About Me

About me

Hi I’m Edwin. I have a passion for helping people (just like you) reach financial independence.

Since Cash The Checks opened its doors in 2004, I have helped over one million readers take the fast lane to financial (and time) freedom by finding profitable side hustles – and I’m not done yet.

Whether you want a way out of debt or to find that perfect side hustle, I know you’re going to find help here.

I do “this” because understanding money has led to a radically improved life for me and my family.

I started Cash The Checks way back in 2004 when I was broke and hopeless.

Back then, I was $21,427 in debt. I climbed my way out of debt (little by little) with one side hustle after another.

Fast forward to today and I now use credit cards to raise my credit score, save money, and make money.

I don’t use money to buy useless “toys”. I use money to make smart investments.

And I don’t blog as a hobby, but as a business that earns me a six figure income.

My mission with Cash The Checks is to help you find your perfect side hustle, so you too can find the financial independence that I have found.

For me, the best side hustle was starting this very blog. And after stumbling (okay, failing) multiple times, I turned this blog into my full-time income.