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9 Ways To Save Money On Food

There are countless ways to reduce your grocery store bills. Even if you can just slash 5 dollars off your receipt, that little bit goes a long way. That $5 a week is $260 per year, every year.

Here are 9 ways you can save money on food.

Grocery Store Rewards

Shop at a grocery store that rewards you. Some stores may have sales, but others have both sales and a rewards program. Join their loyalty program to get members-only discounts and accrue points that you can redeem for store gift cards.

Ralphs for example gives low prices for members and sends you bonus coupons in the mail. Sometimes it’s a coupon for a free pack of eggs, free orange juice or a $5 off certificate to be used on your next trip.

Buy Cheaper Food

Certain foods are cheaper than others. A meal of rice, beans and vegetables are cheaper and healthier than a meat-based meal. Stock up on items you can purchase by the pound like rice. When you see a good deal, buy it in bulk. It won’t spoil and you can eat a serving of rice for less than a quarter.

Buy Less Soda

Soft drinks are far more expensive than water. Control your caffeine addiction and choose to drink less soda. You can improve your health and keep your wallet healthier by drinking more water.

Bottled Water

Tap water is practically free while with bottled water, you’re buying the plastic bottle for the most part. Help the environment and your wallet by not buying plastic bottles.

If you absolutely refuse to drink tap water, purchase a water filter and do the filtration at home. If you still don’t like the taste, try and different brand until you find the one you like.

Eat less

You’re not supposed to need to eat until you can’t eat any more. If you find yourself unbuttoning your pants after your meals, you’re doing it wrong.

You should only eat as much as your body requires. You should eat until you are no longer hungry. For most people, this means you can eat less, lose weight and save money.

Costco / Sam’s Club

Invest in a club membership card at these warehouse stores. Your first few visits will pay for the card. Some of them even have gas stations where you can save 20 cents per gallon. You may come to find out that this is the best investment you’ve ever made.

Buy in bulk

This tip here goes hand in hand with the previous tip about warehouse stores. When you see a good deal, jump on it and purchase several of them. Just make sure you have the room back at home.

Eat in

Don’t make a habit out of eating at restaurants. The markup on food and drinks is amazingly high. They fill their foods with loads of sodium too. It’s okay to go out every once in awhile, but just don’t make it a habit if you want to keep your food costs down.

Use Coupons Regularly

Saving a dollar or two here and there adds up to a few hundred bucks per year. If you hate carrying coupons, you can use a smartphone app to scan your coupons for you.

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