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8 Credit Card Perks You Didn’t Know You Had

Credit cards were often times seen as a scapegoat for the reason our economy was faltering. They really got a bad rap.

Irresponsible people would charge too much on their card without having the means to pay them off. Then eventually, when they could no longer get more credit or had too many debt collectors on their backs, they fell back on bankruptcy as an option to erase their debts.

A lot of people are too focused on the negative aspects of owning a credit card. But there are others who are ignoring the bad press and are taking advantage of the countless perks that come with being a credit card holder.

Though you should talk to your credit card provider to find out exactly what perks you have access to, many cards give the following 8 perks to all their card holders.

Price Protection

Have you ever gone to the store, bought something expensive that couldn’t be returned, only to see the same thing in another store for a significantly lower price?

We all have, and we’ve all kicked ourselves in the backside for losing out on the deal. Luckily, some credit cards offer protection that meets the difference if we accidentally overpay.

There’s a lot of fine print and rules that come with this protection, so before you start carelessly buying anything at any store, contact your credit card provider and make sure you understand the extent of which you are protected.

Fraud Protection

Most credit cards offer protection for those who get their cards stolen and used. This means that if you lose your card or you get your credit card number stolen, you won’t be held liable for any fraudulent expenses.

The amount and extent of the protection varies from provider to provider, so make sure to not only understand how much you are protected, but also make sure to keep an eye out on your account for potential violations.

Pre-sale Tickets

Many credit card companies offer pre-sale tickets or a subscription to sports seasons through their card. These offers are usually sweetened by allowing users to apply any cash back credits they’ve earned towards the overall cost of what they’re buying.

If there’s a huge concert coming up this feature is often a huge perk, especially when the event is one of the hottest of the year. Keep your eye out for what’s being offered, and don’t forget to ask what deals they’re applying to the tickets.

Preferred Seating

Credit cards offer the ability to buy tickets to concerts and sports events. While this is a convenience and often saves us a lot of time, there’s another perk that’s even better than that.

Most credit cards offer preferred seating, which is a huge perk if you care about where you are during your events. Not only are seats reserved for you, but often times you can only get those seats through really specific means – credit card companies being one. For avid fans, this perk alone may be worth having a card for.

Discount Attractions

A lot of cards offer deals when it comes to certain kinds of vacations and attractions like Six Flags, or certain hotel chains. If you use your credit card for the purchase, many will come with a worthwhile discount, or even money back after the purchase.

These deals usually change with the seasons, and if you make good on these offers, you’ll find yourself saving a lot more than you’d expect.

Store Discounts

Most of us know you can get rewards points which could then be redeemed for gift cards or cash back. But many of us don’t know that you can also get additional discounts on top of that.

Big department stores often give extra incentive to shop there by offering discounts through certain credit cards. These often change seasonally, so make sure to keep an eye out for which ones are offered when.

Trip Cancelation Insurance

This is a really convenient feature to know about, especially if you’re about to book an expensive vacation or you’re a frequent traveler. There are some credit cards that offer insurance in case you need to cancel a trip last minute.

Many of us know that when it comes to last minute changes, most hotels and airlines charge a fee – that’s if they’ll allow you to cancel at all. With insurance, this takes lots of stress off your shoulders when making plans.

Hotel Room Insurance

This is not only a perk not many people know they have, but it’s one no one ever thinks to ask about.

Some credit card companies offer their users hotel room insurance when the book their room using their credit card. This means if their room gets broken into and something is stolen, the cost of those items are covered up to a certain amount.

Does your credit card offer any perks you’ve taken advantage of?

Having a credit card isn\'t all that bad. Here are 8 credit card perks you didn\'t know you had. #credit #creditcard #rewards #cashthechecks

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  • Ross Coburn says:

    Another benefit of credit cards ? is that they offer free extended warranties (typically a year) on your purchases, with some limitations. I’ve benefited from this a couple of times, and it can be far less costly than stores’ (or manufacturers’) extended warranties, which are a major revenue stream for them, and in the case of sleazy operations like Best Buy, hardly a guarantee they’ll even honour it (don’t get me started).

    Anyhow, the link below provides a pretty good overview of this topic:


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