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The Best Places To Sell What You Make By Hand

If you are super-talented at making your own clothes, ornaments or fabrics then there is a market out there for your goods. People are always looking to support products that have that a personal touch and are made in America, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to find your potential buyers.

Here are the 5 very best places to sell your homemade goods.

Local Stores

Many local stores will sell craft items on your behalf for a share of the sale price. Make sure that your designs and products fit the feel of the store and fit in with what their customers might be looking for. It is another way to have the local market discover you and buy in to what you do and make.

Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are a great place to find local people that are interested in your designs. For a small fee you can have a stall at a local craft fair and show off your creations. It is a great way to get started and test the water to see if your designs hit the right notes. But you don’t have to stop here, you should sell your goods online as well.


Etsy is the established leader to get your crafty creations seen by the entire world. It is fast becoming a household name and this is where budding creators go to get seen and gain sales.


eBay is the world’s online marketplace for all types of goods and your craft creations are no exception because they can be found by buyers from all corners of the globe. Make sure that you set the shipping to worldwide so your designs will be available to all the market you want to hit. This is a great way to get your designs moving across the globe.


Shopify is an online marketplace that allows you to set up your own store for a monthly fee. Think of it as getting a pitch on a market – but this market is truly global! You may need to do a little research to make sure that you understand how to sell on Shopfiy but as soon as you are in the know you can get your products in the eye line of shoppers from all over the planet. This will allow you to get your sales off the ground.

Handmade At Amazon

Amazon is now getting in on the handmade goods game. You can showcase your handcrafted products on the nation’s biggest online retailer. Since everyone has an Amazon account, it’s a great place to list your items and be noticed.


Bonanza is popular amongst sellers because their fees are more reasonable than the big boys listed above. You can list your items on Bonanza for free. When they sell, they let you keep 97% of the money.

The best places to sell what you make by hand. How to sell your handmade goods on places like eBay, etsy and Amazon. #amazon #etsy #ebay #handmade #cashthechecks

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