How to Save for Retirement When You Don’t Earn Much

One of the most common personal finance management tips is that you must start saving for retirement now, and for good reason. But how do you go about saving for retirement when you don’t earn much when you only make minimum wage?

Well, knowing how hard it can be to get your bills paid on time while putting money away for retirement, without looking for a loan, we’ve come up with practical ideas to help you out.

Positive planning

If you think of saving for your retirement as a lost cause, you will not get far, and you might have to work for the rest of your life. A positive attitude goes a long way in getting you good savings by the time you retire. So, think of how great it will feel to have some money to live on upon retirement then find a professional to guide you. If you cannot find one, start with writing down your plan for the future. If you want to retire in one of the Burlington homes, put it down in your plan.

Writing things down is important because it engages every part of you. A written plan opens up an unbelievable world of opportunities, and it also helps you in staying on track.

Find a mentor

You cannot get through life alone. You might have to go through a rough patch and having a mentor to hold your hand when you feel like giving up is the best thing you could do for your future self. Since paying for mentoring services might be expensive, you might want to find trustworthy friends or acquaintances to help you. Just make sure that you find a financially savvy mentor. You cannot afford to make mistakes now, can you?

Cut down your spending and create a tighter budget

All savings books and articles written have one thing in common – they all note that the only way for you to save more for your emergency fund or retirement is through budget cuts, and it’s all true.

Unless you look at your bank statements and expense receipts, you will never have enough money left to save. Since you don’t want to work until your body gives up, find all the little things that you can do without today and then stop spending money on them. Some of the cost-cutting alternatives include moving to a less expensive part of the country, sharing a car, or even getting a roommate to share rent.

Sign up for the 401(k) at the workplace

You can easily boost your savings with a 401(k) plan. Despite your meager pay, you can still save for retirement through this retirement plan. Ask your employer about it then match every dollar they put in. Remember that the 401(k) contribution by your employer is a lot like free money, and you can use it to build your nest for your long-term goals.

Pay off the high-risk debts

You cannot afford to walk around with a high-interest credit card debt if you want to retire happy. You need to pay off the debt as soon as you can – the high-interest cards accrue a very high APR, and that could be money that you put into your retirement basket.

Find a supplementary source of income

You could pay off your debt and save more if you found another job or another way to supplement your income. If you have a hobby, turn it into a money-maker and spend less time in front of the TV.

Finally, make use of financial planning tools and apps online.


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