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9 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Haircut

The high costs of haircuts can snip away at your budget if you’re not careful. But you don’t have to grow your hair out to save money on haircuts. Here are 9 ways to save on the costs of cutting your hair.

The Old Fashioned Way

Many people choose to cut their own hair. Hey, it was good enough for your grandparents, so if you’re tight on cash give it a shot. Cutting your own hair or a family member will require more frequent trimmings such as cutting split ends or bangs. That also includes extensive cuttings. For men, go with a very short cut or, if you have the head and face for it, go bald! Keep in mind, if you choose bald, stay up on your shavings.

Select A Simple Hair Style

Unless you don’t mind spending the cash, complex styles, like your favorite celebrity, will be difficult to maintain and are expensive. Opt for a style that requires very little maintenance and trimmings.  Ask your hairdresser for some hairstyles to look through and find the one that works best for you. A good style should look really great, even when it starts growing out. There are many wonderful styles that will also save you a great deal of money over time.

Make A Donation

There are many wonderful salons that will give you a free haircut if you donate your hair. They give their donations to charities that help so many people out. Think of kids and adults that have gone through chemotherapy and have lost their hair.  You will put a smile on someone’s face and get a free haircut to boot! Look for salons that donate to charities, there are many out there.

Look For Coupons

You can find coupons on the internet, either through a particular salon chain or through a Google search. Also, if you are a patron to a particular salon, ask if they are offering a coupon or a discount. Find out if they have a reward program for customer loyalty.  Many places offer discount cards. Each time you visit they punch out an area on the card and when it’s full you get a free ‘do.

Find A Retired Stylist

Many times there are professional stylists that have retired and would be willing to cut your hair out of their homes for a reduced price.

Look For A School For Cosmetology

If this avenue scares you, don’t let it. The students in the schools are supervised through the entire haircut and you can save a great deal of money. They will take longer to style your hair but it will be well worth your time.

Go To Your Local Barber

Barbers are a great deal less expensive than your chic, upscale local salon. If you have a very simple hairstyle, why pay an arm and a leg for something a barber is perfectly capable of performing.

Choose Your Style Wisely

If you choose a hairstyle that comes with low maintenance, you will not have to get it cut quite so often.  There are salons out there that will convince you to get your hair cut every six weeks or so. A really good cut should last you at least a couple of months.So don’t buy into it.

Keep in mind, if you ladies like to wear very short – 2” long cuts, it will grow out pretty quickly. Again, talk to your stylist and get some ideas on styles that will keep you going for a longer period of time than complex Dos.

Stay Away From Salon Hair Products

Hair salons’ meat and potatoes are in the form of their hair care products. They are way overpriced and not worth it. Chances are you can find the same product, one just like it at your local Walmart! The market is flooded with hair care products and there are products that are just as good as the really expensive ones. Shop around and don’t buy into hype and packaging.

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