Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Hack

It’s the end of the year, and the holidays are around the corner. According to surveys, around 79% of the Americans are going to shop online for buying gifts this year instead of going to a local store. It is several folds coming from being 22% in the year 2000. How about you? Do you intend to do the same or would you rather visit a store nearby?

Find the Best Deals

Everybody loves the thought of shopping. And when shopping is done online, buying goes with just a few clicks. It’s what they say that everything is at your fingertips. What’s even better with online shopping is that there are a lot of best buys and best deals to choose from. It’s like finding a pot of gold in the entire forest, but a little less hard. Why? It’s because almost all online stores offer these deals.

Here are some tips on how to get the best deals online.

  • Beat Price Discrimination with a VPN

You may observe that online stores have different prices. That is expected because stores have different geographical locations, your phone’s operating system, your device, and your browsing history affect this. To beat discrimination in prices, it is recommended that you use a VPN to avoid getting the short end of the stick in global dynamic pricing.

  • Get Coupons and Use Them Wisely

There are a lot of sites offering coupons for buying stuff online. However, not all stores accept these coupons. Some may also give you expired coupons but you just have to be patient in finding a good deal. For cases that you have 2 or more coupons, do not use them altogether. Use your coupons one at a time.

  • Chaffer with the Store’s Customer Service

When your coupons have expired already, don’t lose hope. All you have to do is call customer service and haggle for their extension. Although oftentimes reps will likely not give you a new coupon code, it is still worth the try.

  • Shop on the right days

There are days when retail buying is at its best. If you are still new to online shopping, try to check the patter of the best deals on what days they usually happen. That way, you can prepare your budget for shopping.

  • Never Impulse Buy.

Most people regret things that they buy out of their impulse at the moment. It is better that if you want something, do not buy them right away. Let them stay on your Shopping Cart for days so that you can still make up your mind if you really want it or not.

Shopping with a VPN

I talked about using a VPN to beat dynamic pricing earlier, but the more prominent perk of using a VPN is actually security. A lot of sites say payments to them is secure, but can you ever be sure? Online security may have been addressed by some companies with basic measures like getting an SSL certificate (when the site is HTTPS instead of HTTP), but hackers still have a way of getting your information online. When you shop at online stores, there is a chance that your data is intercepted and stolen. The best way to combat sophisticated fraudsters is to use a VPN when shopping online.

With a VPN, you can be sure that your internet traffic is safe from hackers. Traffic encryption guarantees that none of your browsing habits, transaction history or bank details pass through third parties like your ISP in its bare form. It also prevents traffic interception from malicious parties. Aside from encryption, it also has a DNS leak prevention to you are not requesting IP destinations from unknown sources or your ISP, who might benefit from it in your expense.

Here are some tips for shopping online using a VPN:

  1. Clear the cookies of your browser first before you connect and begin a new search. This is needed to avoid your activities from getting tracked.
  2. Open and connect your VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN) app to your preferred server.
  3. Open either an incognito or private browsing window and enter the address of the online store you wish to shop with. Take note of their prices and clear your cookies before connecting to a different server or location. You may repeat this process with the other stores.
  4. Read over the terms of the store before finally committing to an online deal.

Online shopping is always fun, keep it that way with the right security measures. Payment security is not rocket science, just invest in the right tools to keep yourself and your family safe and risk-free.


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