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8 Free Shopping Apps You Need To Download

Clipping coupons is a pain, but if you have a smartphone there are plenty of apps that can make your life much easier. There are tons of money-saving apps available that let you view, save and use coupons right from your phone. You’ll never have to clip a coupon and you’ll still enjoy the savings at the register.

Read on for 8 shopping apps you need to download right away.

Cartwheel by Target

If you’re a Target shopper, you need this app. The app lets you see the latest deals in the store and add special offers to your cartwheel. Then, you can use all of the coupons you’ve selected at the register with just a simple scan of a barcode off the screen of your phone.

iOS app | Google Play store

Walgreens App

If you shop at Walgreens, you’re probably familiar with the coupon books they put out each month. Instead of clipping coupons from the book, why not snag them on your phone? You’ll never forget your coupons and you won’t waste paper tossing out the ones you don’t want. You can clip the coupons electronically and them scanned at the register. As a bonus, you can also manage your prescriptions through the app.

iOS app | Google Play store


Similar to the Walgreens App, the CVS App allows you to view and use coupons over your phone. It also allows you to order products through an online store. The downside is that you need a CVS card to use the app, but if you’re a frequent shopper it shouldn’t be a problem.

iOS app | Google Play store


SnipSnap is a tricky app since some stores won’t let you use it. The app allows you to take pictures of your paper coupons for later use. You can file the coupons in a particular order and even use a search program to find coupons within the app itself.

iOS app | Google Play store


If you’re the type of shopper that prefers working with a list, Dealnews offers the top 300 deals in your area so you can browse and discover great savings near you. The products span a range of varieties and the list is updated daily.

iOS app | Google Play store


If you use in-store savings cards, SavingStar can let you load coupons right onto those cards. It is a coupon app that works specifically with grocery stores, letting you clip and save coupons from the app.

iOS app | Google Play store


If you’re a restaurant and store shopper, RetailMeNot has your back. You can browse deals from your favorite retailers and bookmark anything you’d like to use in the future. This is a great app for people that shop in a variety of stores and are always on the lookout for coupon codes.

iOS app | Google Play store


Groupon is an app that offers local items and services at reduced costs. You can use the app to participate in giveaways and to redeem your Groupon vouchers.

iOS app | Google Play store

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