How to Make Money as a Dog Sitter or Dog Walker

For anyone who loves dogs, have you ever thought about how you could make your love of canines into a tangible living? If not, now is the time.

The present technological era gives us all the chance to work in industries which were once very much hard to get work from. With the web making it easy for most people with the desire and the passion to look for work to find something they can do, it’s little surprise that many apps exist now for freelance dog walkers to use.

With these apps, you can very easily tap into the freelance world and make sure that you can find gainful employment. Dog walking is a very fun job; one which allows you to:

  • See a lot of the local area and get out and about.
  • Spend time with the finest animal that we’ve ever found on this planet, the dog.
  • Engage with the local public and make it easy to enjoy an outgoing lifestyle.
  • Make a lot of money by walking dogs and making it easy for the dogs to stay happy.
  • Earn a comfortable living simply by picking up jobs when you can be bothered.
  • Work the hours that you want and built a strong client list for a long-term career.

This is not just something that you can do if you want some pocket money; it’s a legitimate and proven way to earn a living. So, what are the best apps for doing this with?

Top 5 apps to make money as a dog walker

The first option to consider is that of Rover. Rover is a tremendous little app; the kind that makes it very easy for you to pick up a lot of work simply by wanting to work as a canine walker.

It operates in many present parts of the United States, and comes with a full insurance package for all employees which is something most freelance apps avoid.

You can earn as much as $25 an hour using this, and probably more if you work at it, making it a good way to make a living. Not only should you find that Rover offers you a lot of opportunities to make a living, but it’s one of the most commonly used dog waking apps.

So popular, in fact, that you should have no problem finding work here!

The adorably named Wag! is the kind of dog walking experience that makes it very easy for you to have a fun and engaging time. 

You should feel immediately at home using this dog walking service, as it’s very easy to use.

Once you complete your dog training and you get a Wag! certification, then they will reward you with insurance to help make sure that you can work for them without any fears.

They presently offer around $15-17 an hour, though it could be a bit more or less depending on location, competition and reputation. Either way, though, you should definitely add Wag! to the list of the dog walking apps you will consider.

Care is one of the best dog walking apps around, and it should make it very easy indeed for you to start making more cohesive calls with regards to how you work as a dog walker.

Not only is it a very good app with a fine interface and a large user base, but it offers a good opportunity for those not finding work with some of the other apps.

While you might “only” make $11/hour, you can pick up a lot of work and get plenty of 5-8 hour days, meaning that you can make a lot of money doing this five days per week.

You will need to make up a profile and get spotted, but it will give you the chance to find employment without too much issue along the way. Either way, it offers a great way for you to get a rewarding job opportunity.

The self-explanatory DogWalker is one of the most popular apps of this style, and is a bit different to the rest.

For $1/week, you pay them this fee and can get advertised on their platform alongside dog walking and various other dog-based services that you might wish to make the most of.

This makes it nice and easy for you to get invested in being a dog walker with a site that makes it easy for you to make a living. They get plenty of hits, and should almost certainly be among the first sites that you check out.

Petsitter has the best part of 120,000 users on it, and it has become one of the most popular dog walking apps of its kind.

You should find it easy enough to get work with so many users, and you can find that you can get started here without the training and the cost of some of the other apps out there.

It’s a fun and rewarding app for you to use, and you should find that Petsitter offers probably the best chance for beginners due to the lax nature of sign-up and the massive user volume they have.

Wrapping it up

With each of these apps in mind, you should find it a bit easier to invest your time into picking up a role as a dog walker.

 It can be tough to get started, of course, but it’s by no means impossible. If you are willing to put in the work as a dog walker, and you want to try out each of the above apps, then you should.

Thanks to a combo of them all, you should get more than enough work to be a full-time dog walker who makes a pretty fantastic salary, vastly improving your performance – and earning potential – overall.

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