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8 Tips To Win At Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has always been a holiday that bargain hunters have eagerly awaited. The day after Thanksgiving officially kicks off the Christmas season and some savvy shoppers flock to the stores hoping to get great deals on the latest gadgets, clothing trends and more.

However, in the last five years Black Friday shopping has become even more intense than it was in years past with stores opening earlier – even on Thanksgiving – and online deals rivaling those in stores.

Before you head out for Black Friday this year, check out the following 8 tips to stay organized and on budget.

Do Your Research First

Compare in-store and online deals. Some of the bigger retailers are now offering their best-selling in-store items online at the same price. This lets you bypass the lines, the crowds and the frustration. Be prepared for long loading times though since sites can easily get overloaded.

Make A Budget

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget how much you’re spending and overdo it. Put a limit on your spending and don’t deviate from your plan to avoid post-holiday remorse.

Make A List

Make a list, check it twice and cross off anyone whose been naughty, not nice. Pick out the best sale items that you definitely want to buy and make a list of when the stores open. Make up your plan of attack, carefully charting your course based on opening time and the popularity of the product.

Take Advantage Of Email Alerts

There are plenty of websites that will send you an email alert as soon as the black friday ad is posted. Sometimes you can even get printable coupons to use in store during the sales. Sign up for email alerts to get notified if your must-have products are on sale and to get any extra discounts that may be available.

Keep An Eye Out For Doorbusters

These are special early bird specials where hot-ticket items are way marked down. Doorbusters typically sell out quickly, so you may need to wait in line to get one of these deals, so get there early if it’s something you really want.

Dress Comfortably

Black Friday will be one of the longest shopping days you’ll ever experience, so it’s important to be comfortable. Forget looking cute while you shop – the other shoppers won’t even notice as they’ll be much like sharks at feeding time. As long as you’re decently covered and comfortable, you’re good to go.

Know The Store’s Return Policy

Sometimes you find a better deal after Black Friday and sometimes you just have buyer’s remorse. Whatever the case may be, make sure you know which stores you can return things to and what the time frame is for doing so.

Practice Safety

Sadly, Black Friday shopping is a huge draw for thieves. Whether it’s purse snatchers, pick pockets or credit card thieves, the frazzled masses mobbing retailers after dark is really attractive to the wrong kind of people. Only bring what you really need with you to go shopping and keep track of your purse, wallet and cell phone at all times.

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