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7 Things You Should Buy In Bulk

When times are tough, some people start looking for a way to make what they purchase go a lot further. One way of doing that is to buy in bulk. With the advent of such stores as the Sam’s Club and Costco, it’s much easier to do. Both stores require a yearly membership fee, but you’ll quickly recoup your investment with just a few bulk purchases.

There are three main questions that you need to ask when you go shopping in bulk. First, do I really need this much of it? Second, is the price per unit really good? And lastly, do I have room? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you should buy that item in bulk.

Below I’m going to list 7 items that you should consider buying in bulk.


If you drink alcohol, you may want to think about buying that in bulk. You can get great deals on such items as beer, wine and some liquors. The overall cost per unit is lower than at the local grocery store or a liquor store.

Beans, Pasta, Grains

If your meal planning involves such items as beans, pasta and grains, buying those items in bulk makes a lot of sense. They are easy to store and they last a long time. You can use them up a little at a time throughout the year and it’s good to know they’re always there in case of an emergency. In most cases, you can save up to 32% less than buying them at the grocery store.


If you have children you know they eat a lot of cereal. Buying at the local grocery store can get expensive when you buy box after box. Buying it in bulk is an excellent way to remedy that situation. You can save up to 50% by buying corn flakes in bulk. Keep in mind, it’s easy to go crazy with this one. Make sure you don’t buy too many boxes, as children’s tastes tend to change from time to time.

Toilet Paper

Everyone uses toilet paper, napkins and other paper products. Buying toilet paper in bulk is very practical as you know you’re going to use it. If you’re lucky to have the room it’s always a good idea to stock up on TP.

Office Supplies

If you have a home office you’ll always be in need of various office supplies. This could be paper clips, paper, envelopes, staples, boxes, tape, etc. Obviously these items won’t spoil, you’ll use them all and best of all you won’t have to make any more trips to the store just because you ran out of printer ink.


Another good item to stock up on next time you’re at a warehouse club store are vitamins and pain relief medication. Just one big bottle can last you months if not years. These products typically don’t expire for a few years so buying in bulk here is a safe bet. You can choose to save even more by not buying name-brand pills. Just look at the ingredients to ensure the cheaper replacement product you buy is exactly the same.


If you’ve got a newborn you know they use lots of diapers and wipes. Buying those necessities in bulk is going to save you in the long run. In addition, you’ll have them when you need them instead of having to make that emergency run to the store to grab some diapers. Just make sure when buying those items in bulk that you keep in mind that babies grow and they will outgrow their diapers every few months.

Are there any other items you guys like to buy in bulk? Let us know in the comments section.

What should you buy in bulk? Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money if you go to Costco or Sams Club. Here\'s a list of the 7 things you should be buying in bulk. #groceries #cashthechecks

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  • Anne @ Money Propeller says:

    You’re making me long for Costco with that picture, it’s literally been years since I was in one!
    We do a lot of buying alcohol in bulk in my household. Wine tastes better by the case 😉
    It’s good to know that diapers are cheap there, maybe I should ask someone to pick me up some, to use for baby shower gifts.

  • Patricia says:

    You can buy laundry detergent, fabric softener or better yet a laundry detergent that combines with fabric softener such as ariel with downy.

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