How To Earn Extra Money With Your Smartphone

How To Earn Extra Money With Your SmartphoneYou don’t need to carry a professional camera everywhere you go to capture life’s precious moments. The smartphones of today are light years ahead of even digital cameras 10 years ago. The quality and clarity of smartphones today feature the ability to take spectacular shots, even in low light.

What all this means is that it’s now entirely possible to start your own photography business as a side hustle. So if you’ve always been an amateur photographer, now’s the time to turn your passion into cold hard cash.

Here are 3 sites that will pay you money for the rights to your smartphone pictures.


Foap is a super simple to use iPhone app. Here’s how it works. You upload your pictures and wait for one of their users to buy a license to one of your pictures. When that happens, you get $5 and Foap gets $5.

Here’s what I particularly like about this app. Once you sell a photo you don’t lose all rights forever. Other users can buy the same image, meaning you can sell the same image an unlimited amount of times.


Another place where you can sell your smartphone photos is EyeEM, available for both iPhone and Android users. The price you can sell your photos here ranges from $20 to $250.

What I like about EyeEM is the ability to add pictures from your computer as well. The benefit of this is that you can edit your photos, giving them the finish touch you can’t do from your phone.

Fotolia Instant

From within the Fotolia Instant app you can upload your best smartphone photos to the Fotolia Instant Collection. Your buyers will be companies looking for stock images for their websites.

The downside is that you only get 33% of each sale and you can only request payment once you accrue $50 in earnings.

How To Maximize The Amount Of Money You Make

While it is possible to make money from your photos, realize that the market can be pretty crowded. To maximize your chances of getting your shots sold, follow these steps:

  • Create a lot of content, it’s a numbers game. You can never be too sure what type of pictures will sell, so create a lot of it. Keep your accounts at these sites active by adding more pictures periodically to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Join each of the sites I listed instead of just one. Post your photos on as many sites as possible to get your content seen by more eyeballs.
  • Create photos that you think will sell. That means no selfies or personal pictures. What buyers want are stock photos to post on their blog or in an ad. Take a look at some blogs to see what type of images bloggers use and take those types of pictures.
  • Remember that your images need to be high quality and full sized so they can be resized without any pixelation.

It’s definitely possible to turn your smartphone into a money making machine. So if you’re a photo enthusiast who wants a side hustle, give it a shot!


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