location hundreds or thousands of miles away when they can write an email or pick up the phone and contact anyone on the globe within moments without ever leaving their desk. Yet, the reality is that relatively business leaders truly understand how to plan and carry out a successful business trip. Fortunately, today we’re going to share six of our favorite tips to make sure that your next big foray out of the office goes off without a hitch:

A Business Trip is NOT a Vacation

The first key to having a productive business trip is to realize that your time in another city does NOT constitute a vacation. This might seem obvious, but more than 50% Americans get drunk while traveling for work. If your first priority in a new place is to see the sights and enjoy yourself, then consider planning a holiday there –– but don’t go in a professional capacity.

Track Times, Dates, & Addresses

Getting around in an unfamiliar city can be a big challenge. As such, make it a point to keep tabs on all important meeting times, dates, and addresses that you need. Otherwise, you could find yourself scrambling to reach a get-together across town or running late to an important conference.

Maintain Your Routine

Successful people in all walks of life tend to rely on established habits. Indeed, having a solid routine can prepare you for the day and prevent you from losing focus. Do your best to adhere to an exercise schedule or any nighttime rituals that help you clear your mind.

Have a Strong Agenda

As mentioned above, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to jump on a plane and travel thousands of miles to discuss a topic an email could’ve covered sufficiently. With that in mind, it’s imperative for business leaders to set a strong agenda for their trip. Outline what you want to discuss with your client/business partners and do your best to address every concern you (and they) have. The last thing you want to do is to schedule another business trip because the first one was a bust!

Pack the Right Tools for the Job

There are certain essential items that everyone needs on a business trip. A laptop and a smartphone are de rigueur. However, those taking trips to other countries may also need to bring specialized chargers and adapters for their appliances as well. Don’t forget these!

Stay Safe

Traveling anywhere carries some degree of risk. Given that fact, professionals should follow a few meaningful safety tips every time they take a trip. First, consult with your doctor before you travel to ensure you don’t have any undetected ailments that may threaten your health. (It’s also not a bad idea to visit an independent local testing clinic to check for asymptomatic diseases as well.) Second, follow all safety procedures on public transport systems. And lastly, avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations. Remember, you can’t put a price on your own health and well-being –– so don’t risk it for anything!


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