50 Brilliant Ways To Make Money Fast

Need some ideas to earn some extra money? Would 50 ideas to earn money help you to get started?

Finding extra ways to earn yourself some extra money can be taxing in itself, you can spend ages looking at different ways to earn yourself an extra revenue visiting lots of different websites, reading blog posts, reading forums and watching videos on YouTube. It can get boring, and if anything, it can you put you off actually starting any ideas that you are thinking about putting into action.

So, with all that in mind, I have put together a very quick list of 50 ways to earn money that you can spend a little bit of time reading, a little of bit of time researching and then a LOT of time actively putting some of these ideas into action if any of them spark an interest inside of you.


Earning money from ebooks is now possible for anyone who wishes to write a book and release it through the self-publishing platform that is Amazon KDP.

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, anybody can get their ebook published on Amazon.

There have been some huge success stories in the world of self-publishing recently, from earning $1000 per month to $40,000, some of the numbers being quoted have been massive!

You can also sell your ebook on your own website. Create an ebook cover here to make your ebook more visually appealing.

Sell your ebooks abroad

On top of selling ebooks in your own country via Amazon (and in the relative supported countries e.g. Australia, Canada etc.) how about expanding your selling platform on an even larger scale?

Sign up with a publishing company in another country. The publishing company can do all the translations for you for free and you just split the royalties with them.


Have a flair for writing but not confident enough to write your own ebooks? There is a big demand now for ghostwriters and you can sign up to platforms such as Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com or Upwork.com to offer your services.

When selling your services, you can either agree on a per word deal or a flat fee per book, changing the fee depending on the size of the book.

A lot of authors on the Amazon platform hire ghostwriters to write their books while they focus on promotion instead.

Coach for writers

Have you sold a lot of books yourself? Perhaps in both digital and print? Then why not offer a service where you can help other budding authors write ebooks and sell them on the the Amazon KDP platform.

You can either charge a one-time fee for coaching them, a per session fee or set up a course that other people can enroll in for a set amount where you can teach them about all you know over a set amount of videos.

You can promote your coaching services on social media, on your own blog and on Udemy.


If you are well versed in your language and love spotting grammatical errors, it could be a good idea for you to obtain qualifications in proofreading and then offer your services to indie authors who are looking to have their manuscripts proofread before uploading their finished work to Amazon KDP.

Proofreading can offer great rates of pay and if you can build up your client base you can earn yourself a fantastic regular extra income.

You can offer proofreading services on Fiverr.com.

Drive for Uber / Lyft

Looking to earn an extra income by becoming a rideshare driver?

You can now pursue this idea very easily by signing up with either Uber or Lyft. A big advantage point to becoming a rideshare driver as a side income on top of your normal working role of employment is that you get to choose the hours that you work, meaning the role is as flexible as you desire.

Of course, the more hours you drive the higher the income should be. But you can make even more by driving during peak hours or in locations that are high in demand.

Source products from China to sell on Amazon

Sourcing products from China to sell on Amazon can be a very lucrative business if you can crack it.

This business model can be a tough nut to crack but there are plenty of success stories starting to come to light where people are earning on average 5 figures per month!

It is a simple enough process, look through a few niches on Amazon and list some products that you would be interested in sourcing and selling, visit a website such as Alibaba.com in China, find a manufacturer and then work out if you can purchase the product for a cheap enough price to enable you to make a profit. 

It is, more in depth than that due to the way the Amazon marketplace platform works and it does require a lot of hard work but the rewards can be huge.

Source products in China for others to sell

Have you managed to crack the Amazon code and been able to buy and sell products from China? If yes, and you can back this up with plenty of proof (without giving away your actual items that you are selling) why not start a service finding profitable items for other people to sell on Amazon and then charging a set fee for your services?

Finding the right products to sell along with sourcing the items in China can be a very daunting prospect for most people, and that stops them even pursuing the venture and they stop before they even make a start….this is where you can come in! Find a niche product, find a manufacturing company in China and then make it is as easy as possible for your client to have the potential to earn some money, all for a set fee.

Become an Amazon seller

Have you heard of Amazon arbitrage? Basically, it is a simple case of buy low, sell high and again involves Amazon.

With this idea, you can look for clearance and closeout items selling really cheap at local stores. I’m not talking about a 25% off sale. No, we need huge deals, like a 80% off going out of business sale.

Buy up these items that are discounted heavily locally and sell them to the entire world on Amazon.

Sell your expertise on Freelance sites

Do you have an expertise you can sell? Perhaps you are an ace at writing killer content or can build great landing pages for websites?

There are now so many opportunities available to sell your expertise and services via websites such as Freelancer.com , Fiverr.com , Upwork.com etc.

If you can build up your feedback and establish a great name for yourself on these marketplace platforms then you should be able to create regular extra income for yourself.

Cashback sites

OK, so this option means you have to spend a bit a of money BUT if you are already planning to spend money on certain items e.g. Christmas and Birthday items then I would advise you to use a cashback site.

Not sure what a cashback site is? Basically, you sign up at SwagBucks or MyPoints and search for the retailer that you were planning to shop with, if that company is listed, you then click on a link and shop as you normally would, only this time you get a percentage of your shopping costs back and receive a credit against your cashback account.

For example, if you shop a lot at Walmart, MyPoints gives you about 5% cashback on nearly all purchases. Even for those purchases that are not often, such as getting flowers from ProFlowers (about 10% cashback) or event tickets at StubHub (about 5% cashback).

You can then redeem your points for cash or gift cards.

Learn a new expertise and sell services around it

Ok, so this also applies to using freelancer sites but you can also place ads and listings on Craigslist as well to earn yourself an extra income. Why limit yourself to promoting your services online, right?

If you really believe that you do not have any skills to sell currently, and I am sure that you probably do, why not look to invest in yourself and learn a new skill via an online course or night school? You can learn a skill such as WordPress / Web Design in no time at all now and once you have covered the basics and developed some confidence you can then take that investment and starting placing adverts offering your services and charging fees for your time.

You can learn plenty of skills from places such as Lynda.com and Udemy.

Have a successful experience? Become a coach!

Have you had a successful experience in a certain industry? Perhaps you have decades of experience in your field of expertise or perhaps you have started a business from scratch and then sold it for a hefty profit? If you have had any type of successful experience in your life you can become a coach!

I am not a fan of life coaches, most of them have never even run a business or anything to really cement their place as a coach to any degree, but if you can walk the walk and talk the talk you can then advise others on how to implement your successful tactics into their own lives by coaching them, and of course, you get to charge the person that you are coaching a set fee.

You can sign up to a service to offer your coaching skills on sites such as Coach.me.

Create a website to sell courses

This follows on from the coaching method suggestion but takes it to another level, again if you have had success in your life and can prove it with plenty of great advice, stats and figures how about starting your own full-time consultancy time business with your own website.

Through your own website, you can create courses where people can sign up to access this information via a private member’s only forum where you can present videos and information webinars to them.

You can charge any interested parties a monthly or annual fee for this information, just remember to provide not just good but excellent information with killer content and a professional looking service to keep people coming back month after month.

You can create your own course on your WordPress blog using Thrive Apprentice.

Have a big following on social media? – help others

Do you have a huge following on social media? Perhaps you are a Twitter ninja or huge on Instagram? Some people seem to have a real knack of making social media work for them and can easily attract new followers and easily interact with other people and not just shout and sell all the time.

If you are successful with making the social media game work for you then why not create a company advising others how to make social media work for them too? Perhaps you can even tweet etc. on their behalf?

You can charge a monthly fee with various levels of payment fees depending on how much work you do on their behalf or just charge a one-time consultancy fee for advising people on how to make social media work for them and their own business.

Create courses on Udemy

Creating courses to sell on Udemy can be a real big money spinner! If you get it right it can bring in 4 figures on a monthly basis which would be entirely passive income. It is real hard work at first to create your courses, but if you can build up a big enough student base the returns can be well worth it.

Remember, the content needs to be excellent, you will be charging for the material that you are selling to students on the Udemy platform so you will want to avoid any complaints. Think of this way, if you were purchasing a course, what would you want it to be like?

Treat others like how you would like to be treated. If people are spending their hard earned money on a course, make sure it meets their expectations and over-delivers in value.

You can sign up for free here.

Buy on eBay – Sell on Amazon

Yep this actually happens! Products on eBay are being sold for cheaper than what Amazon sells them for.

Again, it seems to boil down to the convenience of ordering from Amazon, I know that you can also easily order from eBay through their own app, but Amazon has become an online market beast and appears to have overtaken eBay when it comes to consumers purchasing their products online or via the apps on their smartphone, and of course Amazon Prime really is an excellent service with their next day delivery service.

Search through items on Amazon and then hop over to eBay, narrow down some niches and then try and find products that are cheaper to buy on eBay and then resell them on Amazon. It takes some time to locate some bargains but you will need to spend some time searching and you will find a few to buy and sell – it just takes a some effort to find these gems.

Create a podcast

Have you been able to successfully launch a business and sell it? or create a regular income from a big side hustle?

Can you apply that experience and create a podcast around the business category and help advise other people about what they should do to apply the same principles and ideas to their own lives so that can follow your advice and footsteps?

Showing people what works by offering advice in the form of a podcast is potentially an excellent way to earn an additional income, if the podcast becomes popular enough you can look to obtain a sponsorship and perhaps then even release an ebook to go with the advice that you are providing people.


Profit from rates of exchange – find weak rate of exchange and buy products in those countries.

This method can help you source products from anywhere in the world where a countries rate of exchange has taken a hit and become weak through various reasons, this opens up a door to import products at cheap prices and depending on the country you live in, could also open up the door to exporting.


If it is more expensive for people in the UK to purchase cars from the USA, think of the flip side, it has now become cheaper for people in the USA to purchase cars in the UK!

Import old vehicles (USA / UK)

Both the UK and USA have a rule where if you import a vehicle over a certain age where you can obtain a reduction in the import taxes payable – and this is where your profit is made.

For the UK, to obtain the ruling, the vehicle that you are importing into the country needs to be over 30 years of age and have no substantial changes to the engine, chassis, brakes or steering. The import duty is then reduced to zero and the VAT rate will be just 5%

For the USA, the vehicle must be over 25 years of age, have a matching engine and chassis and then the import rate is just a flat 2.5%

Get searching for a classic car! There is money to be made.

Selling cars to other countries

It is amazing how certain cars are loved and adored in certain countries. It is amazing to see certain cars on the roads in certain countries.

Take some time to do some investigation and see if there are any niche related areas of certain cars being loved in certain countries.

Rent out your driveway

Do you live close to a stadium, a busy tourist area or a really over populated area in general? If the answer is yes to these questions it could be a great idea for you to rent out your driveway out to other people looking to park their motor vehicle in your location.

The rates of pay can be excellent for this money making idea, if you have space on your drive then why not rent it out?

Trucker or freight forwarder with Uship

Uship is a great marketplace for truck drivers, removal men and freight forwarders to obtain more work. The website and app works like this, basically, people and companies looking to move items such as household goods, cars, motorcycles, boats etc both inland and overseas, list their items and then truckers and freight forwarders place bids on the listings to try and win the auction and obtain the contract to transport and ship the goods.

You can sign up to Uship here.

Niche website / Affiliate marketing

Earning money from niche websites is BIG business now, lots of people are jumping on this huge money making idea. The idea behind a earning an additional income from a niche website is building all your content around one particular subject and then look to earn money by placing affiliate links to items that you are are writing about.

Most people use Amazon affiliate links as their main source of income and most popular types of articles are “best of” or “how to” both of which can generate a lot of traffic via search engines when put together the right way.


The hotel industry did not see Airbnb coming and now the whole industry has been disrupted in a HUGE way. Have you used Airbnb before? Basically, if you have a spare bedroom in your house you can sign up to the service, it is that simple.

People use the Airbnb app to find cheap (at least cheaper than a hotel room) accommodation in the area that they are looking to stay in, it could be for one night or perhaps even a week, when they find the ideal room or apartment they will hire the premises for their required length of time.

You can always get an idea of the going rate in your area by looking for listings that are already on the app, this gives you an idea on how much you should charge for each night to be competitive and hopefully secure a few bookings.

Make sure you are a brilliant host! The better the feedback you get the more likely people will make a booking with you. Airbnb can be an excellent source of income and can generate 5 figures a year in some popular towns and cities.

Create an app

There millions of apps available across both Google Play and Apple’s App Store – which means if you can create an app that is better than the competition you have a great chance to earn yourself an extra income, which will also be passive income.

Of course, you will now need to really inventive and creative, most of the best ideas have already been taken but there is always a surprise hit that pop’s up across the app stores, perhaps your app could be the next surprise big hit.

You create an app to test the waters here: appmakr.com

Dog walking

Dog walking can offer a great additional monthly income – if you like dogs.

So many people are working longer hours now which means that their dogs will need walking at least once, possibly twice, per day.

You can do this on the side by joining a dog forum or Facebook group and making your services known to the group. You can charge a fee per walk or a set amount for a flat monthly fee.

But to really get more clients you’ll need to join Rover.com. You can also take care of pets and get paid by the hour on Care.com.


Dropshipping can be a brilliant way to earn yourself a passive income. Dropshipping basically works like this, you sign up to a dropshipping company who are selling products at discounted rates, you then place listings on eBay / Amazon or create a website based on the items you are looking to sell.

Then when a customer places an order through your website or through an online marketplace you simply instruct the dropshipping company to mail the item directly to the buyer. You are just the middle-man (or woman) who collects a fee for finding the customer.

Dropshipping is an inexpensive way to start a new business, one of the big plus sides is that you do not need to hold any stock, the dropshipping company holds all the inventory and you do not need to mail any items out, as this is also covered by the company that you would be dealing with.

Online surveys

Online surveys tend to offer a smaller source of extra income but over the course of a month can add up to a nice profit if you can complete the surveys on a regular basis.

If you have spare time to complete online surveys you can sign up to get started here: Survey Junkey.

Peer to peer lending

Peer to Peer lending has really grown over the last few years, the main high street banks have made borrowing money from them very difficult. You now need to supply more proof of income than ever to be eligible for a loan. And even then you’ll end up with high interest rates for a personal loan with no collateral.

This is where P2P lending comes in. Peer to Peer lending is great for both people looking to borrow money and for people looking to make money off the interest.

Here’s how it works. Basically, you sign up with a website such as Lending Club or Prosper. Choose how much money you are looking to invest to be loaned out and then look at how much money you would make based on the interest being charged.

You can choose to only lend money to those with great credit scores, but that would only yield you about 5%. You can instead take the risk and invest in those with poorer credit scores and make 15-20% interest off those loans.

Of course, as with all investments, there will be a risk involved, the person you are lending the money to could default on the loan. You need to make sure that you research each loan as much as possible to ensure you give yourself the least amount of risk, but if you can make it work for you, it can offer a great return on an annual basis for your initial investment.

You can try your hand at p2p lending at Lending Club.

Invest in startups

If you can invest in a startup and that company then really takes off, the returns can be amazing. But, since a lot of start-ups do fail, the chances of you making money on your initial investment could be slim and the chances of losing all your money are high. But if you can make it work for you, a small investment could return multiple amounts of your initial deposit if the gamble pays off.

You can invest in startups through websites such as CrowdCube, WeFunder, Seed Invest, Micro Ventures, Seedrs.


Do you love creating your own arts and crafts as a hobby? How about turning that hobby into a side income? Etsy is an online marketplace to purchase arts and crafts created by individuals who have set up their own online e-commerce shops.

Lots of the creations are one-offs and very unique so they’re very appealing from a buyers point of view. If you are a dab hand at creating crafts and can create some exciting and excellent products you could have a great potential to earn an additional income through something that you happily arrange for free if arts & crafts are a love in your life.

You can sign up to Etsy here.

Design and sell your own T-shirts

Feeling creative? Are you a lover of T-Shirts? How about combining the two and start designing and selling your own T-shirts? You can now design your own T-shirts and sell them via websites such as Teespring.com.

The custom T-shirt industry is now big business, and it is another side business that you can start with a low amount of investment that you can spend some of your spare time pursuing.

Where to sell your own tshirts: Teespring, Zazzle, CafePress.

Music teacher

Are you ace on the guitar or a master of playing the drums? If you have enough experience in playing a musical instrument, why not teach others how to play by offering music lessons from your home (or theirs) in your spare time?

If you are confident enough that you can teach others on a weekly basis, from beginners to people that need a refresh, then perhaps becoming a music instructor suits you.

You can place an ad in your local paper and also on sites like Craigslist offering your services for a set fee or per hour. It could also be a good idea to contact local schools offering your services, perhaps for free to start with, and then look to build up a list of students looking to learn to play a musical instrument.

If you can build up enough of a client base you could easily earn a decent amount of money every month.


Are you a retired teacher? Or perhaps you obtained high qualifications in certain subjects after leaving school or university?

If you are highly skilled and have an excellent understanding of certain subjects why not teach others who are looking to for extra tutoring to help with subjects that they are struggling in during school time.

Again, as with the music teaching idea, you can place ads in your local papers or on Craigslist and look to be active on Facebook groups to share your message.


Are you able to speak a second language? If you are fluent in other languages you can offer your services as a translator at local businesses such as law offices.

We have a huge amount of people moving to different countries in search of work. There is a big opportunity to help people in the local community by translating when help is needed.

Web design

Web design is a great way to earn an additional income, with more websites being created now more than ever demand for web design services is at all time high.

High demand also means that there is lots of competition, but if you can provide a high-quality portfolio then should be able to present this to interested parties as proof if they employ you to build their website then you will provide an excellent looking website for a great price.

Become an official/referee

Have a love of sport? If you love a certain game in particular then why not consider becoming an officially qualified referee. Pay can be good for the time that you actually spend officiating games.

Of course, you will need to be fully qualified so there will be some initial investment at the start but you can easily recoup this money in no time at all after a couple of gigs.

Switch bank accounts – and get paid for it!

There is a lot of competition from the high street banks to get you to switch your account to them, all the banks want your money! You can easily earn a few hundred dollars just from switching your account to a new bank – and the best part? The banks do all the switching for you.

An added benefit, there is nothing to stop you from doing this on a few different occasions over the course of the year and earning yourself a nice sum of money for not a lot of effort.

Garage Sale

This is a quick way for pretty much anyone to earn a quick income with items that you have around the house that you no longer use. You know the drill, search the garage, under the beds, in the cupboards, the loft, the draws and the shed, then dust down any items that you no longer use and get selling!

I pretty much guarantee that you will be able to earn some money back on this option, you can then look to invest any money that you make back into another making money idea e.g. creating a niche website.

Sell 2nd hand course books

Every year there is a demand for new course books as new students enroll at university or college for the first time. The problem with course books? They tend to be rather expensive…thus creating a market to sell 2nd hand course books in good condition at a cheaper price than a brand new course book.

You can place facebook ads, post flyers on campus etc to offer to purchase students books at a knockdown price when they are leaving university or college and then resell them through sites such as Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist.

Buy and Sell domain names

Gone are the days of registering good domain names and flipping them for a profit. All the good names are already taken. Therefore, in order to make money buying and selling domains, you need to purchase domains on the secondary market.

Look for domains for sale or expired domains. If you see a gem being sold really low, snatch it up. Then, it’s up to you to create a good sales pitch and try to sell the domain for 10x what you paid.

Website flipping

Similar to buying and selling domains, the idea here is to try and either do one of two money earning ideas:

1. Create a website yourself, earn some profits through affiliate links etc, create lots of backlinks and make sure plenty of keywords are showing up in the search engines and sell the site for a profit.

2. Buy a website from a marketplace such as Flippa.com for a low price, quickly build the site up for further profits and then try and re-sell the web site for more money than originally purchased.

NOTE. You will need to do lots of research when buying a website, you do not want to get your fingers burnt by buying a dud site….make sure that all the stats and figures add up.

Both options here require a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of effort along with time and patience to build up a website with enough traffic to earn an income from it.

Buy items from flea markets & sell on eBay

There is a big market for people to source products from flea markets and yard sales and then resell the items for a profit on eBay.

The thinking behind this idea is that a lot of people selling their old items are not always fully aware about the true value of what the item could actually be worth.

Spend enough time looking and you can come across some real gems, including some vinyl, toys, memorabilia etc. that could be purchased for a fraction of the cost and then sold on for a nice profit.

Sell your designs

If you are artistic enough to create killer one-off designs, you can earn yourself a nice side income.

Sign up to be a designer on a website such as 99designs.com and search through designs that people have requested to be made, for example a T-shirt image or logo. 

Then get brainstorming on your idea and present it to the interested party to try and win the contract.

Sell your photos

Have an eye for a great photo? How about starting a new career as a photographer? There a plenty of places online now where you can upload any photographs that you have taken and sell them on for a nice regular passive income.

Of course, this is a very competitive marketplace but if you have enough talent, along with a decent enough camera, then there is no reason why you would not be able to earn yourself some extra money.

You can sell your photos at 123RF, DepositPhotos, istockphoto.com, dreamstime.com and shutterstock.com?.

Mechanical Turk (Amazon)

Have you heard of Mechanical Turk? This is an Amazon owned business, with over half a million people now signed up, so it’s pretty big!

How does it work? Basically, people upload tasks, or HITS aka Human Intelligence Tasks, that they need help with. It could be a case of uploading a receipt from a purchase and asking someone to enter the details onto a digital format or it could answering questions related to a survey. The requests can be very random, but there are a lot of tasks that can be completed.

The tasks do offer low pay though. But if you enough of them then the hourly pay could range from $1.20 up to $5 on average, each task could pay as little as 25 cents.

Earning money this way can be a tad taxing on the mind, but hey, it is better than spending 3 hours a night watching TV when you could at least be earning yourself some extra income at the end of the week.

You can sign up to Mechanical Turk here.

Voiceover artist

Ok, so this last one on the list might not be for everyone…perhaps you do not have a smooth silky voice that sounds like you should be on the radio or on a TV ad, but if you do, then why not give it a shot?

If you are confident enough in the sound of your own voice and can perhaps even put on different voices to give yourself a range for companies to choose from depending on the requirements, then why not sign up to a voice over company who can get you in for auditions.

The investment should be low, mainly just your time and a demo of examples of yourself acting out voiceovers. Who knows, perhaps you end up voicing over movie trailers! If you have the right sounding voice then I think that this money earning idea is one to pursue.

Wrapping this up

Ok – so now it is over to you! I hope that these 50 ideas to earn extra money have presented at least one good idea for you to try….and remember if you do not at least try a money earning idea you will NEVER know if it will work. Better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.

If you want to try and change your life make sure that you are patient with the ideas that you wish to put into action, there is no such thing as an overnight success, when it comes being successful, remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Take action and get results for your ideas to earn money this year.

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