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About Me

Hi I'm Edwin. Nice to meet you! I'm the money minimalist behind Cash The Checks. I'm always eager to learn and share my methods to save and make money on my blog.

I do this because understanding money has led to a radically improved life for me and my family.

I started Cash The Checks way back in 2004 when I was broke and hopeless. After stumbling (okay, failing) multiple times, I turned this blog into a six figure income!

Then I said, if I did this once, why not try again, and again and again...

Needless to say, after 100+ blogs later, my life is nothing like it used to be.

But I didn't go out and buy a mansion and rub elbows with socialites. Nope, I actually moved into a small condo, practice minimalism and strive for a simple intentional life.

I've now taken a step back in life and gained some clarity and found my purpose: After 15+ years in the blog biz I'm finally sharing what I've learned in my Six Figure Bloggers Blueprint course.

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