The Frugal Homeowner: Great Ways to Stop Wasting Energy and Save More Each Month.

In the past, some people might have viewed those of a frugal disposition in slightly mocking tones, but with the rising cost of living affecting the finances of so many of us these days, it is now almost a necessity to become a frugal homeowner.

Make the most of new technology

One of the main ways of lowering your energy bills is to cut down on usage and there is now plenty of technology available to help you achieve some worthwhile savings.

Consider installing a smart thermostat in your house. This will work to adjust the temperature automatically rather and maximize your energy savings rather than relying on turning the thermostat dial up and down manually.

Every degree lower that you can manage on your thermostat is worth it, so check to see if you have the heating set too high and you can happily withstand a notch or two lower without feeling too uncomfortable.

LED bulbs are the new generation of lighting and have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. They also give off very little heat which means they are so much more efficient than their predecessors.

These LED bulbs are noticeably more expensive but if you remember that you normally get your investment back inside 24 months with the energy savings you make, it is a no-brainer to invest in this new generation of lighting.

Standby costs you money

When you take a wander around your house it is highly likely that you will find a fair number of devices which are left in standby mode, just waiting to be of service when you need them.

The convenience of plugging in your phone without plugging in the charger or firing up the TV from the remote is surely not worth the amount of money you actually pay for this level of convenience.

You might find that some appliances such as a satellite TV unit might need to remain on in order to record programs you want to watch later but by unplugging your phone charger and other appliances that are not in constant use, you could soon make some worthwhile savings.

Savings to be made in the kitchen

If you can run your washing machine and dishwasher at a lower temperature, it will make a difference to your bills and if you can try to minimize your tumble-dryer use, you will rack up some hefty savings, as this is one of the greediest appliances that you can have in your home in terms of running costs.

Even small initiatives like only filling your kettle with as much water as you need and waiting to fill your dishwasher before running it, will all help contribute to improve your energy efficiency.

It is now considered a good move to be a frugal homeowner, so embrace the culture and start finding loads of ways to save money.

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