7 Things All New Homeowners Need

After months of preparation, numerous conversations with your bank, and stacks of signed paperwork, you’re finally a homeowner. Now that you’re part of the homeowners club, the real work begins. As a new homeowner, there are some must-haves that you’ll want to obtain as soon as possible to make your transition into homeowner life as easy as possible.

A Ladder… or Two

Nobody tells you when your buy your house how much you’ll need to use a ladder to change light bulbs, access your roof and gutters, and reach tree limbs to trim them back. This is why having a ladder or two around your home can really benefit you. Not only is it safer than climbing a chair or the side of your house, it can help make those tedious tasks much easier to accomplish.

Pressure Washer

Like a ladder, a pressure washer is another one of those tools you don’t realize you’ll need until you need it. Having a pressure washer around your home can be handy for washing windows, concrete, and siding. Not to mention they can reach high up places with relative ease.

Emergency Savings

As a homeowner, you should prepare to tackle a major repair at some point during the life in your home. That’s why it’s necessary to have a well-stocked emergent savings account readily available to make those emergencies a little less stressful.


Gone are the days where you could call up a landlord when something went wrong around the house. Now, you have to handle all those household mishaps yourself. Invest in a good set of basic tools to have handy should something come up. This includes a hammer and nails, power drill, stud finder, tape measure, and a level. You may also find having a Shop-Vac around can come in handy to handle cleanup from your home projects.


As a homeowner, you should want to protect your investment. After all, a home is likely going to be the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime. Talk with your local insurance agency to see what type of coverage they offer and which insurance will best benefit your needs. You may need certain coverage to protect your home while other types of coverage, such as flood or hurricane insurance, won’t make sense.

Fire Extinguisher

Most homeowners overlook this vital addition to their home, but having a fire extinguisher around can provide you peace of mind knowing your family is safe should a small fire break out. While you’re getting an extinguisher, you may also want to pick up a fire escape if you have second story. They can be a lifesaver if there’s a fire and you can’t escape through your downstairs.

Maintenance Checklist

After investing a significant amount of money into buying a home, you should be prepared to keep it in good shape. Conducting routine maintenance around your home can help prevent issues from arising and help your home maintain its market value. Put together a checklist and go over it once or twice a year and your home will stay in great condition.

While there’s a lot of work that goes into owning a home, it’s also a rewarding experience. You have your own sanctuary from the world to provide you with solace and should have no problem with following these helpful tips aimed at making homeownership easier.


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