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How To Profit From Your Spring Cleaning

As the winter frost starts to thaw and you see the first hint of fresh flowers poking their way up from the frozen ground, many of us start planning to give our homes a good scrub. Spring cleaning is a way to provide a fresh start, getting rid of waste and unwanted clutter. Rather than throw this clutter away, why not think about recycling and even making a profit out of your used household items.

The following are a few tips that will help you separate the trash from the treasure and turn a profit this spring.

Sell Old Electronics

Your first thought may be to take your old electronic devices straight to the dump or charity shop, but there’s actually a strong market for them. Electronics suppliers often will allow you to trade in your used devices for a newer model, and online buyers are always keen to purchase old appliances to repair or break down into parts. Your outdated mobile phone or camera may actually be worth good money.

Do Away with Old Books and Magazines

In the age of Amazon, many consumers expect to find bargains on used books online and it’s rare to pay full price for a new book any longer. If your collection of old books and magazines has led to overflowing bookshelves, clean them out by selling them online and at local flea markets. Textbooks or non-fiction may be in particularly high demand among students, while magazines are often popular among collectors.

Make a Profit on Unwanted Clothing

Although you may not make a fortune off of your old clothing, it could certainly earn you some spare money if you have items in good condition. Take a look at this humorous advert starring Pat Cash to get a feel for how you can earn some quick cash off of your old wardrobe on auction sites like Quicksales or eBay. Selling clothing online at the beginning of a new fashion season will garner you the most cash, particularly if you’re selling items that are more in-demand. So if you’re spring cleaning, think about selling off your summer clothing and holding onto the winter wardrobe until the next season.

Research Possible Collectibles

Tin toys, old train sets, and vintage lunchboxes are just a few examples of items that could be worth good money on the collectibles market. Any animation cells, old records, and vintage toys dating back to before the 1960’s tend to be top sellers. If you think you might have a collectible item on your hand, be sure to do a bit of research before you pop it up on eBay, or you may be missing out on a gold mine. Check with collectible catalogs, websites, or local auction houses to find out its true worth and then consider putting it up for auction, particularly if you have a limited-edition collectible.

Sell Products In Bulk

Those old stacks of comic books and plain tee-shirts may not be anything special, but if you sell them in bundles you’ll make them more appealing to buyers. Many sellers on eBay sell their stuff in lots, which can make a buyer feel like they’re getting a real bargain. Vinyl albums, DVDs, and CD’s are all popular items to sell in lots.

This spring, don’t just give away your used household clutter – turn it into cash and use it to fund your summer holiday.

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Edwin is the money hacking millennial behind Cash The Checks. He lives a minimalist lifestyle and is always eager to learn and share his methods to save and make money.

  • Leonard @ The Wallet Doctor says:

    These are some great tips. Selling your old valuable items including clothes, can add up to some nice cash. There are so many platforms to put such items for sale, it is definitely worth looking into. Thanks for the information!

  • We are huge fans of the spring cash clean out. We just sold a bunch of old electronics cords on Ebay. It was amazing to see how much stuff we thought was worthless was valuable to other people.

  • Spring cleaning eBay selling is probably one of my favorite things. I’ve been doing it very half heartedly over the last month and still managed to make about $150.

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