Is Email Marketing Important? 9 Reasons Why It Is

You may be wondering if email marketing is still important. The answer is that it’s as important as ever. Email presents an amazing opportunity to reach your potential customers. Through email marketing, you can provide your customers with exclusive discounts, awesome limited time only specials and share with them your new product launches as they happen.

You can employ the services of Wix ShoutOut to send and share beautiful emails in minutes. Using this service, anyone can create stunning emails in just a few clicks.

Having a strong email marketing strategy is essential for your small business so you can truly connect with your target audience.

Here are 9 reasons why email remains important to any digital marketing campaign.

1. You can keep your customers updated

Staying in touch with your customers is crucial. A great email marketing campaign will focus on boosting engagement with your audience, rather than selling products.

The trick to a great email newsletter is to not make it look like spam. It’s important to offer something of value in every email. This could be a coupon code or some valuable information.

The design of your email is also crucial. With WixShoutOut you can create beautiful emails and change the background, color scheme, the font and more. You can also choose to select a ready-made layout that is ready to use.

2. You can reach customers in real-time

More than half of all email is opened on a mobile device. This means you can reach your customers at a moments notice. If you pick the right delivery times, you can take advantage of this and increase your email open rates.

Your emails (as well as your website) should be optimized for mobile device. This is why you should be using Wix as your website builder and their Shoutout email marketing service to send beautiful emails that look great on both mobile and desktop devices.

Speaking of mobile, Wix ShoutOut is the only email marketing solution that lets you create, send and share emails while on the go. Plus, every ShoutOut is responsive, so it will automatically adjust for whatever type of screen the person is on. This means that your design is never compromised.

3. People engage with emails

Even though email has been around for a long time, it is still thriving as a source of communication. Text messaging and instant messaging haven’t put a dent in email usage throughout the years.

When you place an ad on a website, you may not get much engagement out of it. But when you send an email, the odds are much higher that you’re going to get results from it.

4. Email traffic is easy to measure

When you send out an email marketing campaign, no matter what service you are using, you can get detailed graphs showing you valuable statistics.

If you use Wix ShoutOut you can learn more about each ShoutOuts success with easy to view graphs that show you a wide variety of things such as delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click through rates and open rates. By looking at this data you can analyze what subjects work best, what send times work best and what type of content your audience likes.

5. Email marketing is very affordable

Many forms of marketing are expensive. Placing an ad on a popular website in your niche could cost you thousands of dollars per month. Likewise, you can spend a lot advertising on Google and Facebook.

Email marketing on the other hand doesn’t have to cost a lot. Some services even allow you to send email completely free under a certain subscriber count number.

6. You can send targeted messages

When you collect emails from your website or blog, it’s a good idea to create different lists to categorize your audience.

Wix’s ShoutOut has a simple contact integration feature which will allow you to import your contacts into groups. Once you have grouped your contacts appropriately you can send them more focused emails, rather than sending out one type to everyone. The more targeted the email, the more likely that your contacts will engage.

7. Send emails increases brand awareness

You can tweet all you want, but nothing beats email to increase your brand’s awareness. Email marketing gives you the option to get your brand seen as often as you’d like.

Now you don’t want to send daily emails (unless your industry is fast-moving like stocks). But at the very least a weekly email is more than enough to keep your brand visible and on the mind of your customers.

With Wix ShoutOut you can also share your email marketing campaigns after they are sent. This way, you can spread the word not only via email, but on social media as well.

8. You can send personalized offers

When you collect someones’ email address, you can also choose to collect other information about the user.

For example, you can ask for their first name, email and their birthdate. With just these 3 pieces of information, you can create highly customizable and personalized emails.

When it’s their birthday month you can send them a coupon or a special offer and then send them another email on the actual day, wishing them a happy birthday.

Every email should also have their name at the beginning so as to draw their attention to it.

You can also personalize emails further by sending seasonal emails where you have a sale or an offer based on a holiday.

9. Everyone checks their email often

Email marketing has always been effective because it reaches your potential customers directly. But email is now more personal than ever. Most people have push alerts activated on their smartphones so users are alerted immediately as emails are received.

Email marketing is as important as ever and if you’re interested in starting an effective email campaign, give WixShoutOut a try.


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