About Me

aboutHi there, I’m Edwin, the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. I’m always eager to learn and share my methods to save and make money on my blog.

I started Cash The Checks in 2006 because I never wanted to get a “real job”. I refuse to wake up early, I refuse to commute to work and most importantly I refuse to ever work for someone else.

I’ve created many blogs in the last 15 years. Some have been hits, most have been misses, but they’ve all been learning experiences. Here are just some of the niches of the blogs I’ve made: finance, fitness, tech, careers and nursing.

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Now a little about me. I’m in my 30’s and live in sunny southern California. I practice minimalism and live a simple and intentional life. But it wasn’t always that way. I made a lot of money in my 20’s and spent it on just about anything. Once I reached my mid 30’s I realized my life looked full, but was quite empty. That’s when I began to sell or donate my possessions and downsize my house.

Now, my mind is free and everything I do has a purpose. I’m no longer a robot just going through the motions. I found that when I decluttered my house, I also decluttered my brain. I found that when I got rid of the belongings I thought mattered, I found out what truly did matter – family.

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Want To Make Money Online?
Get tips on how to create your own blog to begin making money online today!