7 Best Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face the challenge of keeping on top of things. There are countless emails to go through every day as well as staying on track with your projects.

How can entrepreneurs stay productive? The answer is by using smartphone apps and other tools to better manage our workload.

Today I'm going to list several of my favorite tools that I use on a daily basis to help me effectively tackle my daily responsibilities and ensure I make the most of my workday.


Meistertask task manager

I use Meistertask to manage both Cash The Checks and Do Six Figures.

The main point of Meistertask is to give you a birds eye view of projects, large and small. Meistertask is much like Trello's system of boards, lists and cards.?

A board could be titled Cash The checks, a list could be titled Content Calendar and each card would be the title of a different article.

From within each card you can set due dates, add a checklist and even invite others to collaborate on a project. This is extremely useful if your collaborating with a team member on any kind of project.

That team member doesn't have to be a coworker though. It can be your spouse as you are jointly planning your child's birthday party.

You can create a list of what you need and each of you can check items off as you complete them. You can add comments, images and links to each card.


Dropbox for businesses

There are so many cloud services out there. It seems like each major company has one. There's Google Drive, Apple's iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive and of course Dropbox.

The reason I choose Dropbox over all of the major companies is that Dropbox works perfectly across all platforms.

I use it all the time to share documents. I create a document, save it, then right click on the file to copy the Dropbox link to share. I no longer need to attach documents to emails.

Edits can be made by the other party, I can then see their edits, add comments and see who has opened the document and when.

Other benefits of Dropbox include being able to recover deleted files, restore a previous version, setting expiration dates for links and of course it works on both my computer and my iPhone seamlessly.


Canva graphic designer

If you're graphically challenged yet need to make a quick logo, banner or edit a blog image, then Canva is for you. 

This photo editing app is nowhere near as intimidating (or expensive) as Photoshop. First of all, you can do all the editing from your browser with a simple drag and drop system.

If you know how to use Snapchat or Instagram stories you already know how to use Canva. Just choose an image, add some graphics and choose a font to add text.

You can create everything from large infographics to ebook covers or just a simple blog post image. In fact, the image on this blog post was created on Canva in under 5 minutes.


Find freelancers on Fiverr

For just 5 bucks (to start) you can get a quick task completed on Fiverr. Don't expect amazing results, but for simple tasks nothing beats Fiverr.

So if you're looking to get some text translated, an article to be proofread or need a caricature/avatar made, Fiverr is the place to go.

I use Fiverr weekly for any small tasks I need help with. Here's a sample of some gigs I've had completed for me the last couple of months on Fiverr:

  • I bought a new blog and needed a logo. $35 later I had a perfect logo at a reasonable price.
  • I also needed new content for this site, so I bought bulk articles at a rate of $10 each.
  • There was an error on another blog of mine I couldn't fix. I ordered a gig from a WordPress expert who got my code fixed.
  • I ordered a review of a blog I own because I wanted the input from an impartial observer. 


Grammarly productivity tool

Grammarly you write better content. And when you run a content-oriented business like a blog, this is a must-have app.

Using Grammarly lets me get all my thoughts across first, and then I let the tool suggest how I can better get my points across.


LastPass productivity app

No need to remember passwords anymore. With LastPass your passwords are stored and auto-filled on desktop and mobile.

You can also set up a profile to autofill your answers when you're filling out forms.

Lastly, you can store payment information here to not have to find your credit card to make a purchase online.


Spotify for productivity

Wait, music? I thought this was about focusing on work. Well, for me at least, listening to music on Spotify helps me to stay productive and focused. It's so easy to be distracted by things like outside noise, the TV and your phone.

But when there's music on, none of those other things matter. I function better when there's music on in the background.

Just like a good playlist can help you power through a tough workout, music can help you power through a day of work.

Not sure what to listen to? No problem, go to the Focus section on Spotify, choose a playlist and let them do the rest.

Here's a playlist I've been listening to lately.

Wrapping it up

I use these 7 tools on the daily to run my six figure blogging business. If you want to learn more about how I do what I do, hit up dosixfigures.com.

7 Best Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

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