Creative ways to make money online
Making Money

7 Creative Ways to Make Money on the Side

If you're spending a few hours online every day and want to earn some extra money on the side, this post is for you. Whether you're working part time, full time or not at all, anyone can earn revenue online.

I'm not talking about get rich quick schemes, I'm talking about real work where you create something of value others want to pay for.

Here are 7 creative and totally legitimate ways to make money online.

Create Your Own Blog

Starting a blog

Building and starting a website is not as difficult as you might think, and there are plenty of people who will pay handsomely for you to do so.

There are just four components to any website:

A domain name to get people to the website (you can get a free domain name via this link)

A web host to store the website (prices start at $3.95 for a web host here)

Content to put onto the website (use WordPress as your content management system)

A template to show off the website (install the many themes available for free within WordPress)

None of these steps require any programming knowledge whatsoever and you can easily pay for the setup yourself.

Then simply do a little work adding the content into the right places, making a template work, pointing the domain to it and sending an invoice — along with the cost of your time — to the customer.

Affiliate marketing with Google AdSense & Amazon Associates

Make money with affiliate programs

If you have your own website or blog, then it’s easy to start making money from advertising. Google’s advertising platform, Google AdSense, simply requires you to sign up and enable it. 

You pick some ads that fit your website’s design and then receive money when your readers click on the ads. You can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for every click.

A similar platform is run by Amazon called Amazon Associates. However, this one isn't a pay per click system, but a pay per sale system. 

Advertisements are placed on your site and when someone buys a product from clicking on those ads you make a commission, anywhere from 3% to 8% of the sale.

Review products on your blog

Creative way to make money

If you're a blogger you can write directly to companies to tell them you want to feature or review one of their products.

This can get you some brilliant discounts, free items and even payment from these companies. If you do well out of this you can agree to a commission on items sold that have been featured on your site.

Don't have a blog? It's not hard to create a blog of your own.

Once you have a popular site, the advertisers will come to you. So be sure to create a contact us page to receive advertising offers.

Host an online garage sale

Hosting a digital online garage sale

One of the best, simplest, tried-and-tested methods is the online garage sale. This — as with all garage sales — begins by rummaging around your house for anything that you don’t need any more.

The next step is to get to selling! eBay is still the golden standard, or the Amazon marketplace can be great for old books and media. Your profits won't be much though because they charge a commission and then there's shipping fees to consider.

One of the best methods though is to look for local Facebook selling pages or use Craigslist and list your items there. These options avoid selling fees and can save you postage too.

Freelancing gigs

Money money creatively as a freelancer

It's always worth considering whether you could freelance online. If you’re a writer, designer, teacher, voice actor or life coach then you can easily market those skills online.

Using sites like Fiverr, Upwork or PeoplePerHour you can connect with clients all over the world and compete for jobs in a rich open market.

Freelancing is a great way to supplement your income and, with enough dedication and experience, can even be used to carve out an entire living wage.

iTunes, Etsy and Shutterstock

Make money selling your creativity on Etsy

For those of you who are hyper-creative, these three options are fantastic.

iTunes allows you to market and sell ebooks and music all over the world.

Etsy is a great community marketplace for selling home-made crafts and gifts. For people looking for that personal, handmade touch it's an ideal shopping destination.

Shutterstock is an online platform to sell digital images. If you're handy with a camera then you can make money by uploading your favorite images and allowing people to buy them for a small fee.


Make money selling your creativity on Etsy

If you have a business idea, music project, or really anything that will make you money eventually then Kickstarter is brilliant.

Kickstarter is a platform where people can pledge money to help get your enterprise off the ground. This is risk-free because if you don't meet your targets then nobody pays any money.

This is also a great way to crowdsource your ideas through social media and get all your friends and family behind you.

Which of these ways do you use or want to use to make money online?

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Make money from your parking space
Making Money

Make Money From Your Parking Space

For many of us, space is a rather precious commodity. Space in our cupboards, in our rooms and in our garages are all pretty limited. Many of us wind up upscaling the kind of house that we live in, simply to get access to more space.

In fact, it’s not that uncommon to be going into huge sums of debt buying a house just to try and make a bit of extra space at home. If you have space at home, you are one of the lucky ones!

However, did you know that you could monetize that extra space at home? That’s right. With the help of a certain tool, you can very easily get yourself as much as $600/month just from renting out that space you don’t use at present.

All you need to do is work out how often your own parking space – whether its outside your home or in the garage – stays free. Then, you can rent it out using a pretty nifty tool to make a nice sum of money for yourself every month.

If you want to make a decent side income, renting free space makes sense.

How does renting parking space work?

Basically, people are so sick of spending their time looking for a place to park their car safely.

The convenience cost of knowing you can park it somewhere convenient and safe is more than worth the fee to some people.

The better your natural location and the more space you have, the more money that you can make from doing this.

With some people making as much as $7,000/year from doing this, you are likely interesting in working out how you can get in on the ground floor of a rather wonderful opportunity.

A popular way to make a living doing this is to be near major events. From sports stadia to concert halls, people will pay you to park up safely here instead of leaving their car to chance in a random neighborhood.

People who work nearby where you live will be happy to use the system, too.

Basically, there is a rather easy solution ahead for those who have space and want to help that space make them a comfortable and happy living.

How does this all come together, though? How do you actually make a living from renting out car space?

Rent parking space as a side hustle

Depending on where you live, you could easily pull in anything from $200-600 month. In places like Portland, Houston and Los Angeles, you could be pulling in anything from $5-25 per day. Major cities with lots of transit and traffic plus poor parking – Boston and New York – you could be aiming for $30+.

The easiest way to make a living with renting space is to try and follow on from these simple but very effective tips:

  • Register on more than one site

Make sure that you use as many of the sites we list below as possible. Don’t limit yourself to just one venue; make sure you spread it out and look around accordingly.

  • Sell sell sell

The more work you do to make the spot appealing, the better. Try and make it clear that your spot is in a good location with minimal other options nearby, for example; use whatever selling points that you have to come out on top.

  • Share your ad

At the same time, make sure that you promote it without any fear of sounding egotistical. Share it on social media, with friends and family, and even put ads up about it in local stores and directories.
Ensure that the spot is well-described.

  • Give a lot of information

The more information that you can give to people looking to learn about your spot, the better. This should make it much easier for you to make the sale that you intended and ensure that people keep on coming back.

Basically, if you want to make money with this side hustle, you have to be ready to push and promote yourself accordingly. It can be very rewarding, but to make this work you need a good place to start.

Below are some of the best apps that you can sign up to and start promoting your space.


Rent your parking spot

A very popular option, Parqex is a fine starting point for most people. 

You can even rent out your garage if you would rather; the options are all on the table for you to pick from, which can be pretty damn useful when you are looking to make more from the space that you have. Very easy to use with a high profit margin.


Make money with your parking space

Another excellent choice is that of CurbFlip; it’s the best place for a lot of people to start, with around 84% of your full fee coming to you once you pay your way on the site. 

It’s a very easy to use site, and it should make it easy for you to start utilizing your space and earning from it.


Rent parking space

Spothero is also a good starting point, and it should be the kind of solution that you look to for some easy income. 

With over 10m parked cars in its history it’s probably the largest app of its kind around and as such should be high up on the list of apps that you try out.

It’s very recommended for most reasons, not least the added visibility.


Renting parking side hustle

Lastly, the very useful and effective Spacer is well worth your time and your effort. 

With a fee of 15% of the full cost charged, they are quite fair in the posting.

You usually get a response within 24-hours, but it does make sure that both parties are happy with the process before anything moves forward, offering you both insurance.

Wrapping it up

With this in mind, then, you should hopefully be able to see why so many people are making the most of the wonderful benefits that having a bit of free space can offer.

Anything can make you a living; including free space!

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Real estate investing for beginners
Making Money

How to Get Started Real Estate Investing for Beginners


5 reasons to invest in real estate

Investing in real estate for the very first time can seem scary.

One reason you might be scared to invest in real estate is because it may be the largest amount of money you have ever invested in any one single thing.

If you need to finance your real estate investment, you might also feel nervous about your ability to pay off your debt and still earn a return on your investment.

I’m not going to tell you there aren’t valid reasons to be nervous, but I am going to tell you that sometimes the rewards are worth the risk.

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in real estate.

1. You Don’t Have To Be A Landlord

Just because you are considering investing in real estate, it doesn’t mean you have to become a landlord. You could instead hire a property manager so you don’t have to deal with the headaches renters would otherwise bring to you.

Or you could go about investing in real estate even differently by purchasing a fixer upper and “flipping it” for a profit when you resell it.

2. Interest Rates Are Low

While interest rates are still low on real estate mortgages, it’s a better time to borrow for your investment if you need to. You don’t want to wait until the rates climb again because it will cost you more to borrow the same amount for your real estate investment.

3. You Can Find Good Deals

Lower interest rates mean an increase in demand which, in turn, can cause real estate prices to increase. However, if you look carefully, you will find there are still good deals to be had.

One way to find good deals is by networking with other investors. You will likely learn a lot and you may also come up with some good deals in the process.

Another is by working with your favorite realtor. Your realtor can be on the lookout for investment properties for you and can then contact you right away when a new property hits the market.

You could also invest in another town or even out of state, where the demand, and thus prices, may be lower. Do a little research first to ensure you are making a sound investment, then look for deals.

4. You Don’t Necessarily Need A Lot Of Money

If you are wondering how you can invest in real estate without a lot of money, check out a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT. By investing in real estate in this way, you put your money with other people’s investment money and everyone shares in the profits.

An REIT has a team of real estate investment experts who chose the properties to invest in which increases everyone’s chances to gain on their investment. They also reduce risk by placing your money in more than one real estate investment to increase the likelihood of growth on your investment.

You can invest in many REITs with an initial investment of only $1,000 instead of the many thousands you would have to come up with on your own for a down payment on a piece of property. It’s a great way to get started on real estate investing.

5. Diversification

By doing any amount of investment research, you will learn that the experts agree you should diversify your investments to reduce your risk of loss and increase your profitability.

Investing in stocks or mutual funds is great, but diversifying into real estate helps you increase your chances of growth for your investment dollars. If one of your investments isn’t doing well, the other might be doing better so that you can withstand some losses without panic.

These are just 5 reasons you should invest in real estate to increase your wealth, but there are many more reasons why investing in real estate is a good idea.

But be careful of some pitfalls as well.

Real estate can be a savvy investment, but you’ve got to do it wisely. A well-defined strategy can be a solid foundation that supports your portfolio and helps you to build wealth.

Do it right, and you may realize amazing profit potential. Do it wrong, and you could lose your house and everything in it.

5 beginner mistakes to avoid


Here are 5 of the worst mistakes made by real estate investors:

1. Failing To Plan Ahead

A lot of people make the mistake of buying a property before they know all about it. Sure, a grand home that’s priced to sell may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you don’t have a plan in mind before you buy, you could wind up with a headache instead of a great investment.

A good real estate investor sees problems before they arise and learns to avoid those minefields.

2. Inadequate Or Improper Financing

Proper financing is crucial for the modern real estate investor. An exotic or an out-of-the-ordinary mortgage is probably not your best option as far as real estate financing is concerned.

Investors who opt for non-conventional or adjustable rate home loans often find themselves in financial trouble when rates go up.

3. A Get Rich Quick Attitude

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of looking at real estate as a way to make a bundle of money in a hurry. This is especially true for investors who expect to easily “flip” a property without doing any hard work.

Experts say to avoid late-night televised ads and  seminars that promise to make you rich with real estate. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

4. Going It Alone

You may be a fully independent adult, but that doesn’t mean you should try to buy a property without the assistance of an experienced Realtor or other real estate professional.

In addition to a real estate agent, you’ll also need the help of an appraiser, a home inspector, a great attorney, and an insurance agent who understands the ins and outs of real estate investment.

A local real estate agency can show you homes that you might not otherwise know about. Consult with a local real estate broker who can show you great homes and help you to network with all the professionals you’ll need to perform a brilliant transaction.

5. Underestimating Costs

If you think that buying a house means all you have to do is move in and enjoy your new residence, please think again.

Underestimating the true costs of home ownership is one of the worst mistakes made by modern real estate investors. Maintenance, repair and upgrades are costs that one needs to anticipate prior to making a real estate purchase.

I certainly don’t intend to make you shy about investing in real estate. If you are careful to plan ahead, know how much mortgage you can afford, and go into the deal fully prepared to pay future maintenance costs, you can make a transaction that eventually rewards you handsomely.

Share the wealth!

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How to develop a millionaire mindset
Making Money

40 Actionable Steps to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

While some rich people are obviously rich based on their appearance and the quality of their lifestyle, other people pretend to be rich, living well above their means, spending much more than they earn, living on credit, and slowly burying themselves in debt.

Adding to the confusion, some rich people go to the other extreme and are disarmingly modest.

For instance, two of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim (with an estimated 2017 net worth of $51.2 billion) and Warren Buffett (with an estimated 2017 net worth of $73.4 billion) don’t live in mansions but in the type of homes owned by those in the middle class income bracket.

But yet, they have what I call the millionaire mindset.

7 Ways Wealthy People Think Differently

Steve Siebold interviewed over a thousand ultra-rich people to write his book, How Rich People Think.

Here are some of the differences he discovered in the difference between how a poor person thinks and a wealthy person thinks:

  • Wealth mindset #1

A poor person thinks money is the root of all evil while a wealthy person thinks that you need resources to achieve things in life.

  • Wealth mindset #2

A poor person considers selfishness immoral while a wealthy person thinks that you can only contribute to the welfare of others when you have something to give.

  • Wealth mindset #3

A poor person hopes that they will come into some good fortune while a wealthy person believes that action is necessary to change things for the better.

  • Wealth mindset #4

A poor person has little regard for acquiring expert knowledge while a wealthy person is eager to learn new things.

  • Wealth mindset #5

A poor person reflects on all the mistakes they’ve made in life or longs for the good old days while a wealthy person thinks about what’s possible in the future and engages in setting goals and making plans for a better future.

  • Wealth mindset #6

A poor person makes emotional decisions about money, either hoarding or overspending, while a wealthy person make logical decisions, evaluating the value of things before investing or spending.

  • Wealth mindset #7

A poor person works for a living at a job they hate while a wealthy person focuses on projects that they love.

Mastering your mindset

Although it may sound somewhat counterintuitive, you won’t join the 1% who earn over $380,000 a year simply by going back to school, getting a better job, or saving more money each month.

It’s not that there's anything wrong with this approach; it’s just that it’s premature.

Before taking any course of action, no matter how sensible it appears to be, you must first change how you think.

When you have the right mindset, then everything you do will work out in your favor, and if you’re doing the wrong things, you’ll quickly course correct.

Must-have habits of the rich and wealthy

It takes a special type of person to be an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are driven, self motivated individuals who can repeatedly fail over and over and not lose any enthusiasm to try again.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill.

Instead, they come back stronger and learn from their mistakes. That’s just one of the many traits an entrepreneur must possess.

While there is no exact blueprint, successful entrepreneurs seem to share a similar set of skills. And surprise – it’s not about putting in 16 hour workdays.

  • Build Up A Good Sweat In The Morning

The surest way to get your morning off to a good start is to get in some exercise. You can invest in a gym membership or go out daily for a morning jog.

Physical activity is great not only for your body but your brain. Getting in a productive workout will set the tone for the rest of your day and lead to increased work productivity.

You don’t need to be an early bird to get this exercise in. A quick workout before you start the day or when you need a break from work can do wonders for your energy level.

  • Expand Your Network

Networking is crucial for entrepreneurs. It can help you build long term partnerships, set up mutually beneficial collaborations and gain new key introductions. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to take a day off to attend a conference.

But networking also has other benefits. You can make friends with like minded individuals who understand your lifestyle. You can share ideas, get suggestions, and gain inspiration and encouragement.

  • Take Frequent Breaks

Sure there are plenty of workaholic entrepreneurs, but one of the habits of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to take a step back.

Some like to wear their 60+ hour a week schedule like a badge of honor, but what if it leads to a burnout and increased stress?

So before stress and fatigue begin to kick in, step back and take a short 15 minute break. That’s all your brain needs to calm down and re-focus.

Only you know how many breaks to take and how often, but one 15 minute break every hour or two should be enough.

  • Read A Lot Of Books

Successful entrepreneurs are never content with the amount of knowledge they possess. The world and the marketplace is always changing so business owners need to always be continually learning.

Here are the reading habits of 4 super successful entrepreneurs:

- Entrepreneur David Rubenstein reads six books per week.

- Bill Gates reads 50 books every single year.

- Elon Musk credits these 12 books for inspiring and directly influencing him.

- Warren Buffet credits reading books as the key to his success.

  • Partake In Some Hobbies

The entrepreneur life isn’t all about being stuck in the office for days on end. Some of our best thinking happens when we’re not trying to think at all. In order to get the mind to run efficiently enough to allow ideas to flourish, we need to let it unwind a bit.

Here are some of the hobbies of 3 wealthy entrepreneurs:

- Jeff Bezos is currently funding the construction of the 10,000-year clock in the state of New Mexico.

- Elon Musk bought a Lotus Espirit submarine car that James Bond used in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

- Warren Buffet plays the ukulele and has had duets with Paul Anka and Jon Bon Jovi.

  • Learn Something New Every Day

Success isn’t just going to happen on its own. It requires not just working hard, but working smart.

Entrepreneurs are smart not because they were born that way, but because learning new things is fun.

- When Elon Musk has a degree in physics and economics, but what does he know about flying rockets into outer space? Well, a lot apparently because “he reads books“.

- Bill Gates attributes his success to his desire of always wanting to learn. In fact, he read the whole set of World Book encyclopedias when he was a kid.

  • Give Back To Your Community

There is another common trait people who are successful have – they often give back to their communities. For instance:

- Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of SalesForce created the 1/1/1 Model for businesses of any size to incorporate philanthropy into their business models.

- The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does, among other things, help the world’s poorest people lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

- Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan founded the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which seeks to create a better future for the next generation.

- The co-founders of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, have pledged to give away half of their fortune to charities.

- Steve Jobs quietly donated $50 million to California hospitals to help fund HIV and AIDS research.

  • Always invest and keep growing

To truly build wealth, you need to invest what you earn. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, it’s still a good (and fun) thing to try out. It is exciting to see your money grow.

You don’t need millions to start investing either. You can use a micro-investing app like Acorns to begin investing your spare change. With Acorns, the app rounds up your purchases and puts your spare change to work.

For example, spend $42.63 and Acorns will round up to $43 and invest the $0.37. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a pain-free way to begin investing.

The power of savings isn’t in the amount, but rather how early you invest and how often you continue to add to your investments. When you start early and do it often, you are letting the power of compound interest work its’ magic.

  • Take The Fast Lane

Thinking you are ever going to get rich by working for someone else isn’t the right approach. To become wealthy you need to be the one at the top of the food chain.

The slow lane is 40 years working at a 9 to 5. The fast lane is starting a business, no matter how small. The power in running your own business is that you can automate and outsource most tasks, which makes this income passive.

Look at anyone who is rich and you will always see they took the fast lane to wealth – not the slow lane!

  • Have A To-Do List

Another rich person habit is to have a to-do list. The wealthy value time, knowing that time is money. They take advantage of their time wisely by always having something to do.

The poor, on the other hand, seem to always complain that they never have any time. Then, find themselves bored half the time.

  • Wake up early

Millionaires wake up early. That’s because people are most productive early in the morning. It’s quieter, the sun is coming up, birds are chirping. What a wonderful start to your day!

The wealthy wake up early and take advantage of their time, the poor set an alarm to wake up, then rush to barely get to work on time.

  • Eat healthy

Rich people care about their health more than the poor do. The rich count calories, go to the doctor, exercise regularly and eat healthy.

The poor? They eat fast food and sit at home watching tv on the couch.

  • Create Goals (And Follow Through)

The rich and wealthy are goal-setters who are constantly pushing themselves to be a better version of themselves.

One key money habit of the rich is to set specific goals – not general ones like “lose weight”. Nope, the rich set goals such as earn X dollars in Y days by doing Z.

  • Rich People Read Books

The rich read books. But not for entertainment, but to better themselves. Rich people are constant learners, always looking to learn more.

For the rich, learning didn’t end at graduation – but rather started there.

Focus on reading self improvement books. Even reading just 10 minutes per day really adds up to quite a few number of books per year.

  • Wealthy People Take Risks

The rich take calculated risks to achieve their dreams of becoming wealthy. The poor, on the other hand, are too scared to try something new.

But you will never achieve anything by standing on the sidelines and watching. Get in the game!

  • ?The Rich Are Producers, Not Consumers

The rich abandon consumerism. You know, that silly stuff they sell on TV and those childish games of trying to impress people.

The rich are producers who create things that the poor will consume.

So, want to be rich? Stop consuming and start producing.

  • They surround themselves with successful people

You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with. Are they losers? I bet you are too.

If you want to be a winner, get rid of the losers and hang around people who will help you “level up” in life.

5 unmistakable qualities of entrepreneurs

These 5 particular traits are possessed by every successful entrepreneur.

  • Self-discipline

Investors like Warren Buffett are disciplined. Every successful entrepreneur needs to have self-discipline. This is actually the most important trait needed to succeed in business and life in general. When you are self-disciplined and are able to do what needs to be done, whether you want to or not, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Self-discipline encompasses self-responsibility, self-direction, self-mastery and self-control.

The difference between a successful entrepreneur and someone who fails is that the successful person is able to make themselves do the jobs the failures didn’t want to do.

It’s not like successful people enjoy doing these things. They dislike them as much as the failures. They just make sure they do them because they understand they are the key to succeeding.

  • Direction

Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs had a clear direction for Apple. Every entrepreneur must have some direction. The market changes all the time and many business owners find themselves just managing day-to-day and just dealing with what comes.

These people get caught up in the short-term because they feel short-term profits and problems are what needs the most attention. They spend so long thinking about the future and making plans that they never get the chance to act on them and move towards the future.

  • Persistence

CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg have persistence. A successful entrepreneur is a persistent entrepreneur. Think of persistence as being one of the ultimate foundations of character. Character is built around and with persistence. It’s a quality that you need in order to succeed in life.

Go into everything you do knowing that you’ll never allow yourself to fail and give up, no matter what. Success is guaranteed when you are determined to keep moving forward despite any disappointment or adversity you run into.

The greatest asset an entrepreneur possesses could be their willingness to persist and keep going when others fail. Persistence is a sign of how much you believe in yourself and how much you really think you can succeed.

  • Integrity

Business owners like Bill Gates have integrity. The thing thing every successful entrepreneur must possess is integrity.

Being reputed as someone with absolute integrity is one of the most important qualities you can develop.

You should always be honest in everything you do and never allow your integrity to be compromised.

Successful businesses are built on a foundation of trust. When it comes to business your word is your bond and there is nothing more important than honor.

Whether you succeed as an entrepreneur ultimately comes down to how many people you have on your side. You need people who trust you, will work with you, lend you money and give you credit, purchase your services and products, and be there for you when things get difficult.

As you live your life you develop and foster your character, and who and what your character is depends on how much integrity you have developed and practiced.

  • Decisiveness

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are decisive. Every successful entrepreneur needs to be decisive and action-oriented. A good entrepreneur is one who is able to quickly make and act upon decisions.

They are disciplined to make decisions and stick to them. They always move quickly and get feedback about what they did. If a mistake is made they come up with a solution and do things differently next time.

If you want to succeed you need to try. A successful person is someone who is willing to try and do things that other people aren’t. If you give different ways to be successful a try then you will inevitably find your own personal path to success when you are ready for it.

5 best books for beginning investors

Navigating the world of investing can be a daunting challenge for just about anyone, particularly those who are beginner investors.

But learning about investing doesn't need to be a monumental challenge. Luckily, there is a wealth of literature out there for guiding beginning investors.

While they won't tell you what to buy and when to buy it, these books can serve as a guide to help you wade through the muddy waters of being a first-time investor.

You'll find that these books on finance and investing provide tremendous, nuanced insights while also being enjoyable reads.

While some of these books were published decades ago, they have withstood the test of time and the advice offered are still applicable today.

Here's the list of the 5 best investment books for beginners, in no particular order.

The Intelligent Investor

Graham is widely regarded as the father of value investing. Famous investors such as Warren Buffet have credited Graham for laying the foundation for them with his ideas about security analysis.

The Intelligent Investor teaches sound, established principles that every investor can use. According to Buffet himself, it is "by far the best book on investing ever written".

Think and Grow Rich

The book Think and Grow Rich was, rather ironically, written during the Great Depression. Hill conducted extensive research based on his associations with wealthy individuals.

The book stresses the importance of planning and persistence to increase one’s income, and it makes the argument that people can succeed in any type of career.

Essays of Warren Buffett

Buffett is widely considered the most successful modern investor. In this book, he outlines his views on a wide range of issues which are of importance to corporate America, investors and shareholders.

The book delves into the interaction between a company’s management and its shareholders. It also highlights the thought processes involved in enhancing a company’s enterprise value. It is an absolute must-read for investors.

How to Make Money in Stocks

O’Neil is the founder of Investor’s Business Daily, a financial research and media company, and the creator of the CAN SLIM system.

This book is of great interest to investors keen on stock picking and serves as an excellent blueprint. How to Make Money in Stocks is full of substance and is quite on point and trimmed, leaving out any ambiguities.

This book is recommendable if you are looking for an approachable book that you can apply to your day-to-day investing.

Learn to Earn

Lynch is well known in the world of investments: beginning his career in the 1980s, he served as the manager of the well-known Fidelity Magellan Fund. Learn to Earn targets a younger audience and focuses on explaining business basics.

Lynch takes a common-sense approach and insists that individual investors can perform just as well or even better than experts can if they adopt a strategic approach to investing.

This book is strongly recommended for younger readers and beginning investors.

4 priceless pointers from successful millionaires

Most everyone that’s successful got that way because they followed a few simple (yes, simple) rules.

  • Be something

You can’t just do something. You have to be something, too. How can you be someone when you’re not successful? Some say “fake it till you make it.”

What’s important is that you see yourself as successful, even when you don’t have a lot of money. Not everyone who is successful in life has money.

You probably already know someone who is living a great life, but who doesn’t own a movie studio or a large art gallery or has millions in the bank.

You’re probably already successful in some area of your life. Use that as your stepping stone – a platform to build further successes.

  • Borrow Money To Get Started

Many successful millionaires got their start by borrowing money. One of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet, started with a borrowed $10,000. So, if you’re strapped for cash, don’t let that stop you. Alternatively, you can try hitting up friends and family.

The important thing is to get started. Find a source of funds you can use and put together a minimum viable product or service. Market it, and you’re on your way.

  • Don’t Rush Financial Decisions

Wealthy people don’t rush financial decisions. This is partially because they don’t have to. But, it’s also because this is how they became successful. They didn’t make hasty decisions. It doesn’t mean that they always made decisions slowly.

It means they always acted on their best knowledge at the time, were honest about what they didn’t know, and never tried to rush into a business deal just to be part of a business deal. They went after winning trades or businesses because they knew (or had a good idea) that it would be profitable.

5 mental habits that make the rich richer

Never underestimate the power of the mind. A lot of successful people believe that your thoughts can influence the size of your bank account. Below are five mental strategies employed by rich people to make more money. You can try them and see if you can boost your income too.

  • 1. They Treat Money Like A Game

To rich people money is nothing more than a game. They’re always calculating how to spend and invest. A lot of successful people don’t like losing, so they strive at all times to do better, learn more, do more, and grow.

An average earner might become stagnant career and money wise. You can’t really expect much from a person who goes to work every day just to go through the motions needed to get a paycheck, never really trying to accomplish more.

  • 2. They Set Huge Goals

One thing rich people have in common is that they’re never afraid to aim high, no matter how unrealistic the goal may appear because they have the confidence to go after those goals.

Why are we so scared of setting huge goals? Is it that we don’t have confidence in ourselves? Or are we just satisfied with the little targets and expectations we know we can meet?

You should set big goals in every aspect of your life, regardless of how much they scare you. Learn to see these goals as a challenge. The probability of not meeting your goal will always exist, but what if we try and actually achieve it? 

You’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t try. By setting the bar high, you challenge yourself which helps you grow as a person.

For instance, if you set two separate financial goals for yourself this year, one to save up to $1,000, and the second to save $20,000, the two goals have a huge difference. Some might even say the second cannot be achieved. 

However, by setting the goal at $20,000, you will challenge yourself, and at the end of the day you might even surprise yourself. 

Even if you don’t hit the target, you can come close by hitting $15,000, and or even $10,000, which are all better than the low goal of saving just $1,000. Never be afraid to dream big and reach for the stars.

  • 3. They Banish Every Trace Of Fear

A lot of dreams have been cut short because of fear. Rich people have succeeded in banishing every trace of fear in order to be able to take on smart risks.

There’s no successful person that does not have a list of things they’ve failed at, but the beauty is that their list of accomplishments are usually longer.

When fear tries to creep up on you, just settle down and ask yourself this question, “What is the worst that can happen?” the worst thing that can happen is not always as bad as we fear.

  • 4. They Feel As If Deserve All The Riches

Rich people feel entitled to their riches. They feel worthy of their wealth. On the other hand, the poor don’t particularly feel worthy of riches. They don’t see themselves as important or of any value.

This has to be more than just a lofty idea. Take a look at your current position at work and ask yourself if you’re replaceable. If your answer is in the affirmative, then you should find a way to become invaluable.

If you’re invaluable to your company, then they’ll pay more to retain your services.

  • 5. They Make Money Their Friend

Wealthy people recognize the power of money and how effective it is at solving problems or making their lives better.

Low earners view money as their enemy. They work hard just to settle their bills, pay the bills to survive, and so the circle continues while they continue to live in misery.

Though money is not necessarily the source of all happiness, the smart ones know how to leverage it to make life easy for them.

These are not magic tricks. They’re just a means of reconstructing your brain to place better value on yourself and your work – by earning more and finding better ways to spend what you earn.

Wrapping it up

Finally, all successful people have cultivated a special sense of discipline. This is a huge reason that successful people are successful and unsuccessful people remain that way.

You need self-control and the “stick-to-it” attitude that won’t let you give up, even when the going gets rough – and it will.

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Make money delivering groceries
Making Money

How to Make Money Delivering Groceries in 2020

Do you ever find yourself walking around shopping at a grocery store wondering how hard it would be to do this every day?

Most of us do a weekly trip to the grocery store and it tends to mean coming away with a weeks’ worth of stuff. Others, though, decide to go up each day to buy what they need on a daily basis.

Now, while that might sound like hell for some people, if you could make a living from going grocery shopping would you choose to do so? Or would you hate that?

If you answered the former, then we have some very easy ways for you to make a living simply by picking up and then delivering groceries to people.

The hours are flexible, the pay can be very impressive – as much as $25/hour – and the opportunity to work for yourself and be your own boss is quite exciting.

Best of all? It’s a pretty enjoyable job if you can get in the right frame of mind for it. Not only will you make a decent living from it when done right, but it keeps you busy and physically active.

Is Grocery Shopping A Viable Money Making Method?

Yes, very much so. Many people make a decent living going out grocery shopping for others.

Indeed, you could start making as much as you want if you were willing to put in the work.

So, if you are someone who might think that grocery shopping is unlikely to make you a healthy living, think again. There is really no reason why you should try and avoid trying this out if you have the time.

The only thing that you need to make this possible is a good app to try it out.

Thankfully, many great apps exist for this exact purpose. Interested in trying it out? Then we recommend you look at these…


Instacart is a brilliant choice especially for those without any kind of normal transportation. If you want to do this kind of job but you don’t/can’t drive, this is probably the best app for you to work with.

You can choose from various different styles of shopping, and you can start making a living pretty quickly if you decide to go down the Instacart route.

Instacart offers two options: full service shopper and in-store shopper.

As you would expect, with full service you complete someone’s shopping list and deliver their items to their doorstep.

If you choose the in-store shopper route you need not make any deliveries. You just pack the items up and leave them ready for pickup.

For most people, it’s flexible style and the weekly pay makes it the best kind of shopping cart job. Add no gas costs, and it’s a no-brainer!

If you want to deliver groceries through Instacart here’s a video that explains the process of delivering your first Instacart order.


Another fine choice is that of Shipt. Shipt is a fine choice if you are looking for a shopping app that makes it easy for you to make a living without having to do much.

You set your own schedule and there’s jobs available in as many as 70 different cities. So long as you are over the age of 18 and invest in the tools they ask of you (a smartphone, a reliable vehicle and grocery knowledge at least) you can get involved.

Shipt has a lot of good retail programs, so you can easily get access to what you need, when you need it, and keep customers very happy.

Here’s some shopping tips from a real Shipt worker.


Postmates is another popular choice, and should make it easy for you to get a decent living without having to push too much. You can be delivering anything from food to office supplies and just about anything that you are asked to handle.

You could easily be pulling in $20+ per hour, and when you factor in tips etc. it can make sure you get a lot of positive opportunities from using Postmates.

You work the hours that you want, and you can make a decent living simply by following the recommendations offered on the best store(s) to buy from for that customer. It’s a taxing job, but one that should offer you excellent earning potential.

Amazon Fresh

When you work for Amazon Flex you can work delivering groceries for their Amazon Fresh service. After you sign up and pass a background check, you’ll be eligible to begin working.

Here’s how Amazon Flex works.

  • Open the Amazon Flex app and see if there’s a time slot available.
  • Arrive at the warehouse. Time to pick up your packages for your trip.
  • Scan and load your packages. You will also scan them again once delivered.
  • Start making deliveries! The app will give you directions and plan the routes for you.

Amazon claims you can make between $18-25 per hour with them.

This number entirely depends on how efficient you are with deliveries. However, keep in mind you aren’t paid for traveling to the Amazon warehouse and you are not reimbursed for car expenses like gas and maintenance fees.

To see the Amazon Flex app in action, look at this guided video.

Uber Eats

Many people love working with UberEats, as it gives you the chance to work in your local area and make a nice little living while doing so. You basically go and pick up food that people have ordered, bring it to them and make it easier for them to enjoy their meal.

It’s all very easy to use and it should ensure that you can make a nice little earner just from driving around delivering food.

With payment per delivery, you can make a good earning – around $10/hour on average – and would make a great night-time or side gig.

Door Dash

DoorDash is a very popular choice for most people, and it should give you the help that you need to make a decent living just dropping food off from local restaurants to people who want to eat indoors.

It’s a fun way to make a living, and should have you busy and on your feet for most of the hour. It will take good navigation and time management skills, but you should get a lot out of this if you are willing to use DoorDash.

The pay rate varies depending on many factors, from distance to order size, but it can be a lucrative way to make a decent living online.


Though not available everywhere, Caviar has become very popular with good reason. So long as you are over 18 and you can work any time from 8AM-11:30PM, you could make a living from this without much issue.

You show the hours that you want to work, and you can get around as a courier via bike or by car. It’s the perfect opportunity for a lot of people, especially those who are new to the industry and want to make life a little bit easier on themselves.


Saucey is a unique company that allows you to go and deliver alcohol within a 30-minute window. People wanna drink, so you gotta move fast and make sure that you can deliver on time!

If you are good at time management and don’t mind the morality of dropping off booze to people, Saucey should be among your ideal starting points.

It’s probably one of the best places that you can start with if you want to make a good living, as jobs are handled quickly. Just be careful how fast you drive, and you could easily clear $20/hour!

Uber Eats


Making the Most of the Opportunity

There’s a lot to enjoy about working in the grocery delivery industry. You choose your hours plus you can make a lot of money if you’re efficient.

Add in the fact that it keeps you busy, makes a good living, helps you meet people and ensures that you can get more product knowledge for things you want to buy yourself, and it’s a fun job.

Many people use this kind of service, lacking the time/patience to go and do the shopping themselves. Some people will be easier to deal with than others, while you will have some challenging customers.

No industry is perfect, though, and the job perks plus the earning potential should make working in this industry – or at least considering it – a no-brainer.

If you want to work in an industry with a high earning ceiling and the chance to really make life a bit easier when looking for work, consider becoming a personal grocery shopper.

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Make money selling online courses
Making Money

Make Money Selling Online Courses on Udemy

You may not know this, but you are an expert. Either because of a hobby, your career and/or your education, there is a subject which you have mastered.

Have you ever thought of taking your knowledge and sharing it with others?

With Udemy, you can teach just about ANYTHING to people if you are willing to put in the effort. Without doubt, Udemy is one of the best platforms around for connecting eager students with knowledgeable experts.

You aren’t in the classic ‘tweed jacket with patches’ professor mode, either. You can often do this from a spare room at home!

It’s the kind of lucrative opportunity that you need. How, though, can you find out how to make money on Udemy? What is the protocol needed for success?

Udemy is different than most of the other army of online teaching platforms that exist. Unlike with traditional classes and teaching plans, you can find that work is far less demanding and continuous.

With Udemy, you create courses and then people enroll in the course to pick up the learning material that you have produced.

If you do this, they can learn from wherever they wish without you having to be there to directly teach the lesson. How, though, can you earn real money with Udemy successfully?

Teach What You Love

The first thing that you need to understand is that you can do what you love through Udemy.

Most people stick to the classics. From teaching someone how to go from not knowing any chords to playing “Stairway to Heaven” through to showing someone how to design their own business logo, your course can cover whatever you like.

From lifestyle and health to personal coaching, fitness training or even helping someone learn a new language, the possibilities with this are endless.

You could even do niche stuff. Many people show people how to do everything from how to cut their own hair to how to do Geisha style make-up artistry!

The list is endless. You could learn how to play Fortnight; you could learn how to play poker…you could even pick up the hidden secret of how to ride a unicycle.

In order to be successful, you must do what you love. If you’re just looking to make a quick buck, it will show in the quality of your courses.

So teach what you love, do it enthusiastically and watch the positive reviews (and sales) come in.

Udemy Earning Potential

Of course, let’s not waste any more of your time and instead look at the stuff that matters. How much can you make with Udemy?

How much you earn on Udemy entirely depends on two things: the cost of your course and the quality of your course.

The trick to making good money with Udemy is multiple courses. Whatever your expertise is, have varying levels of courses available to complete. For example, you can have a 10 part lesson that varies in difficulty as you progress.

By having multiple related courses, you can get the same customer base to buy all of your courses.

One thing that you cannot say about Udemy is that it lacks potential or opportunity. There is more than enough room for everyone to really tap into their academic potential here.

Getting Started with Udemy

To get started, all you need to do is:

  • Go to and make an account – hit the big button saying “Become an Instructor”
  • Now, select the topic and theme of your course and start to create the details needed.
  • Promote the course, advertise it and start connecting with your students today.

You do, though, need to make sure that you carefully plan out the course. Think about it from the very start to the end. You need a decent learning curve, and you need to be able to create content (either yourself or by outsourcing it to other freelancers) and by using the tools they give you.

From discount programs to entice people to join through to 24/7 secure support and payment processing, Udemy makes it very easy for you to get out of the traps and to get started.

When it comes to promoting your new course, you have a few popular options:

  • Social media

Social media is your first choice, but it’s going to take a lot of either time self-marketing, or money paying a marketer to help you out. Make sure you have both a Pinterest and Facebook if nothing else!

  • Online forums

Online forums in the industry that you work within is very useful, too. Make sure that it fits with the topic and the context of the conversation, though; don’t just spam the link and expect everyone to appreciate it.

  • Guest posts

Guest blog posts in your niche work, too. You can create a post that talks about the problem that your course helps people fix, and why enrolling might help them come out the other side.

How to start a course on Udemy

Wrapping it up

It’s very challenging, and this is only the very start of the process. However, with a bit of endeavor and a passion for helping others, this could become a very lucrative opportunity for you. The potential is massive; if you are willing to work for it, Udemy can reward you.

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Make money as a Postmates delivery driver
Making Money

Make Money As A Postmates Delivery Driver

Are you looking for a way to make a living as a delivery driver? Or at the very least make some fast cash on the side?

If you would like to get out on the road, either by car or by bike, then Postmates is well worth looking into. In this article, we’ll break down why joining the Postmates team might be your best chance to earn a healthy living if you wish to get out and start delivering packages.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is an on-demand delivery program that allows you to work through the app and get out there to start making deliveries.

When you join up with Postmates, you can build a pretty steady career for yourself. With this site, you just need to sign up and make an account on the app, and you can start getting work in your city. You can go out delivering with a car, you can do it by bike or you can even go on foot – though you obviously won’t get much done on foot!

With around $25 an hour capable of being earned if you were to take Postmates extremely seriously, it could be a good earning opportunity for the budding driver looking for an easy way to help boost their earning potential.

What will you deliver?

While Postmates is primarily a food delivery service, you can get just about anything legal delivered through it.

Some people use it for dropping off flowers to their partner, others use it for getting an item that a friend needed earlier on in the day to them in good time.

Whatever the reason, you can find that you will deliver all manner of wacky items and objects. You could be delivering food, booze, clothing, dry cleaning or just about anything else you can think of.

Growing all the time, too, we’re sure that Postmates will expand into other forms of delivery in the near future, as well.

It’s very big in places like Texas, Washington, Ohio, Oklahoma and California. It’s also growing all the time in places like Florida, and offers a very fun and easy way to make a living.

How does Postmates work?

It’s all very easily, thankfully. While other delivery apps can feel like a headache, with Postmates you just need to:

1. Wait for an item to be placed in an order via the Postmates app.

2. Sign in and get all the information about the pickup and drop-off point, times etc.

3. You then buy the item with a debit card provided to you by Postmates, and deliver the item.

4. You get paid for the item by the person, and get your fee on top for the convenience.

Essentially, customers will make a recommendation and ask you to go and pick up X, Y or Z for them. They will have it delivered to them after you pay for it with the company debit card, and then you go back to the address requested and drop it off to the person.

You follow the instructions provided each time, which should make it easy to make the right call on whether or not the job is for you.

You are under no obligation to accept any job, either. You will be able to pick and choose the jobs that you can do, which makes it nice and easy to stay in control of your opportunities.

Getting started with Postmates

To start up with a Postmates account, all that you need to do is start the online application process. It should not take you too long, and you should be able to fill in the application without any issue so long as you can provide the following details to them:

The city that you are based in, and the city that you would like to serve.

1. Your name, age, address and phone number.

2. The kind of mobile device used to help contact and utilize the Postmates interface.

3. Full proof of a driver’ license if you will be using a car.

4. Full details of the kind of vehicle that you will be using, if any.

You give them these details, and then you will need to go through a Fleet Agreement. Read this over and make sure that you agree to the background check, too, and you should be well on your way to being accepted.

Once you do get accepted, you will be given permission to download the app and start using the pre-paid debit card provided to you. This allows you to buy items on behalf of the customer, and then drop it off.

Wrapping it up

It’s all very easy, and the opportunities that it provides you with are lucrative and engaging. Done right, you can find that this helps to utterly transform your earning potential.

If other delivery apps have never appealed to you, then going for Postmates would make perfect sense. It’s a growing app with huge potential, and should give you a very easy way to make a consistent, comfortable living.

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Best online tutoring jobs
Making Money

Online Tutoring Jobs to Make Money From Home

When it comes to making a living online, many of us look to quite abstract concepts. However, have you ever thought about leveraging your expertise to start making a living online?

Knowing how to make money tutoring online sounds complex, but it’s really not. If you are serious about becoming a professional online tutor, then you can use just about any topic that you wish.

From Art and History to a Foreign Language, you can tutor someone on just about anything through the medium of the web.

All you need is a place to operate from, and a form of online video call software as well as a headset/microphone and webcam. This is all pretty affordable, and so long as you know your stuff you can make a lot of money tutoring online.

Add in the fact that you are your own boss, work the hours that suit you and set your own rates, and this can be very lucrative indeed.

Naturally, you need to actually know your stuff. Tutoring someone without knowing the topic would be pretty harsh, to say the least!

So long as you are a genuine topic expert, not necessarily holding a degree, you can easily make money tutoring online. How do you get started, though?

Getting Started with Online Tutoring

The first thing that any online tutor should do, then, is to consider where they will work.

You could advertise using the web or you could turn to like classified ads and other similar stuff, and do it that way. 

We recommend that you take a look at the following major online eCommerce sites, though. They offer amazing platforms for freelancers just like yourself to start tutoring people and making a living doing it.

The best starting places include:

Best online tutoring jobs to make money

  • eLance

While eLance might not be the perfect place for a tutor, it’s very good to have a profile set up regardless. You can search out potential jobs after filling out your profile, and tender for the contract.

Everything is handled through eLance, from status reports to submitting work and getting paid. It’s very easy to use, and the feedback option means building a reputation is easy.

  • Tutor

While you need to apply to Tutor, it’s one of the best sites for tutors.

The standards are quite high, though, so we probably recommend that you get some freelance experience and find some comfort in the art of tuition before you start up with Tutor.

When you are ready, though, you’ll get a huge amount of use from the site.

  • TutorVista

Another popular choice with online tuition is that of TutorVista. This captures a lot of positive attention, and is one of the best places to start off with.

You need to show them a resume and cover letter, but it should be easier to get accepted than it is for Tutor.

It’s a very high-earning site, though, so getting in could be a lucrative bonus for your tuition career long-term.

  • Fiverr

The other main site that we recommend you look into is Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to do a service for anything, starting at just $5.

Obviously you need to set up a decent price to make sure you can make a good living, so it's best to charge more than $5.

It’s a brilliant starting place, though, and should make it very easy for you to find success.

  • Craigslist

Lastly, we recommend that you look at Craigslist. It’s not one we 100% recommend, but it’s good to have an ad going until you find work through the above.

Working as a Tutor Offline

Of course, you can still learn how to make money tutoring offline as well as online. The concept is much the same, but it can be a bit tougher to get started.

It can, though, be done if you try and adapt to the following:

  • Pick your specialty

It goes without saying that you need to choose a subject you are passionate and immensely knowledgeable about.

You don’t need to have a degree, but it’s hard to get offline tuition jobs without one; don’t be offended if people don’t want to hire you without one.

  • Choose a starting point

Will you work from home or head over to see the client? There is no right or wrong answer, but you need to choose.

Other popular places are local meeting points like cafes and libraries.

Group tutoring is useful, too, but it’s usually something you can decide on a client-by-client basis.

  • Arrange your fees

Every good tutor provides a clear and upfront pricing place. You might have a lot of competition and thus need to be more generous to get work at the start.

You might be one of the few experts in your field, and thus you can charge more locally.

It’s always important to make sure that you never undersell yourself, nor charge people an extortionate rate. Charge too much and they expect you to turn them into an expert; charge too little, and they’ll wonder why.

  • Develop a cancellation policy

You need to make it easy for tuition to end if both parties are unhappy.

Make sure you have a cancellation policy for both individual lessons and full tuition programs. It’s reasonable to charge for last-minute cancellations, or stopping tuition for students who are always late. It’s entirely your choice.

  • Get yourself noticed

Now that you have the foundations in place, advertise your business.

Local advertising is you best place, with online classified ads sites like Craigslist being useful here. You can place ads in local libraries, campuses and notice-boards in the community; the kind of places that students might look to find help.

Make sure you invest in getting a nice professional ad made up, and perhaps include some experience and references which can be looked at and viewed to help convince someone to hire you.

Wrapping it up

Lastly, make sure that once you earn beyond a certain threshold that you need to file taxes and go self-employed.

Do that, and you can easily start making a good sum of money from your tuition.

While it’s dependent on your tuition quality, your subject and the number of students you have, you can easily make this a long-term employment opportunity, or at least help pay off some of those bills of yours.

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How to become an Uber driver
Making Money

How To Become An Uber Driver [Guide]

In this in-depth article, we will talk about Uber as a company and how to become an Uber driver. Driving for Uber is a great income earning idea.

Uber is in over 600 cities, has provided 6 billion total rides and users take 15 million rides every day. That means there is huge potential for you to cash in and earn yourself some extra some money.

The service uses a smartphone app you can download for Android or iPhone, where clients can ask for a ride and pay for it using their credit cards.

One of the main benefits of using Uber from a customer point of view is the simplicity. Riders just enter their destination and wait for their driver to arrive. No need to use cash, as the driving cost will be billed directly to the client’s credit card. It really is that simple.

Uber’s growth has been phenomenal and has disrupted an entire industry. Uber has raised tons of money to help grow their business, this has helped contribute to the amazing rate of growth that has helped the company explode around the world. Uber is valued at over 70 billion dollars, all without owning a single vehicle.

Since Uber has no vehicles, it’s not responsible for buying cars, servicing them, auto insurance and damages. Not only that, but since they don’t directly employ drivers, they’re not responsible for sick pay, health insurance or retirement accounts.

This savings in expenses is passed onto the consumer and is how they are able to offer rides cheaper than a traditional taxi service.

But what about for drivers, is there a benefit? That’s what we hope to cover in this post.

Uber has become a good source of income for hundreds of drivers worldwide, so you may be asking yourself, how do I become a driver for Uber? Well, as you will see in this article, it’s actually not that hard to achieve.

So let’s run through becoming an Uber driver so you can sign up and get started asap.

Sign up as an Uber driver

How so sign up as an Uber driver

To register as a Uber driver, first, you will need to go to their website and start a drivers’ profile. There you will be asked for:

  • Your email
  • Full name
  • City of residence
  • What kind of vehicle do you drive

The process is quite fast so it will not take you more than a few minutes to complete this section. After creating your account, you will be asked to submit a couple of documents, those being :

  • Your driver license
  • Car registration form
  • Proof of insurance

You will also be asked to provide some further general information so the company can run a background check on you.

Background checks

Background checks are an extremely important part of Uber’s business model. They need to be as sure as possible that any drivers working for them will not be likely to cause a problem for any of their riders. They need make their riders feel as safe as possible at all times.

The background check is a standard procedure that takes a few days to be completed. To pass the background check, you will need to have a clean driving record, no DUI or drug-related offenses, no incidents of driving without insurance or license, no involvement in fatal accidents, no history of reckless driving and no criminal history.

After providing the information, and as long your application does not run into any problems with their background checks, you will be approved as an independent contractor. The company will then provide all the information necessary to be a successful driver.

You then basically need to have a smartphone to use their app and your car – that’s it!

Setting up your car for Uber

Setting up your car

You need to make sure that your car is set up as best as you possibly can so you and your riders feel safe and comfortable when you are driving.

You now need to treat your vehicle like your office, take good car of it, keep it organized, clean and presentable to make a good impression on the customers.

Ensure that your phone is securely mounted to the dashboard so you can make full use of the app and use Bluetooth handsfree headset, no talking on the phone while driving!

So now we know how best to set up your car, you will need to get used to using the app on your phone, you will be using it a lot and it will become your work partner.

Using the Uber app

How to use the Uber app

When a customer uses the Uber app and selects their pickup spot and destination, you will receive a notification on your phone if the route falls under your established area of service.

If you choose to service the potential booking, a map will appear on your screen and guide you to the customer and then to their desired destination.

The in-app map will show you street by street directions to all your destinations. So as you can see, the app will be your best ally, treat it nicely.

Once the trip is completed, new nearby requests will appear on your screen and it’s up to you to continue driving or call it a day.

The client also has the ability to rate each driver, so reviews will be an important part of being an Uber driver, so keep in mind that great service can you help you towards becoming a successful driver.

The app works great for the customer as well. They can see your location, an approximate time for when you will be arriving, your vehicle information and a picture of you – their driver.

That really offers peace of mind for the individual making the booking, they know exactly who the driver is that they will be meeting, when and what car to look out for.

Tracking your earnings

The Uber driver’s app will be your best tool for this work because it will not only show you your bookings but it will also help you track your earnings.

After every trip, you will see exactly how much you have earned during the course of the day, as well as summaries and graphs of your earnings.

One of the best benefits of working with Uber is that you don’t need any cash, because all payments are made through the app. As mentioned before, the app will show you your exact rates after every trip but there’s even more.

The app will show you the most profitable spots near you, so you’ll always have the possibility to earn as much as possible for each trip.

Planning can really help maximize your day and with a bit of luck you could really earn some good money if the destinations and schedules of your routes fall into place.

High demand alerts

Uber high demand alerts

The app will also send you alerts and updates about local events and promotions in your city. This way you can make the most of busy periods in the area when you have the chance of being more in demand.

For example if there’s a concert or a festival you can really try to service the relevant area as much as possible. The potential demand for your use will be higher due to a higher density of people being in one area on the same occasion.

Payments through Uber

As payment goes, you can add a bank account to get your funds sent to you weekly.

However, if you want to be paid quicker, you can add a debit card. To truly get immediate payment you’ll need an Uber debit card. With this, you can cash out up to 5 times per day and get your money right away.

Uber work schedule

Your Uber work schedule

So now we know how to sign up and start the process to become a driver, but what about your working schedule?

There isn’t a work schedule per say, you can work as much as or as little as you want to. So you can drive all day or just a couple hours a day, it is your choice.

You might be looking to work full time with Uber or it could be just to earn some extra money outside of your current role employment e.g. weekends or evenings.

Of course, the more hours you put in the likelihood of earning an extra income will become more possible.

Driver security with Uber

Driver security

Now let’s talk about driver security. The company is committed to ensuring drivers and passengers safety, and their commitments start even before the trip.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as anonymous passengers at Uber. Each customer needs to create an account before using the service. The account is necessary for all passengers and they need to provide their phone number and payment information before they can request a ride.

What does it mean to you as a driver? You will always know who you are picking up and so will the company. Also, your payment is always assured as the charge for the ride is billed is directly to the riders credit card.

It’s really important to know that your personal information as driver, can’t be accessed by the clients, just the company, so your personal information stays private and is not shared publicly.

If for any reason you feel insecure with your passenger, you’re in your right of calling the police or contacting the company. They could sanction the passenger and even ban him from using the service again.

The same way works for a driver, bad reviews could make the company ban you of further working opportunity, so take that into account. Remember, great reviews equals better job opportunities in the future.

Talking a little more about safety, as a driver you’ll have access to 24/7 company support, so Uber can answer or try to help you with any complaints, doubts or problems you may encounter during your work shift.

Uber also have direct connections with local police and law enforcement, so they will be always able to help you, no matter what problem you may have, the company will always have your back.

Drive and passenger ratings

Driver and passenger ratings

As mentioned before, Uber relies on users feedback in order to maintain your reputation as a driver. This is really important as you want to be a successful driver in order to maximize your potential earnings.

The most important thing about being an Uber driver is the interaction with the passenger. As already mentioned, reviews by both parts are an essential part of your success as a driver.

Customer service is a must, so be as polite and dynamic with the passenger as possible, so you can increase your chances of a good review.

So, how you may treat a rider? First, have in mind that based on Uber rules, the client is always right. It is the same ideology as in any workplace.

This doesn’t mean that the rider can disrespect you, but you need to be as tolerant as possible. Take into account that there is a potential that a percentage of your clients could be alcohol induced, so be tolerant and patience could be required on a high level, will you need to have a good strong mindset in this type of situation.

Once you have enough reviews, clients will be able to see them, so the more reviews you have – and hopefully the reviews will be as high as possible – the higher the possibilities of getting new clients.

Also, you have the ability of rating your passenger after every trip to help assist the company keeping track of your safety. Customers with bad reviews could be banned from using the service again in the future.

Benefits of driving for Uber

Benefits of driving for Uber

Driving for Uber also has its benefits. Drivers qualify for access to exclusive discounts on phone plans, car maintenance and fuel cost through Uber’s partners.

They will also help you find health insurance, auto insurance as well as financial management.

As you can see, there are some benefits while working with the company and these will probably to grow as the company expands even further.

How much can you make with Uber

How much can you make with Uber?

According to Uber, drivers net an average of twenty-five dollars an hour in the United States with an average of 1.3 rides per hour. In a 2014 study, Buzzfeed News followed eight drivers to see what their hourly wages were.

The drivers netted hourly wages of $15.22, $21.17, $27.54, $32.90, $36.88, $37.12, and $38.25. They worked between 5.78 and 42.65 hours per week. Overall, their combined hourly wage during this time was $31.61.

Now it seems like a lot of money to be earned easily, but you have to take into account fuel and car maintenance to calculate how much you will actually make each hour.

What taxes do you need to pay?

What about taxes on your earnings? Uber drivers do pay taxes. Drivers are technically not an employee of Uber and are considered independent contractors.

Every tax year, drivers are sent a 1099 form which says how much money Uber paid out to them during the previous year. You get a copy and the IRS also gets a copy.

A 1099 is different than a W2 form that you may be accustomed to. When you’re a regular employee you receive a W2 where taxes are already deducted from each check.

With a 1099 though, no taxes are paid up front. That might sound good as you start to get paid, but if you’re not saving your money for tax time, it could be a bad wake up call come April 15.

When you’re a regular employee, your employer pays for half of your social security taxes and you pay the other half. But as an independent contractor you are solely responsible for social security taxes (currently 12.4%).

Tax deductions for Uber drivers

Tax deductions available to Uber drivers

The good news? There are a lot of tax deductions available so you can lower your tax liability. For example, as an alternative of using actual expenses for fuel and maintenance, the IRS allows you to deduct 54.5 cents for every mile driven for business purposes.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just for the miles you drive your passengers. You can also deduct the number of miles it takes for you to pick up passengers as well.

Other common tax deductions Uber drives can take are:

  • Toll fees.
  • Car washes.
  • Parking fees.
  • AAA Roadside Assistance.
  • Smartphone costs.

Remember that the only deductions you can take are the ones that are directly related to your job with Uber.

Making money with Uber

Wrapping it up

Many drivers express that they love being in charge of their working life and the thrill of being their own boss and that driving for Uber has been quite a great experience but they also had experiences with rude passengers, bad weather and increasing fees.

Uber is part of a new generation of transportation options. We must face the reality that the world is changing day by day, and people’s needs are changing with it. Companies like Uber are transforming the classic taxi cab approach so you may have read a bit (or maybe a lot) of bad press about Uber and other similar companies.

Being a driver for Uber is not only a way to generate income and having the opportunity to work in your own terms but it’s also a way of contributing to the future of transportation.

Every day, new clients are joining up to the service as an alternative to using their cars and with them comes a job opportunity to hundreds if not thousands of people out there that are currently unemployed, giving them an income source.

Most importantly, with the passing of time, more companies like Uber are joining up the business of “collective transportation for a new generation”.

And thus, showing the world, that maybe we are observing the first steps of what could be the disappearance of traditional collective or public transportation, the decline of the traditional taxis and watching the rise of a new kind of business, one full of independent workers, available every day, all day.

We are definitely experiencing the evolution of transportation.

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How to earn a passive income online
Making Money

Passive Income Ideas to Make Money Right Away

Do you work for every dollar you earn? As long as you only get paid for the hours you work, you’ll always be trading time for money. Since your time is limited (and very precious), that means your income will always be limited as well.

The solution? Passive income. When you earn passive income, your money continues to grow even when you sleep or take a vacation.

I have personally used these tried-and-true methods to boost my income. Anyone can use them though it does take a little work to set them up and be successful.

What makes passive income so effective is that beyond the initial investment, these streams usually require very little maintenance to keep making money.

Let me show you a few ways to passively make money online.

Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in stocks and bonds can provide a long-term stream of passive income. What makes stock investing a great option is that you can start with an investment as small as $1 with some online sites.

Regardless of your investing experience, you need to make a personal investment plan.

Your investment plan should follow three key ideas:

Your own personal goals built and exactly how much you’ll need, not some arbitrary number like saving a million dollars.
The return you need to get there and your tolerance for risk in investments.
How long you have to invest and a mix of investments right for your age.
Investing is one of the few ways you can earn enough income to outpace inflation.

Invest in Peer to Peer Loans

A few years ago, the only way to borrow money with a reasonable interest rate was through a traditional bank loan. Thanks to peer to peer lending, you can be the bank and lend directly to borrowers on platforms like Lending Club and Prosper.

Peer investing is a stock market alternative that can be less volatile than stock but still earn higher returns than bonds and fixed income investments.

With Lending Club, the historical annual rate of return is between 6% and 8% which is a good middle of the road investment option to create a balanced portfolio. You can also take a greater risk by investing in high interest loans.

Build a real estate empire without being a landlord

Many people think the only way to invest in real estate is to physically become a landlord and have tenants occupy your rental property.

Being a landlord requires a lot of time and financial capital. When you don’t have both of these assets, consider investing in these two investment vehicles:

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Crowdfunded Real Estate Loans

Either option lets you invest directly in residential, commercial, or industrial developments without being the landlord.

Every investment brokerage lets you trade REIT assets that you can buy or sell on any trading day the market is open.

Crowdfunded real estate platforms like Fundrise or RealtyShares are designed for buy-and-hold investors that are willing to trade liquidity for a higher potential return without sacrificing risk.

Both of these real estate investment vehicles pay monthly dividends that can be reinvested to earn compound interest (more passive income) and are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, and fixed income.

Publish an ebook

It’s said that everybody has a book inside them. Even if you’ve never published anything before in your life, you can write an ebook that can become the next bestseller. Seriously.

Publishing a book takes a little more initial effort than trading stocks, but it’s an excellent way to earn recurring income and can make you a couple hundred dollars a month in book sales.

To earn the same amount of dividend income from stocks, you would need to invest thousands of dollars in the market.

With an ebook, it’s possible to publish a title almost for free if you can produce the cover image and proofread in-house. Do spend a few extra dollars and hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to produce your book cover and proofread. The return on investments can be phenomenal if your final product looks top-notch.

Also, be sure to ask your friends and colleagues to buy a copy of the book and leave a review once the product goes live. Positive reviews are precious if you want your book to be a perennial seller.

To expand your income streams, also consider offering your book in paperback form and recording an audio version with Amazon Audible.

Start a blog

Blogging can be another way to earn passive income; even from posts you wrote four or five years ago.

You most likely won’t earn immediate income from your blog until you build an audience and your articles begin ranking in search engine queries.

If you consistently publish quality content, it won’t take long to begin earning income through your advertising and affiliate partnerships.

You can even use your blog to promote your other online products and services as you build your personal brand.

Create an online course

Some topics don’t easily fit into a blog post or book because they need user interaction. Creating an online course is a great way to generate passive income.

After the initial work of creating the course, you can reap the rewards by having the same course being purchased over and over again.

Another reason to consider video is if you’re a talented speaker but struggle to put a complete sentence together in timely fashion.

Your blog can double as a platform to sell your personal online course. Or, you might also try an online learning platform like Udemy, Teachable, or Coursera with an established audience that constantly yearns to learn something new.

Video is becoming the content medium of choice for the entire Internet community because it can be easier to connect and interact with each other.

The written word will never go away but think of how many more times you watch a YouTube video or enroll in a video-based course instead of reading a blog post or buying a book.

Wrapping it up

There are many doors of opportunity to earn passive income online.

If your goal is only to earn a small side income or eventually replace your current day job income, these methods require less ongoing effort than a traditional side hustle that requires you to work continuously to make money.

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How to make money as a dog walker
Making Money

How to Make Money as a Dog Sitter or Dog Walker

For anyone who loves dogs, have you ever thought about how you could make your love of canines into a tangible living? If not, now is the time.

The present technological era gives us all the chance to work in industries which were once very much hard to get work from. With the web making it easy for most people with the desire and the passion to look for work to find something they can do, it’s little surprise that many apps exist now for freelance dog walkers to use.

With these apps, you can very easily tap into the freelance world and make sure that you can find gainful employment. Dog walking is a very fun job; one which allows you to:

  • See a lot of the local area and get out and about.
  • Spend time with the finest animal that we’ve ever found on this planet, the dog.
  • Engage with the local public and make it easy to enjoy an outgoing lifestyle.
  • Make a lot of money by walking dogs and making it easy for the dogs to stay happy.
  • Earn a comfortable living simply by picking up jobs when you can be bothered.
  • Work the hours that you want and built a strong client list for a long-term career.

This is not just something that you can do if you want some pocket money; it’s a legitimate and proven way to earn a living. So, what are the best apps for doing this with?

Top 5 apps to make money as a dog walker

The first option to consider is that of Rover. Rover is a tremendous little app; the kind that makes it very easy for you to pick up a lot of work simply by wanting to work as a canine walker.

It operates in many present parts of the United States, and comes with a full insurance package for all employees which is something most freelance apps avoid.

You can earn as much as $25 an hour using this, and probably more if you work at it, making it a good way to make a living. Not only should you find that Rover offers you a lot of opportunities to make a living, but it’s one of the most commonly used dog waking apps.

So popular, in fact, that you should have no problem finding work here!

The adorably named Wag! is the kind of dog walking experience that makes it very easy for you to have a fun and engaging time. 

You should feel immediately at home using this dog walking service, as it’s very easy to use.

Once you complete your dog training and you get a Wag! certification, then they will reward you with insurance to help make sure that you can work for them without any fears.

They presently offer around $15-17 an hour, though it could be a bit more or less depending on location, competition and reputation. Either way, though, you should definitely add Wag! to the list of the dog walking apps you will consider.

Care is one of the best dog walking apps around, and it should make it very easy indeed for you to start making more cohesive calls with regards to how you work as a dog walker.

Not only is it a very good app with a fine interface and a large user base, but it offers a good opportunity for those not finding work with some of the other apps.

While you might “only” make $11/hour, you can pick up a lot of work and get plenty of 5-8 hour days, meaning that you can make a lot of money doing this five days per week.

You will need to make up a profile and get spotted, but it will give you the chance to find employment without too much issue along the way. Either way, it offers a great way for you to get a rewarding job opportunity.

The self-explanatory DogWalker is one of the most popular apps of this style, and is a bit different to the rest.

For $1/week, you pay them this fee and can get advertised on their platform alongside dog walking and various other dog-based services that you might wish to make the most of.

This makes it nice and easy for you to get invested in being a dog walker with a site that makes it easy for you to make a living. They get plenty of hits, and should almost certainly be among the first sites that you check out.

Petsitter has the best part of 120,000 users on it, and it has become one of the most popular dog walking apps of its kind.

You should find it easy enough to get work with so many users, and you can find that you can get started here without the training and the cost of some of the other apps out there.

It’s a fun and rewarding app for you to use, and you should find that Petsitter offers probably the best chance for beginners due to the lax nature of sign-up and the massive user volume they have.

With each of these apps in mind, you should find it a bit easier to invest your time into picking up a role as a dog walker.

 It can be tough to get started, of course, but it’s by no means impossible. If you are willing to put in the work as a dog walker, and you want to try out each of the above apps, then you should.

Thanks to a combo of them all, you should get more than enough work to be a full-time dog walker who makes a pretty fantastic salary, vastly improving your performance – and earning potential – overall.

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Best investing apps for beginners
Making Money

15 Best Investing Apps for Beginners for 2020

Up until recently investing used to be a bit of a hassle, especially if you were just doing some small-time personal investing.

Even as companies started making it easier to trade using a web-based platform, it was still a headache to use because you had to know a lot about what you were doing, lest you waste a lot of time (and a lot of money!)

These days investing is a lot easier. Like really, A LOT easier than it used to be. Some of the best investing platforms today come in the form of smartphone apps. All it takes is a few taps and you can have a custom portfolio tailored perfectly to fit your financial needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has got more and more people looking for ways to make extra money and/or looking for a more efficient way to save and invest their money. This has caused a huge uptick in the use of investing apps.

We figured now would be a good time to put out a definitive guide about the ins and outs of them and just what exactly the best investing apps are.

  • Why should you use an app to invest?

For starters, because it’s easy and convenient. On top of that, a lot of apps are now offering free trades.

You don’t have to pay commission or fees to a broker. You just link your payment details and get started right away. 

The best investing apps make it easy for both new and experienced investors to find their place in today’s financial markets.

  • Are investing apps safe to use?

Absolutely! As long as you go with a trusted name by a company with a proven track record, you should be A-OK.

Because of the sensitive financial nature of investing using an app, there will be at least the same amount of security afforded with your online banking, but it will probably be much more beefed up.

  • What’s the catch? Why are they free?

Many of the apps that offer free trades will find some other way to make a generous profit.

Robinhood, for example, offers a $5 per month plan. They also lets you borrow money from them to invest (margin account) and you pay interest on the money you borrow from them.

 It’s very common for other apps to follow similar practices.

The best investing apps for beginners

We have personally tested each of the apps below. At the time of writing this, all of the information about these apps is correct and all apps have been deemed safe. The list below is in an unbiased, non-specific order.


Acorns is one of the more unique investing apps on the market, so we want to get our review of them out of the way first.

Their app ties in to your bank or debit card and, as you make purchases throughout the day, rounds up your charge to the nearest dollar and deposits the spare change into your Acorns account. 

They also have a feature where if you save yourself money throughout the day (ex: buying a medium coffee instead of a large) you can load that money into your Acorns account as well.

With this “found” and “spare” money loaded into your account, you are able to use it to start investing. You can link as many checking accounts, debit cards, and credit cards as you want.

Or, you can get your own Acorns checking account with a debit card and use their investing system that way. You can even get an IRA through them.

It’s free to sign up, there’s no minimum deposit amount required to get started. They do charge a monthly fee based on a percentage of your investments, it usually works out to be around $1-$3 per month. College students do not get charged the monthly fees.

M1 Finance

If you want to start investing but the idea of having to do research on which stocks to buy makes you nervous, then M1 Finance may be the app for you. They have a robo advisor that, based on your personal preferences and goals, will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

For those that want a more hands-on approach, M1 is still a great choice for you. They offer fee-free and commission-free trading for anyone looking to start investing.

They even offer investment portfolio templates which makes achieving your financial goals available without the headache.

Now, they only let you invest in Stocks and ETFs with their app. So if you’re looking to invest in something like a mutual fund then you may want to look elsewhere. 


Another wonderful option for both those who want a hands-off approach and beginners alike comes in the form of the Stash app.

Rather than buying individual stocks, Stash lets you choose from over 150+ themes or templates that let you invest in groups of companies to ensure a more balanced portfolio.

You may wish to invest in companies that take advantage of sustainable energy. You may wish to invest in companies that offer high short-term growth potential. Their portfolio themes will let you invest in just under 2,000 stocks and ETFs

Your stash account will cost either $1, $3, or $9 per month and you will need to configure some regular deposit schedule, even if it’s only $5 per week. You can even open up an IRA, or a custodial account for a minor.

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest (formerly SoFi Wealth) is a commission-free app that lets you handle your own investments manually or take an automated approach.

In addition to fee-free trades, you also won’t have to worry about fees to withdraw your money, or inactivity fees. This makes them stand out to us because even though some of the other best investing apps are fee free, they still charge to withdraw your money.

SoFi is only open to U.S residents to trade in U.S. currency and to help ensure users follow this practice, you can’t simply link a credit or debit card and get going.

You will need to directly link your bank account to get started. It’s a safe process and it’s not that much of a hassle when you consider that you’re truly getting a fee-free investing experience. 

Oh yeah, did we mention that you can also invest in cryptocurrency with this app?

Formerly known as Matador, is now offering commission-free trades in order to keep up with the rest of the bunch.

One of our favorite features about the app is their take on social media. As you connect to the app, you can mingle with other like-minded investors while you decide which of their 5,000+ securities to invest in.

And, like some of the other apps on our list, they also offer portfolio themes or templates. So if you decide you want to invest only in women-owned companies, they’ve got a theme for that.

Want to invest in companies that are environmentally friendly? They’ve got a theme for that too!

Experienced investors may not consider their first choice, but the lack of international stocks or cryptocurrency trading probably won’t matter much to most investors out there, especially those that are new to the scene.

Personal Capital

You will get much more than just an app used to invest when you download and set up Personal Capital. Their platform acts as your own financial planner, accountant, and investment advisor all in one tightly wrapped package.

Personal Capital will link to all of your financial accounts -- checking and savings accounts, credit cards, etc… -- and helps you to better organize, track, budget, and invest. They have pretty helpful notifications for things like overspending and upcoming bills.

The investing side of them is fairly automated. Their network of expert investors have put together various portfolios of pre-selected stocks so you can safely invest your money without obsessing over whether or not you’ve picked the right companies to invest in.

The only catch is that you need $100,000 or more to use their service. You don’t need to actually deposit that much into your investment account with them, that’s just how much you need in the accounts that you link to their asset management app to get started.


So, the point of our guide here is to teach you about the best investing apps, not just the best stock-trading apps. Fundrise is one of our favorite alternative investing apps.

For those that are looking to get started investing in real estate but don’t have the startup funds or credit history needed to go out and buy property, Fundrise will be a good choice for you.

Open to anyone with as little as $500 bucks to get started, Fundrise is open to the general public (as opposed to other real estate investing programs that are private).

Users’ money is pooled together to form a crowdfunded real-estate investment platform. Since its inception, many users have reported annual growth of anywhere from 8%-12% or more.

This is a great choice for those that are looking to diversify their portfolio with something that’s not available on the stock market.

It’s also a great choice for those that don’t need the liquidity available from traditional stock-market investing as you can expect your funds to be tied up for at least five years.

They do have an early-exit fee should something come up and you need quick access to your original investment capital.


For those of you reading this that are accredited investors and are looking for something like Fundrise, but with a little more of a punch, EquityMultiple is probably right up your alley.

It follows the same idea as other crowdfunded real-estate investment platforms, but their high minimums and selective client base gives them the ability to potentially offer much higher returns.

If you’ve got at least $5,000 (although a minimum of $10,000 is recommended) ready to invest and you want to stake your piece of the commercial real estate market, then their doors are wide open to you.

Social media is abuzz with reports of users earning at least 10%-12% throughout the entirety of their investment terms with EquityMultiple.

Atom Finance

While you can’t use Atom Finance directly to purchase stocks or invest, we wanted to include them in our list because of just how helpful they are.

Similar to how asset management apps link up to your spending accounts to track your incomes and expenditures, Atom Finance will link up with all of your investment and brokerage accounts to solidify everything in one easy-to-use application.

In addition to consolidating your investment accounts into one place, Atom Finance also has some state-of-the-art investing tools and research models available that many brokerage firms pay millions of dollars to have access to.

You can download their app and have this same access for free. They're a great choice for beginners and novice investors that are looking to take things to the next level. 


Even though your 401K and IRA accounts are solely for retirement, they are still considered investments.

The Bloom app is great for those that are worried that they’re not properly managing their 401K or IRA retirement accounts, but also don’t want to pay exorbitant fees to financial firms to manage their accounts for them.

Bloom acts as a robo advisor to your retirement accounts, and a pretty good one at that. You can enjoy the same level of management as you would with a face-to-face advisor, all for a much lower cost. 

A $100,000 IRA or 401K would cost about $10 per month to manage. That’s a management fee of 0.12%.

If you’ve searched around for help managing your retirement accounts, then you know just how good of a deal it is to have fees that low from a service that has a proven track record of success.


This is probably one of the most popular investing apps on the market. In fact, over the years Robinhood has single-handedly changed the way the brokerage firms and investment services operate.

When they first hit the scene, they were the only service offering truly commission-free trades.

This not only helped them to stand out from the crowd, but it made other investing services fall in line and also offer fee-free trading.

These days Robinhood is not as unique as it once was, but it is still an amazing service and is especially forgiving to beginners looking to get started.

They also offer their own version of a checking/savings account hybrid (with a debit card) for anyone that wants to start investing and isn’t happy with their current bank account provider.

Robinhood is an industry pioneer and will always hold a special place in the hearts of early app-based investors.


Another option for those looking to diversify their investments outside of the stock market is to go with a peer-to-peer lending service like LendingClub.

Whenever someone needs a personal loan but is having trouble getting one from a bank, they can turn to a service like LendingClub.

Where does this money come from? Investors like you and I. By loaning out money on LendingClub you are able to profit from the interest rates from borrowers’ repayments.

Because these borrowers may not have the best credit, the interest rates are higher than a traditional personal loan.

These higher interest rates can make a great investment for those looking to try something different. Because these are at-risk borrowers, there is always a chance they may default on the loan.

However, there is no such thing as a high-reward zero-risk investment. 


This app allows users to save and invest their money in smaller increments, and makes it extremely simple to get started on your financial goals.

Users link their debit cards within the app, and Vimvest will automatically round up your purchases to the next dollar, and automatically transfer the remaining amount into your account for you.

Vimvest is a micro investing app that is perfect for investing extra cash into stocks, making the process of investing simple and quick. If you are only looking to save money, this app is great and displays your savings through a goal-based marketplace, so you can save for anything you need.

For those who are looking into starting investing, Vimvest is also perfect for this, allowing users to seamlessly invest in longer-term goals like retirement or your child’s education.

There is also an option to donate those extra cents to your favorite charities as well!

With Vimvest there are no management fees if your account is under $100K, and only rise to 0.25% when you bypass that amount.

There is also no minimum account balance required, making it a great option for those looking to start the process of saving, investing, or donating. 


One of the best apps on our list for gifting stocks is Stockpile. Their basic trading fese are only $0.99, making it one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, in the brokerage industry (aside from the fee-free trading options out there).

It's a great way to get younger people interested in investing in stock, with the ability to purchase fractional shares of stocks through gift cards. You simply purchase a Stockpile gift card that can be used to buy either stocks or exchanged traded funds, or both!

Stockpile strategy is very similar to purchasing a savings bond, except with this app you have the ability to purchase stock in specific companies that you are interested in.

To set out and purchase a single stock today is very difficult, which is where users love the simplicity and ease of using Stockpile.

Accounts can be opened for anyone over the age of 18 that is a US citizen, and it will only cost you $2.99 for your first stock, and from then on $0.99 for each additional stock.

If you are not looking to purchase an entire share of a stock, then Stockpile’s system of purchasing a fractional share may be the route you have been waiting for.


Investr is great for those that aren’t quite sure how to go about getting started, or for those who aren’t quite ready to start investing with real, tangible currency.

For investing with real-world money, you can get started for as little as $1. How can you get started with such a small amount even though many stocks out there cost much more?

Well, Investr utilizes fractional investing which lets you buy pieces of stock, rather than the whole entire share.

For users looking to test the waters, you can get a fantasy investing account that gives you $1 Million in fake capital to play with and test out on various investing strategies before you dive in and use your real money.

Pros and Cons Of Investing Apps

When it comes to the world of investing, there are always risks, limitations, and restrictions. Despite all of this, investing properly is one of the best things you can do for yourself in order to secure a better future financially.

Investing apps are great because many of them offer fee-free trading. Rather than going with a brokerage that charges you every single time you buy and sell a stock, you can do it for free.

Investing apps also usually have low minimums, sometimes as low as $1. And finally, they’re usually super easy to use.

Downsides to investing apps can include the fact that you don’t have access to invest in as many assets as going with a brokerage and the fact that the apps aren’t exactly great for large-scale 6+ figure growth.

Finally, some investments require a lot of capital to truly realize their potential. Investing apps make it easy to “invest too little.”

Having said all of that, our final verdict on investing apps is that everyone should be using at least one of them.

Whether you do it for fun with some spare change, or you use one to manage your own retirement account and plan for the future. 

There’s an investment app out there for everyone, regardless of your short-term and long-term goals.

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How to improve your credit score fast

12 Credit Score Hacks to Boost Your Credit Score Fast

Top Five Ways Bad Credit Scores Harm People

If you need reminding regarding the importance of keeping your credit scores high, this article is a quick reminder of the harms that low credit score can inflict in your personal financial life. Here are the top five ways that a bad credit score can harm you.

1. You Might Not Be Able To Rent The Apartment You Want

It’s a common practice for landlords to ask for credit scores for people applying to rent. This makes a lot of sense, because if you’re the landlord, you don’t want to be in the position where your tenant skips out on you, and you have no recourse except for, of course, the deposit. The landlord needs to weed out bad tenants and he does this by checking their credit scores.

You can eliminate a lot of the drama by doing a credit score or a credit history check on the person. Because like it or not, credit scores reflect your overall credit risk – the better your score, the higher the chance that you’re going to pay your bills and that you would be a good person to rent to.

2. Your Credit Cards Will Have A High-Interest Rate

If you have a low credit score, chances are, you might not get a credit card with a low-interest rate. You would still get a credit card; that’s not a problem. In fact, people who’ve declared bankruptcy still get credit cards in America.

The problem is, getting the right kind of cards. These cards, of course, are the ones with low-interest rate and you, probably, will not get those offers if you’re a bad credit risk.

How do banks find out if you’re a bad credit risk? Your credit score. The same goes for getting a limit increase on your credit card. If you have a low credit score, your credit card limit would be quite low.

3. It May Hurt You When Applying For A Job

There are certain very sensitive jobs that require background checks, and, oftentimes, these background checks also look into your financial records.

It would look really bad for certain jobs that involve money and credit security if your credit score is quite low. There have been many people that didn’t get jobs because of a low credit score.

4. You Might Not Be Able To Get A Mortgage

When the time comes for you to buy a home, and you need to take out a loan, you will need to get a credit assessment and your credit scores will come up again. And guess what, it is the same story as the others above.

Worthiness is determined primarily by your credit score, and if your credit score is low you would have a tough time getting a good mortgage. You can still get a mortgage but the interest rate would be quite high and the terms will be a little bit more oppressive.

A good mortgage with low rates and relatively easy terms would only be attainable with a good credit rating.

5. The Damage To Your Reputation

While it’s not as prevalent as before, having a low credit score and being known as a bad credit risk can lower your status and your standing with your friends and family. While your friends and family might be more accepting other people might not be. So friends of friends might be a little bit more judgmental when it comes to this kind of thing. They might think twice when it comes to lending you money.

Keep the harms above in mind so you can focus on keeping your credit score high or working to improve your credit score. There is a reason why people place so much emphasis on credit score. It’s time for you to understand this so you can improve your personal financial life.

How to improve your credit score

Wondering the best way to improve your credit score? Raising your credit score could have beneficial impacts – like better rates on future credit or investing in a house.

A person’s credit score is influenced by debts as well as payment behaviors. However, improving credit scores within several months ought to be achievable for those who are determined to accomplish that. The main factor that could cause it to be difficult within a short time span would be recently filing for bankruptcy or perhaps damaging your credit score in a different way.

Check Your Credit Report For Errors

Evaluate your credit reports to make sure that the data is correct on all 3 credit bureaus. Make certain that credit cards, loans, bills, and mortgages are your own, as well as the balances, are right. Get in touch with the appropriate credit bureau should you notice an item that is concerning that you should dispute. Fixing disputes can certainly raise credit scores rather quickly. Essentially, it is advisable to check your credit report yearly.

Pay All Your Bills On Time Every Time

Steer clear of paying your bills late since this will certainly reflect badly on your credit score. Think about setting your payments automatically. Making your payments on time will improve your credit score, in the same way not paying them by the due date will lower your score significantly.

Decrease Your Overall Debt

Decrease debt by paying down your major credit card balances; ensure you pay over the minimum for this to have any impact. After that pay off smaller balances, if you can. Do not close a paid-off or unused credit card because this will certainly lower your credit score; except if you will still be incurring fees whether or not they are used. You could make a small purchase on an unused credit card, so the issuer continues to report the activity. Pay off the balance quickly, maintain low credit card balances and by no means max them out.

When It Comes To Erasing Major Credit Blunders

When removing major credit issues – like a foreclosure or even collection agencies account – may take years, however, following a combination of these steps may improve your credit score by 100 points or more.

”Past due” Payoffs

Accounts that are 90 days late will have a bigger negative impact on your score than those that are 60 or 30 days late.

Liens, Collection Accounts, and Charge-Offs

Paying charge-offs or liens which are more mature than 2 yrs. will not improve your credit score. Initially, pay debts that are under 2 yrs. old then the other ones once you have the money to get it done.

Be aware that repaying collections accounts may, initially, trigger your credit score to fall. That is due to recent payments count as current activity on the account.

As soon as it’s paid off, ask the collector to delete the account from your credit file and a copy of proof.

Improve your credit score by improving your debt-to-credit ratio

Without having to pay extra on your debt, asking for a credit increase will improve your debt-to-credit ratio. Transfer credit card balances. Keep debt below 30 % of your credit limit on each credit card.

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Legit work from home jobs
Making Money

12 Best Legit Work From Home Jobs for 2020

Regardless of your schedule, there are many legit work from home jobs you can start doing to make some extra money.

As long as you are self-motivated and willing to put in the work, there are plenty work-at-home jobs to look into to start making more money working from home.

Watch out for work-at-home scams

Before I begin, just as a word of caution. The work from home industry is rife with scams and ripoffs, so here are a few things to keep in mind before you get started:

  • Don't pay to work.

You should NEVER have to pay to do work. Even if it’s a non-traditional job working at home.

Would you pay to go work at a call center? Would you pay to go be a waiter? No! And you should never pay to work from home.

  • If it sounds too good to be true...

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Can you make a decent income working online or working from home? Absolutely!

Can you get paid “$25-$50 per hour posting ads on Facebook” or “$100 per hour to watch ads and do surveys”? Nope.

With that being said, there are some legitimate work from home jobs that exist. What I've done is put together a list of the best no-fee work at home jobs for 2020.

Blogging jobs

The whole "starting a blog" thing gets a bad rap. But that's because the word "blog" gives the impression it's a personal journal of sorts.

But when I say blog, I mean a content marketing business. I mean a website that uses blog posts to both get traffic and to promote the business.

Here is how to start a blog and start earning money from home.

Start a blog

  • Choose a sub-topic to blog about from these 3 general categories: health, wealth or self improvement.
  • Get a free domain name and set up web hosting with Bluehost.
  • Start a blog with WordPress (comes with Bluehost).
  • Choose a blog theme. I recommend Divi, Thrive Theme Builder or Astra.
  • Start writing your first blog post. Use Grammarly to help create some amazing content.
  • Start an email list for free with ConvertKit to share your knowledge and build trust with your audience.

Get people to notice you and your brand

  • Install the free Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your content for Google.
  • Get free visibility creating pins for Pinterest (use Canva).
  • Use a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind to automate the process.
  • Put your brand on Instagram and build an audience of loyal fans with the help of Tailwind for Instagram.
  • Spend some money on Facebook ads to increase your reach.

Earn money with your online business

Online surveys

Requiring zero experience, answering online surveys is one of the easiest work from home jobs out there for a little extra cash.

There are many different companies and types of surveys available for you to take right now, ranging from opinion polls to answering questions about your own shopping habits.

Companies are looking for ways to better understand their potential customers so they can improve their sites to target their audience the best way they can, which is why there are so many online survey companies out there.

Here are my favorite survey companies for earning money at home. 

Some of these online survey companies pay out in gift cards while others offer cold hard cash. Well, PayPal but close enough.

Web designer

You don't need to have a degree in web design (if those even exist) to earn money as a web designer.

This work at home job is one of my favorites, because it has never been easier to design a website - even if you have zero experience.

The secret is using the Divi website builder. It's a drag and drop builder for WordPress that lets you design a website without seeing a single line of code.

  • Get a free domain and pay for hosting with Bluehost.
  • Use the Divi theme to design your homepage. You can use an existing template to be done in 5 minutes.
  • Design multiple other pages on your website to showcase your talent. You can use templates to start with.
  • Learn how to use Divi good enough to design the websites of others with confidence.
  • Once you become a paid member of Divi, you can install Divi on unlimited websites too - including your clients' sites.

Using Divi, you can design a website any way you want - it doesn't even have to be a blog.

This means you can design anybody's website, from a wedding photographers site all the way to the local pizza shop!

Coaching and consulting

Best of all, you don't even need a website. You just need to build a list of people interested in what you have to offer.

While this sounds insurmountable when you're brand new, it's not that difficult!

Here's how to make this happen.

  • Sign up with ConvertKit to start an email list for free.
  • Set up a landing page to collect leads.
  • Build your list using social media marketing.
  • Send a series of automated emails to your audience.
  • Market yourself and your services to this engaged audience.

You could have prospects reply to the emails to set up a Skype call and help them one-on-one.

This type of work at home business is ideal for life coaching, relationship experts, personal trainers and more.

Graphic designer

"But, but, I don't know how to do that!"

You're right, but all of us didn't know how to do anything, at some point.

How did we learn? By just doing it.

There isn't a magical formula. You just start out, you'll suck for a while, then as time goes on you just keep getting better.

You, yes you, can earn money as a graphic designer working at home.

Here's what you need to get started.

  • Sign up for Canva. It's free, but I recommend the Pro version if you want to make money.
  • Use their free templates to start designing logos, Pinterest pins, social media graphics, brochures, flyers and more.
  • Once you get the hang of it, market your services on Fiverr.
  • Start by pricing your work on the low end. Once you build enough 5 star reviews, gradually increase your prices.

App & website testing

Similarly to taking surveys, companies and developers are always looking for people to give feedback on websites and apps they are working on and creating. Responses can be about how things look, navigation, website flow, or anything you have an opinion about.

Generally, these kinds of jobs will not make you a full-time income, unless you of course become a professional tester, but they can provide additional income, for simply providing your opinions.

Some of the top companies in this field are UserTesting and TesterWork.

Micro jobs

People who are short on cash and can work in 1 to 2 hour increments, micro job sites may be something you should look into. They might not bring in the biggest paycheck, but they are great for easy income with immediate pay.

The largest micro jobbing platform is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or MTurk. Here you will be able to work as much or as little as you’d like processing data, locating images or videos online, and performing other small and menial tasks that can add up to be a nice extra chunk of money.

Sites like Swagbucks will pay you to simply perform tasks you would already be doing on the internet. More than taking surveys, these kinds of jobs can include watching videos, trying out offers, and even googling and searching online.

Along the same lines of micro jobs is TaskRabbit, which is for people who are willing to do chores for others.

This service based app, along with others, connects customers with willing people to assist or complete jobs like mounting a tv, cleaning, and assembling furniture. Jobs will typically pay $50 to $130 per task, and the app makes it easy to submit your invoices for payment.

To get started, simply head over to their website to submit an online application, and find an informational session near you to complete your registration.

From them on, simply wait for your app to notify you of jobs you can do around you. So while you’re not technically working from home, you can find work from your own home just like a freelancer would.

Childcare & Pet Sitting

  • Babysitting

Babysitting has historically been a great avenue for additional cash, and now that the market has turned online there still is. 

Websites like and are great places to connect with potential families that will need to utilize you as their form of childcare.

Most typical daycares and childcare centers are closed in the evenings and on weekends, so those might be optimal times to be available.

  • Pet sitting

For some families, their pets are their children and therefore need the same services as previously mentioned. Rover connects you to people who need dog walkers, sitters, and even boarding overnight and on weekends, allowing you to pick what works best for you.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you are looking to become a remote assistant, there are many different types of virtual assistant jobs currently available online.

Most companies will need help with administrative tasks like managing a calendar, emails, technical support, and data entry, without hiring a full-time employee up front. This creates perfect availability for those looking to pick up work during slow times.

Since virtual assistant jobs can range in specialty, most will offer training classes that will ensure you are well versed in the common skills needed for almost all virtual assistant jobs. These courses usually work at your own pace type classes, giving you flexibility on when you are learning and how long it will take.

After some initial training, specific jobs may require you to learn additional skills that will pertain to the listing you applied for.?

Once all of that has been accomplished, you can start searching on popular sites to find new job opportunities and new job leads.?

Make sure when applying, there is a place on your resume or profile that lists all your pertinent skills. This will make it easier for employers to locate qualified remote workers and contact you about potential jobs.

Upwork and FlexJobs are two starting points for finding virtual assistant jobs. You can even check somewhere like Indeed if you know how to properly weed through the trash.

Legit work from home jobs

So far everything we’ve mentioned has sort of been a “go at your own pace” or “seek out your own work” type of deal.

There are many companies out there that will hire you as an actual employee, pay you either a salary or wages as if you punched a time clock at the office, and send you a taxed paycheck or direct deposit, oftentimes with benefits.

Yes, an actual real-life job, except you get to stay home to do it..

Everybody knows Apple’s products, and most people have been to an Apple store and have seen their employees or have been to the genius bar.

But what happens whenever you need to call them for help? Are the employees at a call center?

Most of them, but not all of them. Some of them are work-from-home agents.

Oh, and guess who you’re talking to whenever you do the live chat option for help? Probably somebody who is earning a nice salary with benefits from the comfort of their own home.

Yes, the guys who make the big fancy copy machines. But did you know that those copiers make up only a fraction of their income?

Xerox is a HUGE international company that provides a myriad of business and corporate services to other companies all over the world.

They may have designed the computer systems that your local law firm is using. Or maybe they handle the behind-the-scenes invoicing system that your local CPAs use.

Xerox has both at-home call agents AND at-home positions that don’t even require any phone time doing tasks like image tagging and data entry..

Can you guess what these guys do based on their company name? Right, they offer.. well, support. More specifically, they offer support for any device, for any issue, at any time, on any day.

So if you’re someone who’s tech literate, or at least willing to learn, then working a tech support job from home with might just be right up your alley.

Working a virtual (at home) position with American Express is one of the most sought-after work-from-home jobs.

The pay is extremely competitive, they offer amazing benefits, and they even offer maternity leave.

Yes, maternity leave for mothers who were already getting paid from their own home. 

I’m sure you’ve guessed already, but the job itself revolves around helping customers with their credit card, card statements, or using the American Express website.

Although they’ve been in existence for over 40 years, decades before household computers were common, Convergy’s is now a leader in work-from-home employment.

Back in their early days, they had call centers in just about every state.

They bill themselves as a “customer management” and “data management” solution.

With thousands of corporate clients that they help with dozens of solutions, you might find yourself doing customer service for a cable tv provider or you might be taking orders for some new cooking gadget from an infomercial.

Make money with freelance writing jobs

There are millions upon millions of websites and blogs out there. Do you honestly think that every single website owner or blogger writes their own content?

What about the actual text on web pages? Email newsletter content? Product descriptions?

Freelance writing is a rapidly-growing industry that certainly has no shortage of jobs. In fact, it’s growing so rapidly that other freelance writers won’t even get mad at me for spilling the secrets here.

And, to make it even easier, there are so many content procurement, content provider, and “content mill” services out there, that anybody who is a halfway decent writer can log in, check out a list of jobs, and pick which ones they want.

Or, you can write content, upload it to the mill, and keep the profits when a website owner decides to buy it.?

You can literally write about whatever you want. How to take care of a new kitten. What kind of CBD oil to buy. The best wedding venues in Dubai. The range of topics is absurd. Here’s our favorite (legit!) places to write for:

Verblio - Formerly known as Blogmutt, Verblio caters to bloggers and websites that need engaging and informational articles.

You might write for, you might write for Showbiz Cheatsheet, or you might write for your local plumber who’s working on his new website.

As far as payouts go, you might get paid $10-$20 for a 350-600 word article, or you might work your way through the system to where you can make $200-$400 for one article.

Verblio is considered by many writers as the holy grail of content mills. They’re kind of picky with their writers but the payoff is well worth it for those who work hard to get their foot in the door.

For those who don’t consider themselves writers but want to give it a shot, Textbroker is very kind to beginners and newbies.

It’s a great company to get your feet wet with as you learn the ropes of earning a living (or making some extra cash) writing engaging articles and blog posts. 

Beware if you try and look up Textbroker reviews as more experienced writers love talking smack about them. But, again, they’re great for first-time writers.

This content mill stands out because they have a feature that lets you write about whatever you want, upload it to their directory, and let bloggers preview and purchase it. 

It’s great for writers who have some unused content lying around. They do have the typical pick-and-choose job postings as well.

For those writers who uploaded some work to Constant Content, you may want to consider putting some of your articles on Content Gather as well.

They have a much smaller client base so their turnaround time can be a bit slow. This is another great choice for budding writers trying to get their foot in the door.

One of the lesser-known content mills out in the writing world. They’ve got a nice selection of jobs to write for, they’ve got a great pool to upload your non purchased content to, and they pay on time.

I’m not sure where their buyers come from or who they sell their content to, but, I guess that’s irrelevant when you’re getting paid to write from home.

Work from home transcription services

Have you ever wondered where movies and tv shows (that aren’t live) get their closed captioning? Did you know that most legal proceedings are recorded but then need the audio transcribed (typed out)?

What about when a piece of controversial audio gets released and within hours journalists have got a complete and searchable transcription typed out, how do they make that happen?

All of these scenarios are just a tiny fraction of what kinds of audio you will be typing up by working for a transcription service.

None of the services listed below have a shortage of work. Some of their clients are corporate-level clients that send in thousands of audio clips a day, and some of their clients are just freelancers who send in a few files a month.

How it works

You take these audio files and simply type out what you hear being said and get paid per minute. You are given a set of guidelines to follow.

For example, you’ll be shown how to show that two different people are talking, or what to type if what they’re saying is gibberish, or in a foreign language.

Some of these places pay $1.25-$1.60+ per minute of audio transcribed.

How to get started

Upon signup to basically any of the services below, you will be given their transcription guidelines to review.

After reviewing the guidelines you take a quick test to make sure you actually read their guidelines.

Most of these companies use the same set of transcribing rules. Once you’ve passed the test you’re in.

These signup tests take less time than it would to go drive out to some local business and sit down for an interview with some hiring manager.

And without further adieu, we’re going to wrap up our list here today with our favorite well-vetter transcription services for those that want to work from home at their own pace:

Unlike other transcription services that pay per minute of audio transcribed, TranscribeMe pays $15-$22 per hour of audio that’s been transcribed.

They pay via PayPal and you can cash out your earnings whenever you want.

These guys are a little easy on their “hiring” requirements and are a bit forgiving to newbies.

The actual work itself isn’t that hard as their audio clips are usually of high quality. You will earn about $0.60 per minute of audio transcribed.

They pay weekly via PayPal and Payoneer.

At DT transcribers will earn about $0.75-$0.85 per minute of audio transcribed.

They’re not an especially unique company, but I want to mention them here because not everyone has PayPal and Daily Transcription pays weekly via check.

With over 100,000 clients including Google, Amazon, and Facebook, Rev is without a doubt the largest and best transcription company to work for.

You don’t need any experience to get started and they’ve got a very smooth hiring and testing process.

Beginners can expect to earn $0.30-$0.60 per minute of audio transcribed, while more advanced users can earn up to $1.10 per minute of audio transcribed.

The difference between the two pay rates exists because the quality of the audio files can get kind of funky as you get into the $x.xx range.

They pay weekly via PayPal.

Wrapping this up

Legitimate work-from-home jobs are no longer a non-existent dream.

With the technology provided to us in 2020, anybody in any country can find some legitimate way to make money working at home.

I hope this exhaustive guide here at least serves as a starting point for both those who need a side hustle or some extra cash, and those who need a legitimate full-time income while working from home.

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How to make money fast
Making Money

50 Brilliant Ways To Make Money Fast

Need some ideas to earn some extra money? Would 50 ideas to earn money help you to get started?

Finding extra ways to earn yourself some extra money can be taxing in itself, you can spend ages looking at different ways to earn yourself an extra revenue visiting lots of different websites, reading blog posts, reading forums and watching videos on YouTube. It can get boring, and if anything, it can you put you off actually starting any ideas that you are thinking about putting into action.

So, with all that in mind, I have put together a very quick list of 50 ways to earn money that you can spend a little bit of time reading, a little of bit of time researching and then a LOT of time actively putting some of these ideas into action if any of them spark an interest inside of you.


Earning money from ebooks is now possible for anyone who wishes to write a book and release it through the self-publishing platform that is Amazon KDP.

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, anybody can get their ebook published on Amazon.

There have been some huge success stories in the world of self-publishing recently, from earning $1000 per month to $40,000, some of the numbers being quoted have been massive!

Sell your ebooks abroad

On top of selling ebooks in your own country via Amazon (and in the relative supported countries e.g. Australia, Canada etc.) how about expanding your selling platform on an even larger scale?

Sign up with a publishing company in another country. The publishing company can do all the translations for you for free and you just split the royalties with them.


Have a flair for writing but not confident enough to write your own ebooks? There is a big demand now for ghostwriters and you can sign up to platforms such as, or to offer your services.

When selling your services, you can either agree on a per word deal or a flat fee per book, changing the fee depending on the size of the book.

A lot of authors on the Amazon platform hire ghostwriters to write their books while they focus on promotion instead.

Coach for writers

Have you sold a lot of books yourself? Perhaps in both digital and print? Then why not offer a service where you can help other budding authors write ebooks and sell them on the the Amazon KDP platform.

You can either charge a one-time fee for coaching them, a per session fee or set up a course that other people can enroll in for a set amount where you can teach them about all you know over a set amount of videos.

You can promote your coaching services on social media, on your own blog and on


If you are well versed in your language and love spotting grammatical errors, it could be a good idea for you to obtain qualifications in proofreading and then offer your services to indie authors who are looking to have their manuscripts proofread before uploading their finished work to Amazon KDP.

Proofreading can offer great rates of pay and if you can build up your client base you can earn yourself a fantastic regular extra income.

You can offer proofreading services on

Drive for Uber / Lyft

Looking to earn an extra income by becoming a rideshare driver?

You can now pursue this idea very easily by signing up with either Uber or Lyft. A big advantage point to becoming a rideshare driver as a side income on top of your normal working role of employment is that you get to choose the hours that you work, meaning the role is as flexible as you desire.

Of course, the more hours you drive the higher the income should be. But you can make even more by driving during peak hours or in locations that are high in demand.

Source products from China to sell on Amazon

Sourcing products from China to sell on Amazon can be a very lucrative business if you can crack it.

This business model can be a tough nut to crack but there are plenty of success stories starting to come to light where people are earning on average 5 figures per month!

It is a simple enough process, look through a few niches on Amazon and list some products that you would be interested in sourcing and selling, visit a website such as in China, find a manufacturer and then work out if you can purchase the product for a cheap enough price to enable you to make a profit. 

It is, more in depth than that due to the way the Amazon marketplace platform works and it does require a lot of hard work but the rewards can be huge.

Source products in China for others to sell

Have you managed to crack the Amazon code and been able to buy and sell products from China? If yes, and you can back this up with plenty of proof (without giving away your actual items that you are selling) why not start a service finding profitable items for other people to sell on Amazon and then charging a set fee for your services?

Finding the right products to sell along with sourcing the items in China can be a very daunting prospect for most people, and that stops them even pursuing the venture and they stop before they even make a start….this is where you can come in! Find a niche product, find a manufacturing company in China and then make it is as easy as possible for your client to have the potential to earn some money, all for a set fee.

Become an Amazon seller

Have you heard of Amazon arbitrage? Basically, it is a simple case of buy low, sell high and again involves Amazon.

With this idea, you can look for clearance and closeout items selling really cheap at local stores. I’m not talking about a 25% off sale. No, we need huge deals, like a 80% off going out of business sale.

Buy up these items that are discounted heavily locally and sell them to the entire world on Amazon.

Sell your expertise on Freelance sites

Do you have an expertise you can sell? Perhaps you are an ace at writing killer content or can build great landing pages for websites?

There are now so many opportunities available to sell your expertise and services via websites such as , , etc.

If you can build up your feedback and establish a great name for yourself on these marketplace platforms then you should be able to create regular extra income for yourself.

Cashback sites

OK, so this option means you have to spend a bit a of money BUT if you are already planning to spend money on certain items e.g. Christmas and Birthday items then I would advise you to use a cashback site.

Not sure what a cashback site is? Basically, you sign up at SwagBucks or MyPoints and search for the retailer that you were planning to shop with, if that company is listed, you then click on a link and shop as you normally would, only this time you get a percentage of your shopping costs back and receive a credit against your cashback account.

For example, if you shop a lot at Walmart, MyPoints gives you about 5% cashback on nearly all purchases. Even for those purchases that are not often, such as getting flowers from ProFlowers (about 10% cashback) or event tickets at StubHub (about 5% cashback).

You can then redeem your points for cash or gift cards.

Learn a new expertise and sell services around it

Ok, so this also applies to using freelancer sites but you can also place ads and listings on Craigslist as well to earn yourself an extra income. Why limit yourself to promoting your services online, right?

If you really believe that you do not have any skills to sell currently, and I am sure that you probably do, why not look to invest in yourself and learn a new skill via an online course or night school? You can learn a skill such as WordPress / Web Design in no time at all now and once you have covered the basics and developed some confidence you can then take that investment and starting placing adverts offering your services and charging fees for your time.

You can learn plenty of skills from places such as and

Have a successful experience? Become a coach!

Have you had a successful experience in a certain industry? Perhaps you have decades of experience in your field of expertise or perhaps you have started a business from scratch and then sold it for a hefty profit? If you have had any type of successful experience in your life you can become a coach!

I am not a fan of life coaches, most of them have never even run a business or anything to really cement their place as a coach to any degree, but if you can walk the walk and talk the talk you can then advise others on how to implement your successful tactics into their own lives by coaching them, and of course, you get to charge the person that you are coaching a set fee.

You can sign up to a service to offer your coaching skills on sites such as

Create a website to sell courses

This follows on from the coaching method suggestion but takes it to another level, again if you have had success in your life and can prove it with plenty of great advice, stats and figures how about starting your own full-time consultancy time business with your own website.

Through your own website, you can create courses where people can sign up to access this information via a private member’s only forum where you can present videos and information webinars to them.

You can charge any interested parties a monthly or annual fee for this information, just remember to provide not just good but excellent information with killer content and a professional looking service to keep people coming back month after month.

You can create your own course on your WordPress blog using Thrive Apprentice.

Have a big following on social media? – help others

Do you have a huge following on social media? Perhaps you are a Twitter ninja or huge on Instagram? Some people seem to have a real knack of making social media work for them and can easily attract new followers and easily interact with other people and not just shout and sell all the time.

If you are successful with making the social media game work for you then why not create a company advising others how to make social media work for them too? Perhaps you can even tweet etc. on their behalf?

You can charge a monthly fee with various levels of payment fees depending on how much work you do on their behalf or just charge a one-time consultancy fee for advising people on how to make social media work for them and their own business.

Create courses on Udemy

Creating courses to sell on Udemy can be a real big money spinner! If you get it right it can bring in 4 figures on a monthly basis which would be entirely passive income. It is real hard work at first to create your courses, but if you can build up a big enough student base the returns can be well worth it.

Remember, the content needs to be excellent, you will be charging for the material that you are selling to students on the Udemy platform so you will want to avoid any complaints. Think of this way, if you were purchasing a course, what would you want it to be like?

Treat others like how you would like to be treated. If people are spending their hard earned money on a course, make sure it meets their expectations and overdelivers in value.

You can sign up here at

Buy on eBay – Sell on Amazon

Yep this actually happens! Products on eBay are being sold for cheaper than what Amazon sells them for.

Again, it seems to boil down to the convenience of ordering from Amazon, I know that you can also easily order from eBay through their own app, but Amazon has become an online market beast and appears to have overtaken eBay when it comes to consumers purchasing their products online or via the apps on their smartphone, and of course Amazon Prime really is an excellent service with their next day delivery service.

Search through items on Amazon and then hop over to eBay, narrow down some niches and then try and find products that are cheaper to buy on eBay and then resell them on Amazon. It takes some time to locate some bargains but you will need to spend some time searching and you will find a few to buy and sell – it just takes a some effort to find these gems.

Create a podcast

Have you been able to successfully launch a business and sell it? or create a regular income from a big side hustle?

Can you apply that experience and create a podcast around the business category and help advise other people about what they should do to apply the same principles and ideas to their own lives so that can follow your advice and footsteps?

Showing people what works by offering advice in the form of a podcast is potentially an excellent way to earn an additional income, if the podcast becomes popular enough you can look to obtain a sponsorship and perhaps then even release an ebook to go with the advice that you are providing people.


Profit from rates of exchange – find weak rate of exchange and buy products in those countries.

This method can help you source products from anywhere in the world where a countries rate of exchange has taken a hit and become weak through various reasons, this opens up a door to import products at cheap prices and depending on the country you live in, could also open up the door to exporting.


If it is more expensive for people in the UK to purchase cars from the USA, think of the flip side, it has now become cheaper for people in the USA to purchase cars in the UK!

Import old vehicles (USA / UK)

Both the UK and USA have a rule where if you import a vehicle over a certain age where you can obtain a reduction in the import taxes payable – and this is where your profit is made.

For the UK, to obtain the ruling, the vehicle that you are importing into the country needs to be over 30 years of age and have no substantial changes to the engine, chassis, brakes or steering. The import duty is then reduced to zero and the VAT rate will be just 5%

For the USA, the vehicle must be over 25 years of age, have a matching engine and chassis and then the import rate is just a flat 2.5%

Get searching for a classic car! There is money to be made.

Selling cars to other countries

It is amazing how certain cars are loved and adored in certain countries. It is amazing to see certain cars on the roads in certain countries.

Take some time to do some investigation and see if there are any niche related areas of certain cars being loved in certain countries.

Rent out your driveway

Do you live close to a stadium, a busy tourist area or a really over populated area in general? If the answer is yes to these questions it could be a great idea for you to rent out your driveway out to other people looking to park their motor vehicle in your location.

The rates of pay can be excellent for this money making idea, if you have space on your drive then why not rent it out?

Trucker or freight forwarder with Uship

Uship is a great marketplace for truck drivers, removal men and freight forwarders to obtain more work. The website and app works like this, basically, people and companies looking to move items such as household goods, cars, motorcycles, boats etc both inland and overseas, list their items and then truckers and freight forwarders place bids on the listings to try and win the auction and obtain the contract to transport and ship the goods.

You can sign up to Uship here.

Niche website / Affiliate marketing

Earning money from niche websites is BIG business now, lots of people are jumping on this huge money making idea. The idea behind a earning an additional income from a niche website is building all your content around one particular subject and then look to earn money by placing affiliate links to items that you are are writing about.

Most people use Amazon affiliate links as their main source of income and most popular types of articles are “best of” or “how to” both of which can generate a lot of traffic via search engines when put together the right way.


The hotel industry did not see Airbnb coming and now the whole industry has been disrupted in a HUGE way. Have you used Airbnb before? Basically, if you have a spare bedroom in your house you can sign up to the service, it is that simple.

People use the Airbnb app to find cheap (at least cheaper than a hotel room) accommodation in the area that they are looking to stay in, it could be for one night or perhaps even a week, when they find the ideal room or apartment they will hire the premises for their required length of time.

You can always get an idea of the going rate in your area by looking for listings that are already on the app, this gives you an idea on how much you should charge for each night to be competitive and hopefully secure a few bookings.

Make sure you are a brilliant host! The better the feedback you get the more likely people will make a booking with you. Airbnb can be an excellent source of income and can generate 5 figures a year in some popular towns and cities.

Create an app

There millions of apps available across both Google Play and Apple’s App Store – which means if you can create an app that is better than the competition you have a great chance to earn yourself an extra income, which will also be passive income.

Of course, you will now need to really inventive and creative, most of the best ideas have already been taken but there is always a surprise hit that pop’s up across the app stores, perhaps your app could be the next surprise big hit.

You create an app to test the waters here:

Dog walking

Dog walking can offer a great additional monthly income – if you like dogs.

So many people are working longer hours now which means that their dogs will need walking at least once, possibly twice, per day.

You can do this on the side by joining a dog forum or Facebook group and making your services known to the group. You can charge a fee per walk or a set amount for a flat monthly fee.

But to really get more clients you’ll need to join You can also take care of pets and get paid by the hour on


Dropshipping can be a brilliant way to earn yourself a passive income. Dropshipping basically works like this, you sign up to a dropshipping company who are selling products at discounted rates, you then place listings on eBay / Amazon or create a website based on the items you are looking to sell.

Then when a customer places an order through your website or through an online marketplace you simply instruct the dropshipping company to mail the item directly to the buyer. You are just the middle-man (or woman) who collects a fee for finding the customer.

Dropshipping is an inexpensive way to start a new business, one of the big plus sides is that you do not need to hold any stock, the dropshipping company holds all the inventory and you do not need to mail any items out, as this is also covered by the company that you would be dealing with.

Online surveys

Online surveys tend to offer a smaller source of extra income but over the course of a month can add up to a nice profit if you can complete the surveys on a regular basis.

If you have spare time to complete online surveys you can sign up to get started here: Survey Junkey.

Peer to peer lending

Peer to Peer lending has really grown over the last few years, the main high street banks have made borrowing money from them very difficult. You now need to supply more proof of income than ever to be eligible for a loan. And even then you’ll end up with high interest rates for a personal loan with no collateral.

This is where P2P lending comes in. Peer to Peer lending is great for both people looking to borrow money and for people looking to make money off the interest.

Here’s how it works. Basically, you sign up with a website such as Lending Club or Prosper. Choose how much money you are looking to invest to be loaned out and then look at how much money you would make based on the interest being charged.

You can choose to only lend money to those with great credit scores, but that would only yield you about 5%. You can instead take the risk and invest in those with poorer credit scores and make 15-20% interest off those loans.

Of course, as with all investments, there will be a risk involved, the person you are lending the money to could default on the loan. You need to make sure that you research each loan as much as possible to ensure you give yourself the least amount of risk, but if you can make it work for you, it can offer a great return on an annual basis for your initial investment.

You can try your hand at p2p lending at Lending Club.

Invest in startups

If you can invest in a startup and that company then really takes off, the returns can be amazing. But, since a lot of start-ups do fail, the chances of you making money on your initial investment could be slim and the chances of losing all your money are high. But if you can make it work for you, a small investment could return multiple amounts of your initial deposit if the gamble pays off.

You can invest in startups through websites such as CrowdCube, WeFunder, Seed Invest, Micro Ventures, Seedrs.


Do you love creating your own arts and crafts as a hobby? How about turning that hobby into a side income? Etsy is an online marketplace to purchase arts and crafts created by individuals who have set up their own online e-commerce shops.

Lots of the creations are one-offs and very unique so they’re very appealing from a buyers point of view. If you are a dab hand at creating crafts and can create some exciting and excellent products you could have a great potential to earn an additional income through something that you happily arrange for free if arts & crafts are a love in your life.

You can sign up to Etsy here.

Design and sell your own T-shirts

Feeling creative? Are you a lover of T-Shirts? How about combining the two and start designing and selling your own T-shirts? You can now design your own T-shirts and sell them via websites such as

The custom T-shirt industry is now big business, and it is another side business that you can start with a low amount of investment that you can spend some of your spare time pursuing.

Where to sell your own tshirts: Teespring, Zazzle, CafePress.

Music teacher

Are you ace on the guitar or a master of playing the drums? If you have enough experience in playing a musical instrument, why not teach others how to play by offering music lessons from your home (or theirs) in your spare time?

If you are confident enough that you can teach others on a weekly basis, from beginners to people that need a refresh, then perhaps becoming a music instructor suits you.

You can place an ad in your local paper and also on sites like Craigslist offering your services for a set fee or per hour. It could also be a good idea to contact local schools offering your services, perhaps for free to start with, and then look to build up a list of students looking to learn to play a musical instrument.

If you can build up enough of a client base you could easily earn a decent amount of money every month.


Are you a retired teacher? Or perhaps you obtained high qualifications in certain subjects after leaving school or university?

If you are highly skilled and have an excellent understanding of certain subjects why not teach others who are looking to for extra tutoring to help with subjects that they are struggling in during school time.

Again, as with the music teaching idea, you can place ads in your local papers or on Craigslist and look to be active on Facebook groups to share your message.


Are you able to speak a second language? If you are fluent in other languages you can offer your services as a translator at local businesses such as law offices.

We have a huge amount of people moving to different countries in search of work. There is a big opportunity to help people in the local community by translating when help is needed.

Web design

Web design is a great way to earn an additional income, with more websites being created now more than ever demand for web design services is at all time high.

High demand also means that there is lots of competition, but if you can provide a high-quality portfolio then should be able to present this to interested parties as proof if they employ you to build their website then you will provide an excellent looking website for a great price.

Become an official/referee

Have a love of sport? If you love a certain game in particular then why not consider becoming an officially qualified referee. Pay can be good for the time that you actually spend officiating games.

Of course, you will need to be fully qualified so there will be some initial investment at the start but you can easily recoup this money in no time at all after a couple of gigs.

Switch bank accounts – and get paid for it!

There is a lot of competition from the high street banks to get you to switch your account to them, all the banks want your money! You can easily earn a few hundred dollars just from switching your account to a new bank – and the best part? The banks do all the switching for you.

An added benefit, there is nothing to stop you from doing this on a few different occasions over the course of the year and earning yourself a nice sum of money for not a lot of effort.

Garage Sale

This is a quick way for pretty much anyone to earn a quick income with items that you have around the house that you no longer use. You know the drill, search the garage, under the beds, in the cupboards, the loft, the draws and the shed, then dust down any items that you no longer use and get selling!

I pretty much guarantee that you will be able to earn some money back on this option, you can then look to invest any money that you make back into another making money idea e.g. creating a niche website.

Sell 2nd hand course books

Every year there is a demand for new course books as new students enroll at university or college for the first time. The problem with course books? They tend to be rather expensive…thus creating a market to sell 2nd hand course books in good condition at a cheaper price than a brand new course book.

You can place facebook ads, post flyers on campus etc to offer to purchase students books at a knockdown price when they are leaving university or college and then resell them through sites such as Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist.

Buy and Sell domain names

Gone are the days of registering good domain names and flipping them for a profit. All the good names are already taken. Therefore, in order to make money buying and selling domains, you need to purchase domains on the secondary market.

Look for domains for sale or expired domains. If you see a gem being sold really low, snatch it up. Then, it’s up to you to create a good sales pitch and try to sell the domain for 10x what you paid.

Website flipping

Similar to buying and selling domains, the idea here is to try and either do one of two money earning ideas:

1. Create a website yourself, earn some profits through affiliate links etc, create lots of backlinks and make sure plenty of keywords are showing up in the search engines and sell the site for a profit.

2. Buy a website from a marketplace such as for a low price, quickly build the site up for further profits and then try and re-sell the web site for more money than originally purchased.

NOTE. You will need to do lots of research when buying a website, you do not want to get your fingers burnt by buying a dud site….make sure that all the stats and figures add up.

Both options here require a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of effort along with time and patience to build up a website with enough traffic to earn an income from it.

Buy items from flea markets & sell on eBay

There is a big market for people to source products from flea markets and yard sales and then resell the items for a profit on eBay.

The thinking behind this idea is that a lot of people selling their old items are not always fully aware about the true value of what the item could actually be worth.

Spend enough time looking and you can come across some real gems, including some vinyl, toys, memorabilia etc. that could be purchased for a fraction of the cost and then sold on for a nice profit.

Sell your designs

If you are artistic enough to create killer one-off designs, you can earn yourself a nice side income.

Sign up to be a designer on a website such as and search through designs that people have requested to be made, for example a T-shirt image or logo. 

Then get brainstorming on your idea and present it to the interested party to try and win the contract.

Sell your photos

Have an eye for a great photo? How about starting a new career as a photographer? There a plenty of places online now where you can upload any photographs that you have taken and sell them on for a nice regular passive income.

Of course, this is a very competitive marketplace but if you have enough talent, along with a decent enough camera, then there is no reason why you would not be able to earn yourself some extra money.

The most well-known places to sell your photographs are:,,,

Mechanical Turk (Amazon)

Have you heard of Mechanical Turk? This is an Amazon owned business, with over half a million people now signed up, so it’s pretty big!

How does it work? Basically, people upload tasks, or HITS aka Human Intelligence Tasks, that they need help with. It could be a case of uploading a receipt from a purchase and asking someone to enter the details onto a digital format or it could answering questions related to a survey. The requests can be very random, but there are a lot of tasks that can be completed.

The tasks do offer low pay though. But if you enough of them then the hourly pay could range from $1.20 up to $5 on average, each task could pay as little as 25 cents.

Earning money this way can be a tad taxing on the mind, but hey, it is better than spending 3 hours a night watching TV when you could at least be earning yourself some extra income at the end of the week.

You can sign up to Mechanical Turk here.

Voiceover artist

Ok, so this last one on the list might not be for everyone…perhaps you do not have a smooth silky voice that sounds like you should be on the radio or on a TV ad, but if you do, then why not give it a shot?

If you are confident enough in the sound of your own voice and can perhaps even put on different voices to give yourself a range for companies to choose from depending on the requirements, then why not sign up to a voice over company who can get you in for auditions.

The investment should be low, mainly just your time and a demo of examples of yourself acting out voiceovers. Who knows, perhaps you end up voicing over movie trailers! If you have the right sounding voice then I think that this money earning idea is one to pursue.

Wrapping this up

Ok – so now it is over to you! I hope that these 50 ideas to earn extra money have presented at least one good idea for you to try….and remember if you do not at least try a money earning idea you will NEVER know if it will work. Better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.

If you want to try and change your life make sure that you are patient with the ideas that you wish to put into action, there is no such thing as an overnight success, when it comes being successful, remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Take action and get results for your ideas to earn money this year.

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How to build a niche website
Making Money

Make Money Building Niche Websites

We have all thought about turning our internet addiction into a profitable proposition. Imagine if you could make passive income right from your computer. Well that is possible by creating niche websites.

Niche websites are considered a great way to earn a passive income. Once established, there is no need to regularly update the content every day. In this way, niche websites differ from blogs.

Blogs typically deal with topics that need updating. Whether it’s a personal blog or a blog about sports, fashion or politics, it needs to be updated.

But a niche website, on the other hand, is an informational site about a specific subject that doesn’t need much updating.

Yes, at first it does require time to get set up. But once the groundwork has been laid out, you can have a steady source of passive income for years to come.

In this post I’ll take you through the entire process of creating your first niche website from scratch.

What is a niche website?

A niche website basically focuses on one specific aspect of a field or one product out of a range of products.

Unlike over-arching websites that cover a wide range of topics, a niche website focuses on a small topic only.

The idea behind niche websites is to attract users who are interested in a very specific topic and then have them buy something.

For instance, a health website would cover most topics related to health and therefore, the traffic it would receive would be very diverse. However, if you focus on hair loss and hair growth, you would get users who are looking for something very specific. This targeted traffic means it would be easier to convert them into a paying customer.

This is the true beauty of a niche website. The traffic you receive, however little, is very interested in the topic.

How do niche websites earn money?

A niche website can earn money by placing affiliate links from within the content and by placing Google Adsense banner ads as well.

Affiliate links or referrals work by rewarding you whenever one of your visitors clicks on an affiliate link and buys something. You would then be awarded a commission.

Popular affiliate programs include ShareASale, ClickBank and Amazon Associates.

With Google Adsense, relevant ads are displayed based on the content of your page. This is easier since you don’t have to find a product to sell yourself, it’s all done automatically. It’s also easier to make money, since you are paid per click – not per sale.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create niche websites and how to ensure that they become a solid source of passive income every month.

Step 1: Brainstorm niche website ideas

The ideas for creating a niche website are endless, so it can be difficult to pick a topic. Although there are many topics not all of them will make you money.

Celebrities are always highly searched on Google. But it’s hard to create a site about a celebrity and expect to make good money. After all, there’s not much to sell there.

One idea is to focus on a huge market and then find your niche within that market.

For example, let’s focus on the health industry. Let’s dig deeper, how about weight loss. Let’s go even deeper and choose exercise. Then finally we’ll choose HIIT (high-intensity interval training). A website based around HIIT would be considered a niche website.

This particular topic works because any information you add is more than likely going to be evergreen (it will be relevant now and 5 years from now).

When it comes to choosing a topic, take into account these important things:

  • You need to be interested in the topic. Otherwise you will burn out and quit. Therefore, if you’re a meat eater you probably don’t want to create a niche website on veganism.
  • The niche needs to have a product you can sell. There’s no point in writing about your love of fast food if you can’t sell anything.
  • It needs to have enough search volume. You may have an interest in dogs with long ears, but not many other people do.

Step 2: Build your niche websites

To create your niche website, you will need a domain and web hosting. For newbies I recommend using Bluehost?. They have a step by step guided process to get your site up.

Choose a domain name that has your niche topic in the domain. Don’t choose a vague domain or use your name.

You can use WordPress to create your website, even if it’s not a blog. To make a site that converts, you’ll want to use a premium theme like Divi.

This step is crucial as the look and feel of your website would have an impact on the traffic driven to your website. Without a proper layout and a solid design, users won’t stick around.

Step 3: Create content with a purpose

Content is king in this day and age and if you won’t produce quality content, the chances of success would stay low.

You should firstly identify the topics that you think are most relevant to your selected niche. Afterwards, use Google Keyword Planner from within Google Adwords. You will need to sign up for Adwords to use this tool. You don’t need to spend money on Adwords, just set up an account.

You can use Google’s keyword planner to find relevant keywords that the posts should revolve around. However, once you start making money, you can switch to a more robust keyword-finding tool, such as SEM Rush.

Make sure to create more posts on keywords with a higher search volume as these would be the keywords that would drive the most traffic to your website.

It’s important to also think about products from the get go and you should do your research on relevant products right from the start so that you can place them intelligently within your website’s content.

Focus on creating lists, product comparisons and how-to’s, as this is the type of content that most resonate with people today.

Step 4: Monetize your niche website

This is something that should go side-by-side with content creation. Sign up on for ad programs like ShareASale and FlexOffers.

Look for programs that are in your niche and sign up to promote them. You should focus first on only one or two main products, since your traffic is too low right now to make a lot of sales.

You should also sign up for Amazon Associates so you can promote books and products related to your niche.

Finally, sign up at Google Adsense in order to fully monetize your niche website.

Step 5: Get traffic & start making money

Now that you’ve created your first niche website, it’s time to start making money. But without the traffic your site won’t make a penny.

The traffic to your niche website will come from two sources: Google and social media.

  • Get search engine traffic.

This means you’ll need to a site that is properly optimized for Google. This article teaches you the best practices for on site seo.

Create articles based around keywords and make sure each one is over 1,000 words in length.Aside from on-site search engine optimization, you will also need to build links to your articles. To do this, you can guest post on other websites and add a links back to your articles.

  • Get traffic from social media.

Set up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts for your niche site. Promote each article on these networks.

To give your website an extra traffic boost, you can choose to make an investment to promote your tweet, FB post or pin.

You can also use a service like Tailwind to automatically post your articles on Pinterest and Instagram.

Now that you’ve created your first niche website, the next step isn’t to sit on your laurels and wait for the money to roll in. Nope, the final step is to choose another topic and make your second niche website!

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How to make money in college guide for college students
Making Money

How to Make Money in College Without a Job

Are you a college student in need of money fast? Want to find the best side hustles for college students? Yeah, you're in the right place.

I don't have to tell you just how expensive and financially draining college is. Because, as a college student, you know this all too well as you're likely already experiencing this first hand.

But I got your back.

Just because you are in college doesn't mean you have to be broke. There are ways to make money in college, even without a job!

While there are plenty of scams out there promising a lot of money (for not a lot of work), the old adage always rings true: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So what I wanted to do here is put together a list of the legitimate ways college students can make money. Plus, these gigs and side hustles are things most of us can do without experience or long-term commitment.

Without further ado, here are 39 legit ways to make money in college (without a job).

Start your own online business

If you want to make the most amount of money online, you should start an online business.

The best part of owning an online business is that the income (later on) can be passive income.

There's a few ways to make money with an online business. The best way would be to create a digital product or a course.

Heck, you don't even need a digital product either! In fact, I make money from this very website - all without selling anything!

Start a blog

Here is how to start a website or blog in 5 simple steps.

  • Pick a profitable niche that you have genuine interest in. Think health, wealth & self improvement.
  • Choose a domain and set up web hosting with Bluehost.
  • Install WordPress (it's free and comes pre-installed with Bluehost).
  • Choose a blog theme for beginners like Divi.
  • Write your first blog post and publish it. Don't forget to use Grammarly.

Start an email list

If you don't start an email list, your blog visitors will come once and forget you even exist! With an email list, you create the ability to contact your blog visitors again and again.

  • Sign up for a free account with ConvertKit.
  • Add a simple opt-in form to your website to collect "leads".
  • Write a series of emails to send your subscribers - all automated.
  • Use a lead generation plugin like Thrive Leads to build high converting landing pages and opt-in forms.

Affiliate marketing

One of the common objections people have when starting a blog is "I don't have anything to sell'.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't need anything to sell. You just sell other people's products and earn a commission for it.

Here are the best affiliate programs to join.

Sell digital products

The first product I ever created was a weight loss ebook. I only sold one copy. But it was all the proof and motivation I needed that there really was money in digital products.

Here is the process of selling a digital product like an ebook or printables.

  • Write the ebook on Word or on Google Slides (how I do it).
  • Design an ebook cover for free using Canva.
  • Save the final product as a PDF.
  • Get some cool ebook cover mockups here.
  • Put the ebook for sale on your website.
  • Sign up with Stripe to accept credit cards.
  • Use SendOwl to handle the checkout process and product delivery.

Offer online courses

  • Find a topic that people are already buying courses on. Look for course ideas on Udemy and Skillshare.
  • Create your course using Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides.
  • Host your course on your own website using Thrive Apprentice.
  • Or use a course hosting platform like Teachable.
  • Or you can just sell it on Udemy / Skillshare.

How to get noticed

Okay so you built the damn thing, now what? Now you have to get people to visit your website. Here are a few methods to get traffic:

  • Use SEO to rank your blog articles on Google search. (difficult)
  • Get traffic from Pinterest using Tailwind. (easy)
  • Buy Facebook ads or Google Adwords. (expensive)
  • Get organic traffic from social media. (difficult)

Legit ways to make money online

One of the easiest ways for scammers to strike is in the field of “make money online” websites and services.

We’ve waded through the junk out there to find you the best and most legitimate ways to make money online.


You’ve probably seen pop-ups telling you that if you take this one survey to find out what 90’s popstar you are, you’ll earn free cash, and there really are programs out there like that (just maybe not as glamorous as you’re thinking).

Make sure you are doing your research to find viable and verified companies so you don't waste any of your time.

Some great resources to look into is InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, and with a little higher qualifications, is also a great option. 

You should also look into SwagBucks, the mecca of websites like these, to earn not only money, but also gift cards to some of your favorite and highly visited establishments.

Cash Back Shopping

Okay so maybe you aren’t selling something online, but I bet you are a shopper!

All web browsers offer extensions for online cash back shopping, where you earn a percentage of your total spending back. It’s essentially like getting paid to shop, and they are free to use.

The most well known ones are Rakuten and Ibotta where you can get money back for submitting receipts. 

Check for some more resources through WikiBuy to find local shops for your area that participate in these kinds of programs.


One of the largest companies in the world has a lot of ways to make supplemental income that is perfect for students.

Mturk is Amazon’s crowdsourcing website that pays participants amounts of money to complete tasks. 

By answering surveys, writing reviews, or selecting images that include pictures of a cat, you can get anywhere from $0.25 to $10 for their more strenuous tasks. 

Signing up is free and you can literally work whenever you want to (even while laying in bed; a college student’s dream!).

Sell Your Old Clothes

If there are things that have been sitting in your closet that you haven't worn in years, maybe you should think about selling them online.

There are tons of apps that provide the platform for you to sell your gently-used clothing and shoes, if they are in good condition, to other people.

You get complete control in what you sell and how much you sell it for, and as long as you are being realistic you’ll get a buyer.

Look into applications like Poshmark, ThredUp, Tradesy, or DePop to start posting your old fashion items and accessories today.

Sell Your Old Anything

LetGo and OfferUp are two of the most popular apps to buy clothes, as well as anything else. They are essentially like an online yard sale where you can list any item you want to get rid of at a price you select. 

The options for your listings are endless and can include older model electronics, kitchen equipment, or anything else you own.

Your community probably has their own Facebook Marketplace page where you can list items for people near you, which can be very beneficial if it’s an item you want the buyers to pick up.

Transcription Services

For those who have more dedication and skill level when it comes to typing, you might be missing out on some valuable spending money not working for transcription services.

Most work involves transcribing audio files that typically pay by the minute.

Head over to Casting Words,, and Daily Transcription if you think you can pass their tests before beginning work to make sure they hire capable individuals. 

For people who may find it difficult to pass the required entry tests for the previous services, SpeechPad Transcription is a great resource to those looking to get started making money transcribing things.

Freelance Writing

If you haven’t gotten tired of writing all of those college essay papers, and are looking to earn some money with your writing, you might want to look into freelance writing gigs.

Textbroker and The Content Authority are both online companies that pay for writing based on predetermined topics that buyers need written about. 

One of the more difficult ones to get into is Verblio, but that is because they usually pay more for technicality and quality of writing.

How to earn extra money with your car

If the idea of working from home while you are also a full time student sounds more reasonable to you than staying and being on campus more than you have to be, there are a ton of side hustles you should look into.

There are jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home or car, and most you can set your own work schedule.

That alone can be beneficial for students who are self-motivated and want to make the most of their downtime between or after class.

Below are some of the best college side jobs you can start right now.


Odds are you have been in a situation where you’ve had to pay for someone else to come pick you up and drive you home - now what if people were paying you to do that for them!

Ride sharing apps like Lyft and Uber are some of the most popular side hustles for college students because, especially in college towns, there will always be someone who needs to be driven somewhere at all hours of the day and night. 

Working for a company like these allows individuals to work whatever hours they want to, for their pay is completely reliant on how often you want to work.

Food Delivery

Okay so maybe you’ve never had to pay to have someone drive you to the supermarket, but we can almost guarantee you’ve probably ordered delivery food once or twice.

Between restaurants and now food delivery services, there are countless options to sign up to drive and deliver food.

Look into companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Waitr, and others if you are interested in making money delivering food! 

We can essentially guarantee there will always be a college kid who will want pizza delivered in the middle of the night.


Did you know there was a company that would pay you to use your car as a moving billboard? Wrapify is that company.

If you are fine with having essentially big bumper stickers all around your car to display ads of companies, then you should look into this monthly paying job.


Are you one of those people who love grocery shopping? What about spending other people’s money?

Grocery delivering services have become more popular in the last few years.

Companies like Instacart and Shipt have made thousands of people their employees simply by paying them to grocery shop for other people.

Rent Your Car

I know, that bullet point probably freaked you out a bit, but hear us out. There are companies like Getaround and Turo that you can rent your car out through, when you are not using it. 

They take the time to process and vet strangers and make sure your car is rented out to someone who is trustworthy and will leave your car in the exact condition you rented it to them in.


This company really has multiple avenues of potential jobs for you to look into. With your car, you can work for Amazon’s Flex or Amazon Fresh companies. 

They will either deliver prime orders within their community or their own type of grocery delivery service. Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites, so they are constantly hiring new employees.

Put Your Home To Work For You

If you’re lucky enough to not be living in a dorm, or to not already have 4 roommates already, there’s likely a little room in your home to squeeze some extra cash out of.

Renting a Room

If you are living in a house with an extra bedroom that is doing nothing but collecting dust and your vacuum cleaner, look into renting it out.

Of course this will require using your own discretion to who you rent to, but there are also companies like AirBnb and Neighbor that will do most of the leg work for you and match you up with the best candidates that meet your requirements.

Rent Storage Room

Storewithme is the kind of company you should look into if you have extra space you don't mind making available to others. 

This could be a garage space that is vacant or even land for someone to pay to park their RV or boat.

On-campus gigs for college students

While in college, you might as well make the most of your campus. These jobs are traditionally hourly jobs where your university will limit the amount of hours you work.

 It also might be helpful to look into these jobs if you have a weird academic schedule where it might be a little more difficult to go out and get a 9 to 5 job.

Here are some side hustles for college students you might be able to find on your campus right now!

Teaching Assistant (TA)

You’ve probably been in a general education class that had a TA in it. They could have been helping the professors teach topics, offering tutoring services, or just graded your essay, but they were always there in the back of the classroom.

This could be you, and could be great real life practice if you are looking to go into academia as your career.

I recommend starting to build those relationships with your professors now, and reach out to see if any of them need a TA for their upcoming classes.

Research Assistant

For those of you who prefer working with a professor instead of other college students, you might enjoy being a research assistant.

Depending on the department or professor you are helping, your duties may differ, but each research position will give you a greater perspective on what your professors do to prepare to help students just like you.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Probably one of the more popular jobs on your college campus is becoming a residential assistant.

This position centered around making lasting connections with your peers will allow you real work experience to work on your leadership and social skills. 

Reach out to current RA’s on your campus to find out how to get hired in the residential life.

Campus IT

If you are interested in computers, you should look into working within your school’s IT department.

Computers are always evolving, so this kind of job will constantly be pushing you to learn new things and furthering your expertise in technology. 

There may be certain prerequisites before applying, so keep that in mind when handing in your application.

Host Home for Future Students

For larger universities in particular, they may offer prospective students to stay near campus for overnight visits.

In which case they would need a prominent member of the school community to host these individuals so they can get first hand experience on what being at that college is like.

Campus Tour Guide

Most students will visit the campus before committing to attend, and one large part of visiting is touring the campus grounds.

This is a great job to polish your public speaking skills while learning more than you ever thought you could about your university. 

You could possibly also pick up additional weekday hours, for some colleges offer tours to alumni and possible students and their families on the weekend.

Dining Halls

Obviously if you have any culinary aspirations, working in the dining halls can gain you real world experience, as well as a paycheck.

If you haven’t noticed, dining halls run on a lot of different people in different positions.

From stocking the shelves, running registers, or making food, there may be quite a few job opportunities within this popular area of your campus.

Writing Center

Most colleges have tutors that are specific to writing, because it is a skill that colleges want all of their graduates to conquer.

Working at the writing center could involve helping students set up their resume, structuring an essay, or working on grammar.

Most writing centers also allow students to work their own hours after class, which might fit the flexibility aspect of a job while going to school.

Campus Transportation

Regardless of the size of your college, there will always be a need for someone or something to be transported within your campus.

This could be the president of a college on a golf cart or busses to move kids around campus, but transportation is a large part of any campus.

There are specific requirements for a job like this, however there are students whose qualifications make them eligible for them.


Many departments will have dedicated tutors to aid other students in content areas they are well versed in.

You’ve probably seen postings on boards within your buildings expressing tutor availability for math or science.

Ask around to see what classes are in need of tutors, and if it happens to be a subject you excel in, you should give tutoring a shot, even if it’s outside the school setting.

Dorm Front Desk

Larger universities that have dorms for students to live in will all have a front desk.

This is where students living in that dorm receive their mail, report issues with their rooms, and will almost always have someone working all hours in case any student gets locked out of their dorm hall. 

It does require long periods of time of sitting with seemingly nothing to do, but as long as you remain vigilant and alert you might be able to multitask doing your homework while getting paid to work a front desk.

Maintenance / Custodian

Things will constantly be breaking or getting dirty in a place as busy as a college, which is where all the behind the scene jobs like maintenance and custodial workers are.

Qualifications for jobs like these are usually pretty low, with many opportunities to advance and learn.

More side hustles for college students

Maybe you’re looking to do something a little bit different than a typical job, and maybe you aren’t interested in working online in any way. Well, can you be trusted to look after someone else’s house, pet, or child?

Nannying or Babysitting

If you have siblings, odds are you probably already have some experience with this gig.

Nannying on a semi-regular schedule with one or two particular families is very popular with people in college because they have the ability to work around their school schedule and the parent’s work schedule to make some extra money. helps you find busy parents in your area. They’ve (understandably) got a thorough vetting process that you will be put through.

All About the Pets

Now if you are an animal lover, there are a few different routes you can take to earn some extra cash while getting to spend some time with animals.

Services like Fetch and Rover list needed dog walkers, pet sitters, and any other jobs involving pets all the time. There might even be people on DogVacay who are looking to pay you to board their dog at your house when they are gone on vacation. 

Look through these or post your services on to find a fur baby to take care of (oh and also get paid to spend time with cute animals).

House Sit

College towns are filled with busy people that might be gone for periods of time on work or vacation, and will require someone to consistently check in on their homes.

Trusted House Sitters has made this into an all-in-one service for people looking to make some extra money, by simply watching and sometimes staying in a house.

Best Night Jobs For College Students

You might be the kind of person who just always needs to be working and stimulating your life with activity.

If working from home, or running your own business does not seem your speed, there are also a lot of available jobs outside those criteria.

While they might not all be “night jobs” we are simply referring to jobs that you can work whenever you are not in class.


It’s not a coincidence that most college towns have their fair share of bars, so bartending is one of the most popular part time college jobs around.

Bartending will put you in a great scenario to work on your social skills while learning conflict resolution and customer service.

Most students flock to this kind of work because it is primarily available at night when most students have finished with their classwork for the day. Just be prepared for some long nights and cash tips.


Here is a great example of additional jobs you can apply for while in college that aren’t necessarily at night, although I am sure you can find an internship that is later in the day.

Just make sure when surfing the online ads, you are looking for a paid internship, because there will be many offers that are just simply about the experience (which is great but also, you want to get paid).

Temp Work

Odds are there is an office complex near you if you are going to school, and they will probably be looking to hire temporary workers.?

This could be over the holidays when stores are their busiest, or even positions that are explicitly over the summer, the point is, there is temp work anywhere and everywhere.

Reach out to your local temp agencies to see what kind of job listings they have available now.

Cleaning Services

Do you just love doing chores? What about if you got paid to do them?

There are apps like ChoreRelief, Handy, and MaidsApp where you can choose what job you’d like to do based on what has been posted for availability. 

Also, especially around colleges, there will be companies that rent out spaces for events.

Breather is one of those services that hires people to clean those spaces before events, so sign up with them if this is how you want to earn your extra income.

Wrapping this up

Working at a local fast food joint should not be your only option when it comes to making money in college. Hopefully this list has given you plenty of options to make some side hustle money.

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Frugal living tips for beginners

Frugal Living Hacks To Live On $1,500 Per Month

In this article I'm going to go over the best frugal living hacks to live on $1,500 per month.

If you’re anything like me, you probably wish there was more money in your bank account. I mean, who wouldn’t?

But saving can be hard when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and especially if you’ve recently lost your job, been furloughed or saw a decrease in hours/pay.

Luckily, hope is not lost! Ask any broke college student; you can do a lot with a little bit of money! All you need are frugal living hacks - and I've gathered 15 great ones right here for you.

You don’t need to be an expert accountant to know where, when, and how you can save a few dollars. You really just have to keep these frugal living hacks in mind every time you set out to make a purchase.

Here we go!

1. Use this digital savings app.

Use this frugal living hack to pay a bill or treat yourself to something special.

There are a bunch of apps out there that can help you automatically save money. One of our favorites is Digit!.

Once you connect your bank account to the app, Digit starts saving money for you every day, based on how much you have in your account. The more you have, the more the app will save for you.

However, you can also set your own savings limit, so Digit won’t take, say, more than $5 out of your account each day. You can also pause savings or start them again whenever you want.

Do this and BOOM! Your "rainy day fund" has $100 before you know it!

2. Use these cash back apps.

Use this frugal living hack and get paid for your everyday purchases.

Ibotta and Dosh are two apps that help you get cash back on most purchases you make!

This frugal living hack is especially helpful if you’re doing big shopping runs at store like Target or Walmart.?

Ibotta also has lots of deals for people who use meal delivery services.

3. Install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats that can be programmed to turn on/off at certain times of the day are incredibly helpful.

You can set them to turn way down of completely off when you aren’t home and then automatically kick back on when you get home.?

You’ll save on utilities with this frugal living hack because your heat and air conditioning won’t be on when it doesn’t need to be!

Here are the best smart thermostats on the market in 2020:

  • Nest Learning thermostat
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • Honeywell Home Smart Color Thermostat
  • Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat

4. Check your phone plan.

You are most likely paying more than you have to on your cell phone plan.

This frugal living hack requires just one phone call to your cell phone carrier.

Call them and ask if you are on the best plan for your regular use. They'll look into your account and move you to a better plan.?

A small change in plan could net you $20 savings per month. I recently did this and found I was on an older "grandfathered" plan.

Their new plan cost $10 less and came with unlimited data. And I saved an additional $10 per month just for enrolling in autopay.

5. Switch carriers for crazy discounts.

There are a few major carriers all competing for your business. This means they all offer amazing deals for new customers.

If you have been with the same carrier forever, consider making a switch right now.

This isn't the 90's with horrible reception depending on what carrier you have and where you live. Most of the big cell phone companies have amazing coverage regardless of where you live.

Switching is especially beneficial if you want a new phone, as many will entice you with a free phone just for switching over.

6. Use store reward cards.

Most grocery stores have a loyalty program that saves you more than you would think! To get the best discounts, buy their store brand products.

I do this at Target with their store-owned brand items and they’re basically the same as name-brand.

Many retail stores have loyalty programs, too. If you do a lot of shopping at one particular store, see what kind of cash-back, coupons or deals you can get with their rewards program.

7. Buy in bulk when you spot a deal.

Buying in bulk means paying now and saving later! Once you start shopping around, you’ll realize that the price per unit starts to go down as the size goes up.

Plus, it's convenient to have an extra-large pack of toilet paper, laundry detergent and garbage bags around the house. But it's even better when you got these at a steep discount.

Do your shopping at a store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s and you’ll find yourself saving tons on these essential items.

Bulk buying is one of the best frugal living hacks in general. If you have the space to stock up on things you always use like beauty products, certain foods and cleaning supplies, stock it up!

8. Make your own cleaning supplies.

Not only are things like vinegar, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda great for cleaning many surfaces, they’re all-natural!

I love this frugal living tip because you can buy all of these products at the dollar store and they actually do wonders when cleaning!

This frugal living hack is useful especially if you have hard water – vinegar knocks residue right out!

9. Don’t be afraid of the dollar store.

Speaking of the dollar store, some companies will sell their surplus item to the dollar store so you can get the same quality stuff for a fraction of the price. Not to mention, a lot of dollar store products are similar quality to big box stores, anyway.

You can find a list of items you should buy at the dollar store here.

One of the best places to get to kitchenware is actually at the dollar store. Many of them have good quality cooking utensils, food storage containers, glassware, plates and bowls!?

If you’re unable to pay upfront for the bulk cost of things, the dollar store is also a great place to get everyday items like aluminum foil, garbage bags and toiletries.

10. Check your monthly subscriptions.

Are you still paying for a gym membership, but you haven’t been in six months? No judgement here, but it's best if you cancel that subscription.

The same applies for any other recurring service you don't really need.

Some memberships, like Amazon Prime, can help you eliminate other services you're currently subscribed to.

For example, Amazon has Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photos and Prime Reading.

Plus, Amazon Prime lets you share your membership with one other person. So two people can split the membership fee - or you can get Amazon Prime free if someone you know has it.

11. Crowdsource your furniture, first.

One of the best ways to get free stuff is to ask your followers on social media! Don’t worry, it’s not as shady as it sounds.?

Often times, people have stuff that they’re looking to get rid of and you could be doing them a favor by taking it off their hands.

Throw up a status on Facebook asking if anyone has an XYZ they don’t need anymore.

12. Stick to happy hour - even for food.

While not going out at all would be the most frugal living hack of all, it’s still important to have a social life. Spending enough time with your friends doing social activities to keep you sane.?

But choose to have your fun during happy hour. You’ll be able to save money without skipping out on quality or friends.

If you can’t get out for the usual 5 o’clock happy hour, some places offer the same deals again around 10 PM to closing.

13. Reuse old containers for food storage.

Every time you throw away and old pasta jar or sour cream container, you’re throwing away a perfectly good food storage item!

If you use this frugal living hack, you very well may never have to buy a plastic storage container again.

Many restaurants use reusable plastic containers for their take-out food. Give them a wash and you’ll be fully stocked with food storage supplies (and it's much better for the environment).

14. Have fun with DIY projects.

Pinterest is a great resource for learning how to do things yourself.

If you find a hidden gem at a thrift store or on Craigslist, chances are Pinterest can guide you through upcycling that bad boy into a gorgeous new piece of home décor.

If you get really good at it, you might even be able to start your own business. Hello, passive income!

15. Use your cash-back credit cards.

As long as you’re able to make your monthly payments, utilize credit cards that give you a certain amount of cash back on purchases.

For example, shopping on Amazon with an Amazon credit card, give you 5% back to your Amazon account. 

If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon already, this could be a great opportunity for you to get money back on each purchase and build up your credit score.


Once you’ve got the hang of one of these 15 frugal living hacks, try to implement the next one into your life until you’ve got all 15 down!?

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to save money or allocate it in other places like your retirement account.

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