About Me

aboutHi I’m Edwin. Nice to meet you! I’m the money minimalist behind Cash The Checks. I’m always eager to learn and share my methods to save and make money on my blog.

I started Cash The Checks way back in 2004 when I was broke and hopeless. After stumbling (okay, failing) countless times, I turned this blog into a six figure income for me and my family.

I started Cash The Checks in 2004 because I never wanted to get a “real job”. I refuse to wake up early, I refuse to commute to work and most importantly I refuse to ever work for someone else.

I’ve created many blogs in the last 15 years. Some have been hits, most have been misses, but they’ve all been learning experiences.

Life is so much different now than it was before.

I practice minimalism and live a simple and intentional life. But it wasn’t always that way.

I used to have a flashy car, a huge house and wear designer clothes. I’ve given it ALL up… for the simple life. I strive every day (and in every way) to live my life as simple as possible.

I’ve shunned the Monday through Friday 9 to 5 world and work at home… blogging! The end result? Once I cleared my schedule and my once precious belongings, I also cleared my head too! I now spend my life enjoying moments with my family and helping others make money online.

If you want to contact me or advertise on Cash The Checks, email me at cashthechecks@ethernityx.com